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Home Warranty of America [HWA] reviews & complaints

Home Warranty of America [HWA] complaints 68

Home Warranty of America [HWA] - Service

We are extremely disappoionted in your service.

1. Get personnel that speaks english, hard to understand and don't get our
information correct.

2. Called on water heater to be serviced, because water heater leaking. We called you and your people never called us back. Water could have leaked into our den with new tile which would have been ruined. You had no problem collecting your $75.00. We called our own plumbing company and paid $1, 000.00 out of pocket. Rather sad when we have a home warranty which should have responded promptly to our call. We expect that $75.00
reimbursed to us ASAP.

3. Also, when we had to pay out of pocket for air conditioner repair, we waited three months to be reimbursed by your company.

We have ended our contract with you and will report you to the Better
Businness Bureau if you do not return our $75.00 ASAP.

Here is a thought, hire people in the United States for your customer
services and you might keep customers.

Duane and Christine Norman

Home Warranty of America [HWA] - ac replacement

Claim ID - SRO0559154 Filed - 7/16/2021 Client My AC died on a Friday 7/16 and I filed a claim right away online and followed up with a phone call. My city was under an extreme heat advisory and my...

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Home Warranty of America [HWA] - Poor Service

My fridge broke and I submitted a claim on 7/2/2021. It would take over a week for the repair man to arrive. He was unable to service the fridge and went to report his findings, however, the HWA office had closed. He was confused as to why they accepted the schedule when they would be closed and their policy dictates he must stay onsite until he can report his findings. At a loss, he emailed their findings and left. Several days later, I did not receive any contact from HWA, but they completed my claim. My fridge was still broken to I contacted them and they submitted a follow up claim for a second opinion. There were no contractor available so they were supposed to contact me in 48 hours with options. Six days later they called me at 6pm and left a voicemail. This voicemail stated that they could not find a contractor so they would like to replace the fridge and that I should call them back to discuss options. SIX minutes later (I checked the timestamps) I got an email saying the claim was cancelled because I failed to contact them back. I saw this VM and email the following day and immediately called them. After struggling to even find my account, they said they would submit another follow up claim and would contact me in 48 hours. The same process gain. It's currently been 25 days without a functioning fridge. If they cancel my claim again, I'm going with another company!


Home Warranty of America [HWA] - Beware, POOR service

I would give the company "no" stars, or a minus star if able. I live in south central Texas, near San Antonio and have two contracts with Home Warranty of America (HWA) and have for at least five years. My my wife is a realtor and has recommended them for as long, if not longer and while doing so has purchased numerous contracts for her "buyer" clients. I have had continual problems with HWA during that relationship, though have continued to renew my yearly contracts. I have now gotten to the point that that I will be ending my relationship with them, as will my wife. I would "NEVER" recommend HWA and will be changing companies as soon as I can get someone to repair my air conditioners. I have to spend hours, and I mean hours on the phone each and every time I have to submit a claim, and schedule a service provider. I also recently learned that AGI, a third party now handles HWA's claims. My most recent repair request was submitted on 6/11/21. I informed them that I had an open claim for another air conditioner and have had for about six weeks, a claim that was being handled by Xcaliber HVAC and Plumbing, a local HWA service provider. I requested that they, HWA assign this same service provider to handle my most recent claim so they could handle both situations at once. After talking to at least three representatives over the span of over an hour, I asked to speak with a supervisor as they, HWA was not willing or unable to fulfill my request. I was informed that he/she is in a meeting and was unavailable though that particular individual would be contacting me by telephone in about two hours. I never received that call or any form of contact from anyone associated with HWA. Their failure to contact me as agreed resulted in my calling four days later, on 6/15, having called about 1:00PM. I once again requested that Xcaliber be assigned to handle my most recent claim. That particular HWA representative, Irene in Costa Rica said that she would assign that company and would send me a confirmation email with that confirmation. I never received that email, nor did I receive any form of contact from anyone associated with HWA so I called again that same day, this time at about 4:00PM. That called lasted well over an hour, and resulted in me speaking with three different representatives, and a supervisor, one of which was Silva, who also is in Costa Rica. I learned that they had failed to assign Xcaliber as promised, and had already assigned another provider. They asked if that provider, Standard Mechanical had reached out to me, at which time I said no. I also informed Irene, and the other representatives that I had yet to receive any email messages from HWA and had no means of contacting Standard Mechanical. I was informed that HWA's "Dispatch Team" had attempted to assign Xcaliber, though they were unable to reach them and confirm their availability. I called again on 6/16 as I had yet to receive any form of verbal or email contact from HWA regarding the claim, and questioned their 6/15 statement about attempting to contact Xcaliber. I once again explained my situation to this representative, at which time he said that Standard Mechanical was still assigned. He asked if they had contacted me or if I had contacted them. I told that individual that they, Standard Mechanical had not made any form of contact with me, and I had never received an email message from HWA, and as a result, had no way of knowing the address and or contact information for Standard Mechanical. I asked for and was provided Standard Mechanical's telephone number, a number with an area code of 803. I checked the internet while we were speaking and determined that are code 803 is in South Carolina, not Texas, and at least 1100 miles away. I provided that information to the HWA representative who stated that he would send an email to the company's "Dispatch Team" and made aware of that information. I was also informed that I would be contacted with the new service provider's name, address and phone number, though it could take another one, two or so days to do so. If so, it would be a week from the date that I filed the initial claim, and well over ten days before the repair could be scheduled. I also called today, 6/17 as I have yet to receive any form of contact from HWA regarding this claim. I spoke with two individuals, the second of which said that my claim has yet to be assigned, apologizing for the delay. She also said that she would send an expedite" email message to the dispatch team, though she was unable to provide a specific date as to when the service provider would be assigned. The temperatures in my area have been in the high 90's and low 100's, and I have guests coming to stay on this coming Saturday, and were scheduled to stay in the area affected by this air conditioner. I now the review is lengthy though I needed to vent, and address the entire situation so others are aware of what transpired so they can make an informed decision as to entering into a contract with this warranty provider.

Desired outcome: Want a local and reputable service provider assigned so my air conditioner will be fixed. an


Home Warranty of America [HWA] - Dishwasher

I engaged my HWA warranty that was purchased with my property. I requested coverage for a malfunctioning Dishwasher. The claim was routed to Sears and they sent a technician out to examine the appliance. It was determined that the appliance could not be repaired and I was contacted by HWA to choose between a replacement appliance or a cash offer of replacement value. I chose the replacement product. The claim was closed by HWA on March 2021 and I was told I would receive the new dishwasher on June 7th, 2021) June 17 2021 now I am being told Monday the 21 of June and I still do not have the dishwasher I have contacted HWA customer service at least 6 times in the intervening months with various unsatisfactory outcomes and no dishwasher to settle the claim as agreed. I will never use Home Warranty of America I really find this to be bad faith!

Desired outcome: I want my dishwasher to be replaced

Home Warranty of America [HWA] - Failure to make a repair of oven in a reasonable time

On Feb 19, 2021 I filed a claim for oven repair (SRO 0455001) and it was assigned to a company that does not repair ovens. Subsequently it was reassigned to Sears who sent a technician out and he ordered a part to repair the oven locking mechanism which came a couple of weeks later and was installed by Sears. Unfortunately the oven did not work when the part was installed and he made a new diagnosis to have the touch screen replaced as it would not work. He said they were no longer made, but they would try to find one somewhere. They apparently could not find one and HWA procurement took over. This was in late March.
I follow up every few days to find the status and was frequently told the claim is lost . Then suddenly the part was ordered. A part arrived a week later which was apparently the same part originally ordered and replaced by sears service. As an attempt to reduce their cost, I advised HWA it appeared to be the wrong part as it was a transformer and not a touch screen which I was told it needed. After 5 more calls I am still being told procurement has to deal with it and nothing has happened. I am now at 35 calls and many hours trying to get this resolved. They will not tell me who I can talk to or write to get it resolved.
Resolution would greatly be appreciated so we can use our oven.

Desired outcome: Actually repair or replace the oven so it works.

Home Warranty of America [HWA] - Unable to provide service in my area

Last year in September 2020 I filed a claim regarding the pool filter. It took HWA 2 weeks to contact me to tell me they couldn't find anyone. The weather changed and the pool had to be closed w/o repairs. Same was true for this year regarding plumbing, electric and pool. The company is unable to provide any services in this area. I asked for a refund as was told it would be pro-rated. This is unacceptable. I asked for a manager and was told they would call me back. Twice! The company is not acting in good faith. I want my money back as I am paying everything out of pocket.

Desired outcome: I want a full refund.

Home Warranty of America [HWA] - Gas Stove

Service requested April 1, 2021 Maytag gas stove - leaking gas as dtermined by Gas company.
Service provided by Sears on April 6, 2021
As of April 14, 2021 HWA is unable to access a Diagnostic report from SEARS.
Although the parts alone will cost $500+ and have no estimated time of arrival
HWA refuses to submit my claim for replacement because they cannot do so with out a diagnostic report. Sears will not provide a diagnostic report. To date it has been 14 days with no stove. 13 parts were ordered among them ignitor, temperature sensor, orifice holders etc. 3 screws have arrived. None of the key parts even have estimated dates.

I was told HWA will provide SEARS 21 to determine if parts are available or discontinued. 21 DAYS for an essential home appliance. Then if a replacement is approved a new product will have to be ordered.

Why even insure it if you will be forced to go a month without it?

Desired outcome: New Stove


Home Warranty of America [HWA] - Service

At the end of June I called HWA and asked them to send and A/C repairmen out. After 2 days of waiting I called and they told me they were not yet able to find a repairman in my area. I asked if I could find a repairman. I was told yes. I was also told that he must call in to their office when he arrives. This was done, the call was put on speaker so I could also hear. HWA agreed to pay the bill of $651.00. After a couple of weeks I called to see when a check would be sent to me. I was told that they did not have the diagnoses nor the paid receipt that I emailed to them. Once again I emailed this. In a couple of weeks I called in only to be told that they did not have the info they needed and they closed the case. I have been calling and have kept date and time of the call. In November they agreed to send a payment of $340.00. Now on 12/27 I called and was told the check should arrive in 4 to 6 weeks.

I have made 5 request for a manager to call me. I am still waiting on the first return call.

Desired outcome: I would like to receive a payment from them.

Dec 21, 2020

Home Warranty of America [HWA] - Plumbing leak in shower

We have filed a formal complaint and will continue to spread the word on how unprofessional and dishonest HWA is. We had a claim file for a shower valve leaking water inside the wall of our two story...

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Dec 02, 2020

Home Warranty of America [HWA] - Water heater, claim sro03866020, policy sao0447200 and contract coo0337385

My water heater needs to be replaced. I have been waiting since 11/14/20. However getting the run around. Recommended the wrong contractor electrician.
Then sent a plumber who was paid 100 dollars to. But his count was a hold. I called several times with no results. I was told over and over they can't find a plumber for my area. (black areas also need services). I asked many times to speak with a supervisor and compliant department but I was always to told I was going to get a call back which never happen. And I was told there is no web site to file a complaint. Thank you lorraine johnson

Jul 21, 2020

Home Warranty of America [HWA] - Home warranty

If you ever need a home warranty RUN from HWA! It took over 4 months to finally get my plumbing resolved! On top of that, HWA cancelled my account only because I disputed two transactions on my Discover account.
Claim Number for sewer line

Eric from Guatemala
Wednesday, March 11, 2020
Sonia -

This company would never call me back on the assigned cell phone number that I gave them.


Home Warranty of America [HWA] - Air

My air and heat has been out all year I have contacted the home warranty filed a claim and continued to call for the pass 7 8 months no air no heat just a waste I will never recommend this company to no one. They don't fix [censored] even after you pay the person they send to yo home it's been a hassle my air and heat unit and still not working... I called the home warranty place they claim to not seen a claim for me which is a lie because I was given a claim number and they sent the electrician to my home to determine the problem and he never returned and the home warranty company hasn't did anything but collect they're payment


Home Warranty of America [HWA] - Air Conditioner Replacement

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR YOUR HOME WARRANTY. We have paid for our home warranty for 5+ years. Our air conditioner went out and we filed a claim on 5/24/20. I called them and explained that we...

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Home Warranty of America [HWA] - Poor follow up and very back service

I am a real estate broker in chattanooga, tennessee with 31 years in the business. I have sold hwa warranties for over 11 years. As of today may 15, 2020 I have sold my last home warranty of america...

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Feb 06, 2020

Home Warranty of America [HWA] - home warranty claim

HWA will take your money, but they will NOT pay your claim. My heater stopped working. Hwa told me to use a repairman near buy. That man died 2 years ago! I then received authorization to have a repair business look at my heater. Heating company said I must have a new furnace because the heat exchange part is broken. Hwa agreed to new furnace instilation. New furnace installed on Dec 10th. works great and I paid the installer $3917.

Sent bill and proof of my payment to Hwa. I called Hwa 12 different times. 3 times I was told I will receive $2, 278.50 from Hwa. Then on January 31st they told me the new settlement amount is $640.! They said the first amount I was told was a mistake (by 3 different people 3 different times). I have filed a complaint with the better business bureau recently. Hope that does some good.

PLEASE: Do Not join Home Warranty of America. They do not pay claims.

This is the most difficult company to work with! the vendors are not the best — often desperate for business — and the service from hwa is spotty at best. as soon as my issue is resolved, I am dropping this company in favor of a reliable one.
Here is my complaint:

we have been unable to have you send an email to our plumber in order to authorize our urgent repair! I have called five times, and each time the agent contacted the plumber assuring him that the email had been sent! this delay is unacceptable and we are unable to use our bathroom! claim: sro0248324

Jan 25, 2020

Home Warranty of America [HWA] - appliance warranty

I engaged my HWA warranty that was purchased with my property. I requested coverage for a malfunctioning clothes washer. The claim was routed to Sears and they sent a technician out to examine the appliance. It was determined that the appliance could not be repaired and I was contacted by HWA to choose between a replacement appliance or a cash offer of replacement value. I chose the cash offer because the appliance they offered would not fit in the available space. The claim was closed by HWA on Nov 30, 2019 and I was told I would receive the the cash offer by way of a Tango Card (electronic one time credit card) instead of a check. I agreed and was told I would receive instructions on how to access my Tango card within a couple of days. It is now January 25, 2020 and I still do not have the $612 that was agreed by HWA as the replacement value of my covered appliance. I have contacted HWA customer service at least 6 times in the intervening weeks with various unsatisfactory outcomes and still no money to settle the claim as agreed.

Jan 20, 2020

Home Warranty of America [HWA] - claim not resolved

We filed a claim that our dishwasher was broken on January 2, 2020. They sent a vendor out (Grayson Collin Appliance) who did a very good job diagnosing the issue and said they would contact HWA with...

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Dec 16, 2019

Home Warranty of America [HWA] - hvac

Submitted my claim for hvac repair Dec. 2nd. Today is Dec. 16th, 2019. The tech came out and said the unit needed to be replaced couldn't find the replacement part so the next higher assembly was required. Tech sent all required documents to hwa. Call them to follow up daily and each rep said they were waiting on managers approval to sign off but they had no direct line to them all they could do is email them the open claim. Its the winter and the weather continues to change and we have no hvac system that is operational. They could least put us in hotel if its going to take this long but no they have no urgency in repairing claims that we can't continue to live in these conditions. I will not recommend this company. Horrible.

Home Warranty of America [HWA] - horrible! home warranty

I called the 24hr emergency service last night to get my garage door fixed because it fell off track and eventually fell inside my garage. I called again and also went online to make a claim. I...

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