United Airlines / Cancellation

Kansas City, KS, United States

On December 21st, 2012 I booked a flight from GVA (Geneva-CH) to MCI (Kansas) with connection through EWR (Newark). Booking details BDEYQ5 and flight numbers UA957 and UA4321B.

At my arrival in EWR and due to the long connection time of 5 hours I used the facility of the United Club.
Approaching the boarding time United gave the announcement that the crew for the flight from EWR to MCI had to arrive / was not available. The flight has been postponed first time with 90 minutes due to unavailability of the crew and again a second time with another 110 minutes.

The original flight was supposed to take of at 600pm. At 10pm we have been re-informed that the plane is available but the crew is still missing. At 1020pm we have been sent to the gate for boarding. One member of the crew at the gate informed us that boarding will take place within the next 15 minutes. The 15 minutes past and the boarding process did not start of which I requested information. At that time the assistant from the gate informed us that the flight has been cancelled.

Returning back in the club we received the message that indeed the flight has been cancelled due to weather circumstances. Several travelers to Kansas of that day have seen that the messages displayed had nothing to do with weather circumstances. United did not have the available crew to fly the available plane from EWR to MCI. I have been told that if United has to cancel a flight due to weather circumstances there will be no refund of the ticket nor any other participation in additional costs.

After 24 hours of travel and despair I had to look for an available room and spend an amount of $300 on top of the price for the flight of $1.900. We (other travelers) have been left behind with the message that there will be no other flight available until after Christmas, 25.12.12. Can you and your CEO - Jeff Smisek's imagine what the above situation does emotionally to a person, to 50, 100, 200, 1000 persons?

Your CEO's message like "United performed very well last year and a bonus has been paid out to employees" and "high performance of customer support in 2012" is based on what?? numbers or satisfied customers? You can understand that messages like these are not truly convincing me after several desperate occurrences like the above during 2012.
Remarks from your customer support like "If you are not willing to take delays and cancellation in consideration while traveling, then don't fly" are arrogant and misplaced.

Jan 02, 2013

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