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The UPS Store, Irving, TX, United States Review updated:

This company is the [censored]iest ever. I wonder why amazon, Best Buy prefer these guys?! They cannot once deliver a package on time! I ordered a MacBook from bestbuy to be delivered to my home and they used ups to send my package. For some reason the apartment number was wrong in my packet. They said there was a delivery exception coz of this and I called to update my address.. which they did not due to their negligence! Again without confirming with the sender (Best Buy) or reciever (me) they tried to deliver to the same wrong address.. are they out of their mind?! I somehow called Best Buy and after talking to 4 ups customer service agents I fixed the address and issue. And they said they will again attempt delivery next day.. i will be out of town and won't be there to take the package. When I ask them to deliver on Monday they said I have to pay them $6 for that! Why the [censored] will I pay them a dime? [censored]iest mail service ever. I prefer fedex or usps any day over these dimwits!

Nov 29, 2018
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  •   Nov 29, 2018

    UPS charges for address change. Best Buy sent it to the wrong address so they are responsible for any fees. After you receive it, call and tell the story of their mistake and ask for a discount. I did that about five years ago when my speaker was sent to PA not MA. They gave me a gift card for $100 but I refused it. I wanted a credit on my account, not to buy more. I got it eventually but I had to fight.

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