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United Auto Credit Corporation / Lies and failed to return promised phone calls!

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After 22 months of making all my payments on time by car was involved in an accident and declared a total loss. My insurance company paid for all but 600 dollars. I contacted UACC immediately and although they said they would go to bat for me, negotiate a payoff and work with me on the balance it was all a lie. After they received the money from the insurance company they renigged and told me that UACC never negotiates a payoff or any other thing. They said this loses their high interest rate money. Although I diligently worked with them over a two month period to get the best payoff and maintained my payments they lied, could not remember conversations, and failed to return promised phone calls on at least 5 occasions. This is the most unscrupulous business I have ever encountered. They were working with a very good customer and said the reason they did not return phone calls was because they were understaffed and everyone kept calling in sick. They acted as if that was my problem.

Anyone else have a situation like this...

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  • Ja
      17th of Apr, 2007
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    This fk'n company united auto credit is bull ###! I worked for them for 3 years! And has never been promoted to anything! Everything is all lies lies lies! The employees come in late with dumb excuses so i have to cover their ###! They have no respect for anyone! The work environment is not professional at all! All they do is chat about stupid things! There only about 8 people working and half of the time they do half ### work! The equipment is all old! I mean its really old! Back in the 1980's old! And still use handwritten work logs! Nothing to keep track in their ancient system! They have no courtesy for anyone at all. Do not work with this company!!!

    United auto credit corporation go to hell and leave the customer's alone! Why give them a loan in the first place??? So you can ruin their credit even more?

    Not a respectable company to work for or to do business with!!!

  • Am
      26th of Apr, 2007
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    I agree with Janice. I quit after working there for three months, and it was a nightmare.

    Computer systems from the 1980's, idiot managers, and harassment for doing my job.

    Not to mention, this company wastes more money than I have ever seen in my life. Renting apartments, plane tickets to Cali for BS training... it doesn't end!

  • Ma
      5th of Jun, 2007
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    I have complained to the Better Business Bureau about this company. No one should be harassed or made to call and check in everyday with a loan officer. Everyone that has had issues with them needs to report them to the Better Business Bureau as well. The more complaints the more will be done.

  • Ni
      8th of Aug, 2007
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    I hate this company!!! I was late just a little bit on my payment $40.00 and they showed up at my job... left me a lot of harassing messages... calling me names and telling me to prepare to be a pedestrian. I will be reporting everyone of them. I was also told "We're not in it for customer service, just to get the money!!!"

  • Ki
      24th of Aug, 2007
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    I had lost an incredible job making six figures and my vehicle was old so I needed to buy another one. For some reason the salesman at the dealership got me financing at United Auto. Things were fine for 12 mos and then ,being a commissioned sales person myself, the economy in Ohio went bust and my income decreased even further (the co. I worked for closed)... I put my house up for sale and called United Auto to make arrangements with them... (I work in lending so I contacted them FIRST) after that every month I received threatening calls, I was even harassed by one of the collectors at the Middleburgh Hts. office. He actually left messages laughing and saying he would pay me a visit at home. I was shocked!!!

    Bad things happen to good people. LENDING money to someone (at .01% below the usury law-with No grace period) does not give ANYONE the right to harass OR threaten ANYONE!!! For the past 10 months I have made my payments on the day due. I would have done ANYTHING to refinance my car BUT because they over finance I can not. But I think everyone should try to get a bill in congress to rid these lovely United States of predators like United Auto. Making money off of people down on their luck does not appear to emulate the American Way to me...

  • Sa
      14th of Sep, 2007
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  • Ms
      26th of Sep, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I hate this company. If I am one day late I get harassing calls and hang ups and profanity over the phone. I spoke with a guy the other day that seemed so nice believe it or not. He just said if you mailed it tell me so I can note your acct and we wont call you. Then while asking about my contract he told me that they billed me like 120.00 for being late one mo. I asked if he could send me a copy of my ledger or something so that I can see what he is talking about, because if I am late I pay extra and should not be 120.00 in arrears. He told me that they would not be able to send me anything. I hate this company and am trying to sell my car just to get away from them. I am going to talk with another dealer that finances his own cars. Its a legitimate customer service related company. I will give everyone a piece of advice... DO NOT USE UACC FOR FINANCING!!! These people that they hire are ridiculous and I can guarantee that all of them have outstanding bills,lol. I have started letting all of my calls go to voice mail so that I can have proof of how they talk to you. And the dummies leave harassing voicemails.. how stupid to leave proof like that. I am going to compile the messages and put in on you tube and fwd to my lawyer.

  • Jr
      29th of Sep, 2007
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    Funny thing nobody forces anybody to sign a contract that states no grace period and fail to understand what no grace period means... best advice don't sign contracts that have not been filed out and if you are looking out for companies that will call you 1-9 days after past due then you better do a buy here pay here so you don't have this problem but if you are this kind of person your car won't run from a buy here pay here dealer because they have this device that shuts down your car... now if you don't want to get Collection calls I guess best thing is to MAKE YOUR PAYMENT like regular people

  • Mh
      8th of Oct, 2007
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    I received a car loan from UACC as a last resort, due to imperfect credit with 23% interest. For a car that cost
    $4,999.00, I am paying $7,999.00. (approx). I was laid off from my job, and they would not help me one bit. I cashed out my 401k at the time my engine blew. I sent them my original receipts and asked them to adjust my loan by putting two car payments at the back of my loan. They did do one. To this day they still call my old job looking for me, as well as my personal references. I found this to be very tacky, these people are rude and vulgar. For this I have moved and they have no idea where I am at. Prior to me moving they showed up at my door, job and you wouldn't believe the things they say to your references. I am now in the process of getting caught up, but if they continue to be ruthless, I will continue to play their game and win.

  • Ga
      11th of Oct, 2007
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    I would agree further with the comment about paying your payment on time. You don't know how many times in our business we hear" the check is in the mail" then ten days later you see the payment post marked for the day before. Why can't people just be up front and honest? The average customer of UACC is less than intelligent anyway. You have to be a complete ### for signing a contact for that much. And for the person who has to pay $600 after insurance paid off. Welcome to the insurance world of ripping people off. Blame them for not paying your entire premium. Insurance companies very rarely pay 100%.

  • T
      12th of Oct, 2007
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    The last message was spoken like a true "brainwashed" employee. When consumers are upfront and honest, they are still harassed. Lets not discuss those consumers at this moment though, lets discuss the paying customers who are being harassed...

    I am a paying consumer, and yet the day before my payment is due I am called and harassed about what TIME they will receive the payment! I live three hours away from their office so I pay Western Union Quick Collect. If Im sending it before 5pm (which is when they close) I dont have to tell you what time I plan on doing anything. Furthermore, the FTC... the LAW STATES, that you cannot harass someone at work via the telephone and especially not in person... when they have notified you not to do so. This company calls my work phone (Which is a federal government line) so often that my fellow employees have written statements about it so that I can submit them along with a formal complaint.

    I contact my local police department and they STRONGLY advice me to file a lawsuit for HARASSMENT and unfair/illegal business practices.

    Today, I received a phone call from this company that was so verbally abusive I again called the company's local police department. No one deserves to be treated so nasty... Especially someone who is PAYING like they are suppose to.

  • Mo
      13th of Oct, 2007
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    It's amazing how all of you are talking about what a rip off UACC is. 1st of all, UACC is a sub prime lender. This means that they are a last resort lender. NO ONE else will lend to you because you have defaulted on other car loans, mortgages, credit cards, etc. Its funny that you are complaining about the interest rate when it is plain as day on the contract that you signed. It was good enough for you back when you were disparate as hell trying to get a car loan, whats the problem now? Can you not take responsibility for the consequences you pay for not knowing how to pay your bills? Secondly, UACC does not make you pay a certain way UNLESS you have given them a bad check (which by the way is a misdemeanor in many states). If you are past due they simply SUGGEST that you wire the payment immediately or bring the payment into the office.

    For the person who got their vehicle reported twice -your an idiot! You don't know how lucky you are that they gave you a second chance after reposing the vehicle the first time.
    And Janice, the ex employee, if you worked for the company for 3 years and never got promoted. You may need to realize that it was your work ethic and lack of intelligence that prohibited you from getting promoted.

    Be adults - take responsibility for the contracts that you sign and for the situation that you are in. Don't blame everyone else for your shortcomings!

  • Pa
      18th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    The last comment was clearly posted by a UACC employee. First , a sub prime lender is clearly a last resort, therefore I have no sympathy for the complainers on lack of grace period and rate because those are clearly disclosed and the time of origination. They should be responsible for their actions and subsequently pay consequences for credit mistakes of the past. As far as being an employee is concerned, I worked for them for almost two years in management and there is a reason why the turnover rate is over 84% within a one year period. The company itself has adopted a policy of non compliance with FDCPA regulations or Department of Labor regulations. None of the branches are equipped with computers except for the BM and there is no recording equipment to ensure governmental compliance. The violations are rampant. The overtime is mandatory and corrective action is taken if employees refuse to comply, the hours average 60-70 per week all ending after 9pm and the atmosphere is very retaliatory if employees seek HR assistance. Overall my personal experience was not a positive one. Managers are constantly sexually harassing employees and behave as though no consequences will result and due to the tight "good old boys network" there rarely are consequences. If you Regional and Divisional managers have your back then not even HR can touch you because you will be terminated before anything happens. This was my experience. As far as lending and originations, those are all done by paper and at any point your manager can change your call back and cause you to lose your job. THIS IS CLEARLY A HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT...

  • Mi
      29th of Oct, 2007
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    I have had these people show up at my house and leave a business card on my car when my payment was not in the office by the end of the business day it was due. I dropped the payment off in the night box that after work that evening. This same day they called everyone on my reference list and left harassing messages. They called my office, cell phone and any other numbers I may have given them. By the end of the day I had numerous e-mails from friends complaining about the abusive messages being left for them. I called UAC and asked them what their problem was and was told there was NO grace period and the payment was to be in the office ON THE DAY IT WAS DUE... not after the office was closed. I sent my next payment 2 weeks early. Guess what? They 'lost' it.

    Last month they did the same thing. I sent my payment the day before it was due because the funds were not going to be there any sooner than that. The phones called started the same day the payment was to be delivered in the office by the USPS. They left voice mails, I called them back to find out EXACTLY what it was they wanted from me. I was yelled at and hung up on by the 'gentleman' I spoke with. His solution to the problem was for me to leave work, get a money order and bring it to their office. This was 11 AM... he said the mail would not get there until 1 PM. I told them I was NOT leaving my job knowing full well the payment would be there before I was going to be there.

    BOTTOM line: this company s*cks. They have NO customer service. They are bullies and I am sure they all have debts too. It will come back to them when this place is shut down and those jack ### are out of work.

  • Sc
      29th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    Finance is a funny business. It is amazing to read all the complaints people have about a company who is willing to assume a risk and give its money to statistically poor debtors. One way to avoid the issue of having to deal with collectors is to create a personal budget in which you factor in that the car that sits in your driveway is an obligation that you have taken upon yourself. I would suggest to all the people who taken the time to complain, to place themselves in the shoes of the company that they are dealing with. To do this, start by loaning your worst friend $5,000 and expect $6,000 in return. Assuming your friend agrees to this and fails to ever repay you... what would you do? My assumption is that after a few days of never hearing from your friend you may get nervous and place a few phone calls to him. Hence, you become a collector yourself. Moral of the story is, if you dont have the money to afford things, and you are searching for someone who thinks for a second you are worthy of repayment you should feel obligated to repay them. In an effort to avoid ever having to deal with UACC my next suggestion is you seek to establish a decent credit history by actually paying your bills in a timely manner. Unfortunately to many people in our society feel as though they are victims, when in actuality they serve as what is wrong with it. The first way to improve your credit is to grow up, pay your bills, and admit to yourself that you have many obligations in life to many different people and very few of these obligations offer a grace period.

  • St
      1st of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    The UACC workers posting are so pathetic. If you have to defend the job that you do on a complaintboard, it is because you know its wrong. Ex-employees are also complaining. It's obvious the company hires people who take pleasure in making other people miserable. Why do you feel the need to harass people for money? They know they owe you. If the payment is not made, just rep the car, why constantly call their family and job? You guys must not have anything important going on in your life if you need to spend your day calling someone's family member and 'telling' on them. What is this the 1st grade? Sub-prime or not, you are all a bunch of idiots who need to get a real job. You don't have computers b/c you probably don't know how to use them. You talk about people who need sub-prime loans, but what about people who work for sub-prime loan companies? Are you working there because real banks wouldn't hire you? Maybe it's because real banks use computers, or want people who are professional. Everybody's having financial problems due to the economy. It would be interesting to see how many UACC employees pay their bills on time!

  • Mo
      5th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    OH Star. You are the pathetic person. You say that debt collectors must not have anything better to do than to call on losers like yourself for pmt. Thats their job. They are employed by ME to try to collect on losers like yourself. We do have computers. We do pay our bills. If it makes you feel better about yourself that the rest of the world is irresponsible and incompetent like yourself then you can think that way.

    Ignorance is bliss! Also, keep blaming the economy for you not being responsible. See how far that gets you! "Real banks" do hire us! Thats where we come from and for some that is where we go back to... with a $20,000 raise for the experience of working with a sub prime company! Before you speak, educate yourself. This is great advice. This may help you move from McDonalds to Walmart maybe and then maybe to Macy's and so on and so forth. Then maybe eventually you will get a job where you can actually afford the vehicle that you drive. Yeah, you know, that 95 Ford Escort that you financed 2 months ago at 24% interest that you are struggling to make pmts on right now. Keep up the good work!

  • Jo
      6th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    "Yeah, you know, that 95 Ford Escort that you financed 2 months ago at 24% interest that you are struggling to make pmts on right now. Keep up the good work!"

    Is that a sales pitch or what. Next time I write a ### loan and take advantage of someone, NOTE TO SELF CALL TWO MONTHS LATER AND LAUGH AT THEM.

    So now when I think of _____. I will remember mom's words.

    And calling yourself sub prime, try hard money.

  • Ki
      9th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    I currently work for Ford Motor Credit within the Originations dept, but unfortunately I will have to leave the company and move out of state. There is another main office in the city that I will be moving to, but there isn't any transfer opportunities for me and I cannot be rehired until I have been separated from the company for a year. This last piece of information makes no sense to me, as I am a star employee, but procedure is procedure and it cannot be bent for anyone is what I am told. Anyhoo, my supervisor recommended that I apply with United Auto Credit but after reading the previous posts I WILL NOT apply with a company that has so little respect for the federal law, for its current employees or for its customers. Do they not realize that without the customers or the employees that they would not have a business at all, only an empty building! Thank you for all the comments, both from ex-employees and ex-customers.

  • Ao
      11th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    I just heard that this company eliminated all of their middle managers and are closing nearly 1/2 their offices. I would think twice before going to work with them.

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