UNITECH Group and HDFC Bank / issues created by unitech and hdfc. noida sector 117 unihomes

Noida, India

It has been almost three months that I have been following with Unitech on the disbursement which has been put on hold by HDFC bank as I refused to sign a letter in which bank wanted me to take guarantee for Unitech for their payments incase the same is not paid by unitech which I refused due to which the bank has put the disbursement of my loan on hold. I have been speaking to Unitech asking them to speak to Bank. But till date this has not been closed by Unitech with HDFC.

As it is, my project is delayed by Unitech. I have been a regular payer to all the amount asked since 2009. It is 2017 now and still I am not sure when would I get my Unihome Project in sector 117 Noida.
To add to it, HDFC has added a clause where they are asking the customers who are already enrolled for the loan amount to sign a letter on behalf of Unitech asking to assure all the payments incase not paid by Unitech.
How does a customer become responsible for any payment which is not paid by Unitech.
Real check of paitence

Jun 20, 2017

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