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++ i can't complain about the customer but i can about the worker associated with the incident.. right?++
UAL has inconsiderate and rude FLIGHT ATTENDANT.
my family and i flew back to CA from NY after Christmas.
when the airplane is taking off or landing, it is common courtesy for people to put their chair up straight.
this one traveler sitting in front of me had no common sense or manners whatsoever. he didn't even budge or even thought of putting it up. so i timidly and politely requested the flight attendant to ask the man to put the chair in straight form. when asked to put it up by the flight attendant, he just replied "this chair is broken" without even trying to put it up. HOWEVER, the chair wasn't even broken when i came in to seat myself on board. so i said " i don't think so..." over to him and her...

The inconsiderate flight attendant just looked at me carelessly, shrugged her shoulders and left.

so think about it. the ENTIRE TIME, the man just had his chair bent back ALL THE WAY. with little space in front of me, i couldn't even move my legs, or even yet breathe due to clusterphobia. I had some reading to do so i pulled down the desk and he turned around yelling at me to stop shaking his chair.

seriously guys, at that moment, i felt like he was about to punch me or something. i didn't even do ANYTHING but to use up my space that i paid for.

it's understandable to have discomfort because it was an economy class. but that thoughtless man should have bought a business or first class ticket if he wanted so much space.

anyway, i am complaining because i felt like she believed HIM (who was a white man) more than she did me (obvious not white). we are equally both customers who paid exact amount to ride the plane. i wasn't asking for anything MORE. i was just trying to get what i had paid for.

during the flight time, i am ok with bending the chair back. because that's what it was created for. however, from t=0 sec to arrival time to the gate, neither the man nor the flight attendant even TRIED to accomodate my needs.

i guess, me dogging the man scared him. so he left as soon as he could when we arrived at LAX. so I tried putting his chair back up to the upright position because i couldn't get out due to the limited space, the chair moved back to its position JUST FINE!

this just angered me more.

hopefully... this entry can spark some flight attendant's heart to have more compassion and care to every traveler, not just to whom he/she deems more legitamate.

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  • Fe
      Aug 05, 2009

    happens to me with United Airlines customer service in LAX, they are polite to the white people, but very rude to me (not white)!! unbelievable..sad sad world

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  • Ua
      Sep 03, 2009

    IT is more attrocious to have you try to make this a "race" issue (white / not white) than the actions of the crew!

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