SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / defrauded by uksoccershop

Hi. I ordered 4 shirt from I received 3 of them, but 1 wrong. I shipped back it to them but, after 8 months I just have 2 of the 4 items I ordered and they answer no more. So they have stolen me 100 euros. I did everything possible: letter from an attorney, italian and european consumers associations and a legal action with the police, but the problem is that I'm not in Scotland, so it is very difficult to obtain justice.

That's why I want say you that we all have to denounce uksoccershop. com to the police; write your story also to scottish police via mail and to ECC-Net (which is the european consumers service). Now I'm alone; but if we all denounce uksoccershop, ECC and scottish police will care about us. If not for refund money, just to close that fraud site!!!That's the only way we have. Just send any email.



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