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Home Warranty of America [HWA]Service

At the end of June I called HWA and asked them to send and A/C repairmen out. After 2 days of waiting I called and they told me they were not yet able to find a repairman in my area. I asked if I could find a repairman. I was told yes. I was also told that he must call in to their office when he arrives. This was done, the call was put on speaker so I could also hear. HWA agreed to pay the bill of $651.00. After a couple of weeks I called to see when a check would be sent to me. I was told that they did not have the diagnoses nor the paid receipt that I emailed to them. Once again I emailed this. In a couple of weeks I called in only to be told that they did not have the info they needed and they closed the case. I have been calling and have kept date and time of the call. In November they agreed to send a payment of $340.00. Now on 12/27 I called and was told the check should arrive in 4 to 6 weeks.

I have made 5 request for a manager to call me. I am still waiting on the first return call.

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    Home Warranty of America [HWA]Plumbing Leak in Shower

    We have filed a formal complaint and will continue to spread the word on how unprofessional and dishonest HWA is. We had a claim file for a shower valve leaking water inside the wall of our two story house. HWA did not respond for 4 days. The plumber took it apart and stated in needs to be repaired. That wasn't good enough. A second opinion plumber was sent another week went by. He came out to looked at it. I do mean look at it. He didn't take it apart. Exact words were "yep its still leaking needs to be replaced". Keep in mind its still leaking inside the wall. We didn't hear from HWA for several days. So we called them. Oh yes well can't find the parts to repair it so we will offer you $100 buy out. Keep in mind we have $75 already to file a claim. So HWA is offering us $25. I called Teters Plumbing Supply in Dallas who has the part however, the part cost $900. That is dishonest. It gets better, I called to file a complaint and requested to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor refused to speak with me. What is a home warranty for if the customer pays. The warranty service has no risk if they just say oh we can't find a part and give you pennies on the dollar to just go away. I hope karma puts you out of business. Believe me I will spread the word anywhere I can. All prospective customers should run from you. Not walk. You should be ashamed.

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      Home Warranty of America [HWA]Water heater, claim sro03866020, policy sao0447200 and contract coo0337385

      My water heater needs to be replaced. I have been waiting since 11/14/20. However getting the run around. Recommended the wrong contractor electrician.
      Then sent a plumber who was paid 100 dollars to. But his count was a hold. I called several times with no results. I was told over and over they can't find a plumber for my area. (black areas also need services). I asked many times to speak with a supervisor and compliant department but I was always to told I was going to get a call back which never happen. And I was told there is no web site to file a complaint. Thank you lorraine johnson

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        Home Warranty of AmericaHome warranty

        If you ever need a home warranty RUN from HWA! It took over 4 months to finally get my plumbing resolved! On top of that, HWA cancelled my account only because I disputed two transactions on my Discover account.
        Claim Number for sewer line

        Eric from Guatemala
        Wednesday, March 11, 2020
        Sonia -

        This company would never call me back on the assigned cell phone number that I gave them.

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          Home Warranty of America [HWA]Air

          My air and heat has been out all year I have contacted the home warranty filed a claim and continued to call for the pass 7 8 months no air no heat just a waste I will never recommend this company to no one. They don't fix [censored] even after you pay the person they send to yo home it's been a hassle my air and heat unit and still not working... I called the home warranty place they claim to not seen a claim for me which is a lie because I was given a claim number and they sent the electrician to my home to determine the problem and he never returned and the home warranty company hasn't did anything but collect they're payment

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            Jun 22, 2020

            Home Warranty of America [HWA] — Air Conditioner Replacement

            DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR YOUR HOME WARRANTY. We have paid for our home warranty for 5+ years. Our air...

            May 19, 2020

            Home Warranty of America [HWA] — Poor follow up and very back service

            I am a real estate broker in chattanooga, tennessee with 31 years in the business. I have sold hwa warrantie...

            Home Warranty of America [HWA]home warranty claim

            HWA will take your money, but they will NOT pay your claim. My heater stopped working. Hwa told me to use a repairman near buy. That man died 2 years ago! I then received authorization to have a repair business look at my heater. Heating company said I must have a new furnace because the heat exchange part is broken. Hwa agreed to new furnace instilation. New furnace installed on Dec 10th. works great and I paid the installer $3917.

            Sent bill and proof of my payment to Hwa. I called Hwa 12 different times. 3 times I was told I will receive $2, 278.50 from Hwa. Then on January 31st they told me the new settlement amount is $640.!! They said the first amount I was told was a mistake (by 3 different people 3 different times). I have filed a complaint with the better business bureau recently. Hope that does some good.

            PLEASE: Do Not join Home Warranty of America. They do not pay claims.

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              • Mi
                Michael Seiferth Aug 27, 2020
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                This is the most difficult company to work with! the vendors are not the best — often desperate for business — and the service from hwa is spotty at best. as soon as my issue is resolved, I am dropping this company in favor of a reliable one.
                Here is my complaint:

                we have been unable to have you send an email to our plumber in order to authorize our urgent repair! I have called five times, and each time the agent contacted the plumber assuring him that the email had been sent! this delay is unacceptable and we are unable to use our bathroom! claim: sro0248324

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              Home Warranty of America [HWA]appliance warranty

              I engaged my HWA warranty that was purchased with my property. I requested coverage for a malfunctioning clothes washer. The claim was routed to Sears and they sent a technician out to examine the appliance. It was determined that the appliance could not be repaired and I was contacted by HWA to choose between a replacement appliance or a cash offer of replacement value. I chose the cash offer because the appliance they offered would not fit in the available space. The claim was closed by HWA on Nov 30, 2019 and I was told I would receive the the cash offer by way of a Tango Card (electronic one time credit card) instead of a check. I agreed and was told I would receive instructions on how to access my Tango card within a couple of days. It is now January 25, 2020 and I still do not have the $612 that was agreed by HWA as the replacement value of my covered appliance. I have contacted HWA customer service at least 6 times in the intervening weeks with various unsatisfactory outcomes and still no money to settle the claim as agreed.

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                Jan 20, 2020

                Home Warranty of America [HWA] — claim not resolved

                We filed a claim that our dishwasher was broken on January 2, 2020. They sent a vendor out (Grayson Collin...

                Home Warranty of America [HWA]hvac

                Submitted my claim for hvac repair Dec. 2nd. Today is Dec. 16th, 2019. The tech came out and said the unit needed to be replaced couldn't find the replacement part so the next higher assembly was required. Tech sent all required documents to hwa. Call them to follow up daily and each rep said they were waiting on managers approval to sign off but they had no direct line to them all they could do is email them the open claim. Its the winter and the weather continues to change and we have no hvac system that is operational. They could least put us in hotel if its going to take this long but no they have no urgency in repairing claims that we can't continue to live in these conditions. I will not recommend this company. Horrible.

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                  Nov 18, 2019

                  Home Warranty of America [HWA] — horrible! home warranty

                  I called the 24hr emergency service last night to get my garage door fixed because it fell off track and...

                  Home Warranty of Americafailure to resolve claim in a timely manner

                  Initial claim for non-functioning AC unit was 8/23. HWA replaced the unit, which included the evaporator, blower, heating unit. 10/15, the unit stopped working. Another claim was opened (#3148947). Determination was that they installed a 60A unit on a 30A circuit. 2 weeks later, the claim is still unresolved. We are experiencing 35 degree temperatures and have no heat. Each day I call, I am told someone will call me back w/ in 24 hours. No such call is received. HWA suggested replacing the breaker with a 60A breaker. The wiring for the unit nor the panel cannot accommodate this load.

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                    Home Warranty of America [HWA]Washer

                    Service Provider 1:
                    Claim #: 3103366 Assigned Service Provider: Central Appliance LLC
                    Claim File Date: 07-15-2019 Service Provider Number: [protected]
                    Estimated Service Fee: $75.00

                    Service Provider 2:
                    Claim #: 3103366 Assigned Service Provider: Sears - National Claims Center (Northeast)
                    Claim File Date: 07-15-2019. Service Provider Number: [protected]
                    Estimated Service Fee: $75.00

                    My claim for my washer was opened on 7/15/2019 and I was assigned a service provider 1 who would not return a phone call or answer phone so that I can schedule a service request. HWA customer service members also faced the same problem and finally after one week of back and forth they assigned Sears to take over. Their technician came out and advised that their first approach is to repair the washer and will order three parts. Once parts arrive call back and schedule an appointment. ETA for parts was given as 8/5/2019. I did receive one part on time however the remaining two parts are still on backorder. In the meantime, I have called the number of times to check what is the claim status. For 3 weeks I was bounced back and forth with statements from HWA that we are still waiting on parts from Sears. On 08/12/2019 a supervisor left me a message that he had checked Sears system and they have received the parts and I can call Sears to schedule an appointment. But that supervisor did not know that I was in contact touch with sears and part is still on backorder as of today and Sears is providing with no guarantee as to when the part will be available. With that being said I have been paying insurance premiums for approximately two years if not more and when it came to service I get nothing but being advised that parts are still back-ordered. I cannot wait and keep on hearing that we are waiting on parts. What is your company policy? Where do you draw the line? When I called today (8/19/2019 after confirming with Sears one more time regarding part status which is still on backorder) I called HWA customer service and I was advised that as per the contract they are under no obligation to move forward with replacing the washer. There is no deadline for HWA and they are under no obligation to replace the defective appliance. I must wait for the parts to arrive. I do need a resolution to this issue. I have been very patient till now and I believe that your company is nothing but a scam and I will make sure to post an actual picture of your company on all social media forums that I have access to regarding my experience so that other people do not get scammed.

                    HWA website has guidelines to post a review online which is as follows:

                    Please note that not all reviews or images are published. Our Moderation Team will evaluate your review and image to make sure it fulfills our guidelines. Remember, you are responsible for what you write and upload so please be fair and honest.

                    So in other words, if they do not like what you have to say they can choose not to publish your review.

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                      Home Warranty of America [HWA]home warranty

                      I have been a customer since 9/16/2017 and since that time I have spent $1080.80 in monthly fees, and $170 in service call fees.

                      #1. The first service call was for my dishwasher (claim #2990331) where a technician was called out from 1st Class Plumbing Services (a 2-star company on Yelp). The technician didn't even look at the plumbing to the sink from the dishwasher or the trap. He just said I needed to buy some cleaning stuff off of Amazon. That was $100.

                      I called HWA and told them I wasn't going to pay $100 for absolutely nothing, so they said they would only charge me $75. I then called my own handiman, who was able to fix it for $75. HWA agreed that if I sent them the invoice from my handiman, they would reimburse me. To date, I have called 3 times and sent the invoice to [protected]@directenergy.com 2 times and have not received my money back.

                      #2. The 2nd Service call (claim #3101376) was on 7/12/19 for my washing maching which broke on 7/11/19 and was leaking water out the bottom. HWA sent a service man out from A&A Appliance (a 1-star Yelp company). I paid $100 again, and this technician said it was from the soap dispenser going in and out over time that cracked the housing. But in his written report, he told HWA it was from me putting something heavy in the drum (which never happened and he never even asked me about that.) When HWA called me to tell me they wouldn't cover it because it was "MY ERROR", I told them that was a bold faced lie and that I wanted to speak with that technician. I called him directly and he denied having said that. Then when HWA called him directly, he hung up on them. HWA then agreed to have a different technician come out. The lady I was on the phone with (for over 1 1/2 hours!) went through the entire list of vendors to try and find one that had more than 3 stars on Yelp (which none of them did.) We finally agreed on Universal Appliance & Kitchen (2-stars), and they agreed to come out on Friday (July 19). Then on Friday afternoon, I called the vendor to see when they were coming and they said they couldn't come until Monday. I called HWA and they called the vendor and got them to come out friday afternoon. The technician looked at the machine briefly. I explained what the previous technician had said and he took a few pictures and left.

                      On, Tuesday, July 23, HWA called to tell me they weren't going to cover the machine because it was the soap dispenser, which isn't covered.

                      I have the HWA Premium Plus package.

                      My Warranty agreement states clearly:

                      WASHER/DRYER PACKAGE: INCLUDED: All parts and components.

                      EXCLUDED: (they list certain parts and components)

                      However, the law states that you CANNOT lawfully say you include ALL parts and components and at the same time exclude some.

                      The words 'WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE FOLLOWING" would need to be stated and SIGNED BY ME!!

                      I didn't agree to this. HWA sent these conditions after I purchased the premium package which was sold to me as a complete warranty.

                      I asked that they immediately cancel my warranty and refund me all monies paid to them for essentially NOTHING.

                      Not only did they not respond to my email, they charged me. For another month today, 8/15/19.

                      You can't get a hold Of anyone who can do anything either.

                      Worst business ever.

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                        Home Warranty of America [HWA]ac

                        HOA sent a company out after 3 days of our air broken and after 2 places told them that it's thr compressor, they still have to approved it for instalation. It has now been 8 business days plus a weekend and I've been on hold for almost an hour twice today. Nobody has any answered and the AC company told us once they finally send in approval, it will be another full week before we get an AC. We are displaced from our home. This is an awful company and we will be cancelinf our warranty as soon as this is dealt with. I am totally disgusted by the entire situation. They should be shut down.

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                          Home Warranty of Americapool/spa

                          I called several days in. Row about pool repair we got a claim # and everything email stating to go ahead. Then they told company they would not pay for it. I called they said it's capped I would of understood that if they would of told us before they gave claim guy said well it was posted today that it is capped. They should of known that when they assigned a claim. I asked the lady today so you guys can screw up and not have any responsibilities for it. Not good business! I own a business and if my employee screw up we make it right not say sorry!!
                          Thank you

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                            Home Warranty of America [HWA]unresolved home warranty claim

                            I have had multiple poor experiences with HWA home warranty company, but this is the worst yet. I filed a claim for AC problems on 6/19/19, was told the AC needed to be replaced, but the warranty company has yet to finalize the claim and actually replace the AC. I have called the company dozens of times for updates, and every time I get the runaround. Nobody seems to know what is happening and every time I call, I am told something different. I ask to speak to a manager, and I am told there is none. The latest is that I was told I needed to call to approve out of pocket cost for replacement, so I did so 2 days ago. I spoke to a woman, gave permission and accepted the charges, and she told me that she was placing the order for a new AC unit and it would arrive in 5-7 business days. I called today to followup and make sure that was done, and I was told that I never accepted the charges and so the unit was never ordered. This is just one example, but similar occurrences have happened multiple times since I opened the claim. I really believe that they think I will just forget about it and then they won't have to pay. Meanwhile, I have a broken AC unit with 90+ degree summertime temperatures. I worry about my family and pets and their health as a result. I have also placed a complaint with the BBB against HWA.

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                              Jul 17, 2019

                              Home Warranty of America [HWA] — delay of approving my claim

                              I filed a claim on 7/5/19, service man came out and said my a/c coils are leaking. He Sent the documentation...

                              Jul 10, 2019

                              Home Warranty of America [HWA] — a/c coil leak replacement denied

                              HWA's warranty states all parts of the a/c unit are covered. Their service tech was out twice. The first time...

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