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I have learnt that you have to be very cautious buying over the internet. I bought my "uggs" last January from thinking they were genuine uggs, they have in the smallest writing ever at the end of their website that they are not to be confused with ugg australia.

Total nightmare of a transaction. The boots were ok but the logo on the back said "jumbo ugg" which in my opinion looks ridiculous, and I was buying believing they were originals, I wouldn't wear fake uggs. They agreed to take them back, I sent them back and ever since they are ignoring my emails. Have emailed them approx 40 times. Trying since February 09 to get a refund!

I have now resorted to phoning them, awkward with time difference, they asked for proof of delivery which I have now emailed them so fingers crossed. STAY AWAY UNLESS YOU ARE 100% SURE YOU WILL WANT TO KEEP THEM! Such a waste of my time I'm fuming!

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  • Ca
      Dec 06, 2010

    received items from ugg boots australia and they sent me two left feet.

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  • Sa
      Sep 13, 2012

    A lot of people get confused when buying UGG boots, perhaps because they're not aware of the history behind the boots and the recent politics surrounding the Deckers trademark. There is, of course, only one UGG brand by Deckers, who have trademarked the term "UGG Australia". However, the term UGG is simply a generic term for a sheepskin boot in Australia, where the boot originated, and for this reason the trademark laws surrounding the term UGG are different in Australia. If you want the Deckers brand "UGG Australia" then go to the Deckers website and it will direct you. However, Deckers are American and make their boots in China. If you want Australian made UGG boots, simply check the website you are buying from for an Australian URL code, or do some research on the company before buying. As part of an agreement with Deckers most UGG companies in Australia will have a section on their site which explains that they are not affiliated with Deckers. Jumbo UGG, the brand you mention, has this information written within their 'company history', 'about us' and 'FAQs'. I agree you have to be careful when buying UGG boots, but as with anything you should always read the terms and conditions. For example Jumbo Ugg states on their return policy "Receipt of goods with the assumption they were a different brand, look or feel does not constitute 'not as ordered'". A company can't be held responsible for the buyers bad judgement if they have supplied all the necessary information.

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