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U-Haul / traffic ticket fee

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Subject: U-Haul Phantom Traffic Ticket/Fee?

Interested in knowing if anyone else has experienced, after returning a U-haul rented moving truck back to U-haul, and after U-haul re-takes possession, later receiving notice that U-haul claims to have paid on your behalf a $25 traffic/parking ticket/citation (or any amount) with a $30 administrative fee (or any amount) and a $25 penalty (or any amount). Also you were charged an environmental fee. Basically, you know that YOU the customer did not personally receive the citation. The collection company hired by U-haul also tries to get the you to pay this alleged and disputed debt. No proof or validation of the actual citation, time, date, charges/grounds for the citation is ever produced.

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  • Bo
      2nd of Jul, 2007
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    U-Haul - Discrepancy and pain in the patute!
    United States

    U-Haul website - buyers beware!!!

    The website does NOT explain that if you want to return any unused boxes or supplies, that you MUST return them ONLY to a U-Haul Service Center. You may NOT return them to any other dealers. A MAJOR discrepancy and pain in the patute!

  • Th
      5th of Dec, 2008
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    U-Haul - Money was Refunded, But...
    U-Haul Smith Welding
    S. Fayetteville St
    North Carolina
    United States

    I was refunded $86.00 from U-Haul on Nov 28th, but on Dec 3rd I only received $29.04 on my card. Walmart owes me $57.00. My e-mail address is: My Visa-Debit Card Number is: 4736 9011 1401 8577 Thomas Siltz 27203.

  • Tu
      6th of Apr, 2009
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    I got the very same letter. I'm now going through the hoops to find out what is going on.

  • Li
      22nd of Nov, 2009
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    Yes, My dad just received one in the mail. It has the names from what he thinks may be a law firm in Sarasota Florida on it, but does actually not say "law firm". If I am not mistaken, I thought he said it was for $50.00 plus a $30.00 administration fee.

  • Ba
      8th of Apr, 2010
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    U-Haul - The manager is a crook and will likely overcharge you
    United States

    U Haul Carterfield II should be avoided at all costs. The manager is a crook and will likely overcharge, then lie about the reasoning later. I had a bill for $74 for what should have been a $35 rental. Later attributed to 'refilling of gas' despite truck being filled 100 yards from the site.

  • Ca
      7th of Jun, 2010
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    If you were charged an environmental fee, it might not have been legal. Attorneys from the law firm of Chavez & Gertler LLP are presently investigating the propriety of certain charges that U-Haul imposes on its customers. If you are a California resident and have rented from U-Haul in the past three years, you can get a free consultation about your rights by contacting us.

  • Me
      19th of Jun, 2011
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    I rented in 2009 and paid a violation now today 6/18/2011 they are sending me a letter from their law office saying I never paid. Even though NYC shows the violation paid. Now I have to get NYC to mail me a copy of payment or tell me how I paid because my bank statements wont go back to 2009.

  • Id
      20th of Jun, 2012
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    You want to take your cc # off the internet pronto

  • Id
      20th of Jun, 2012
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    Take your cc # off the internet

  • Ki
      25th of Oct, 2012
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    Three month ago I rented two trucks. I got a text telling me that $279.00 was paid out of my account for Tickets. I stopped and paid the $1.50 tolls as I can to them. I will be contacting the BB and filing a complaint.

  • Da
      10th of Oct, 2013
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    yeah we just got the same problem only they bounced my moms checking account and took it out her account because she paid for the truck even though me and my husband were the ones driving the truck., we asked for a copy of the citation and they said u-haul got charged but that's ok because were calling the police department to find out if they have issued u-haul a ticket if not were getting someone arrested and pressing charges.

  • Ed
      30th of Aug, 2014
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    $50 citation I never got for what I don't know ( they keep changing story) plus $30 admin fee, planning to sue UHAUL for damaging my credit which until now was perfect curious has anyone else ever fought back this BS

  • No
      14th of Mar, 2017
    0 Votes

    Got email citation fine from Uhaul saying they've charged my cc. Called to ask what citation was. Roy said he doesn't have access. He tried calling another department and said they told him it was an error. The scam is charge a small fee and hope customer doesn't bother disputing. Uhaul has shady business practices. Perhaps even criminal. BEWARE!

  • Ma
      29th of May, 2017
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    i rented a truck from them and was overcharged more over they went in my bank acct and debited another extra fee of @130.00 for a ticket I never got on the rental.
    I requested proof when I a got my bank alert they had no answer it took 2 1/2 hr to get some answer. I am 100% sure I never got a citation due my rental was in a parking driveway during the time. I researched the citation and found the address on the ticket did not exisist and its causing me so much grief because I should not have to go thru this. Uhaul stated that I had to dispute the ticket when they are the owner of the title. I am still disputing the matter but I advise anyone take picture and be carefull not to get scam by these people.

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