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TXU Energy & Oncor / Billing/Service

1 Rockwall, TX, United States Review updated:

In a horrible display of customer service and business practices we faced a horrible ordeal just yesterday with TXU and later on with Oncor.

Essential after making arrangement to pay the bill on a certain date our electricity was cut off. During the initial conversation we were assured everything was squared away and thus we could pay by a certain date. Being this as it may we were baffled when the electricity was actually turned off. From this point on the service really started to tank.

During the conversations to reinstate the electricity both a representative and a supervisor basically stated we were "lying" regarding our first conversation and that our electricity shouldn't have been turned back on. After explaining that this was not our fault, since we were told something different in our attempt to work out the payment the electricity was turned on with the understanding a payment would be made on the 4th of the next month. To add insult to injury, we were bid adieu by the supervisor with the graceful comment " knew this was going to be turned on."

Fast forward to the 2nd... we come home to find our electricity was out again. After calling and speaking with a supervisor we're told there are no notes regarding our initial calls stating we had until the 4th and that the electricity shouldn't have been reactivated in the first place. This time they state it will not be reinstated until the payment is made. So... we go ahead and make the payment at which time we're told the electricity will be on before the next day. A couple of tasteless service statements were "so you knew the payment was due and you’re just not calling?", "it doesn't matter what you were told, the electricity shouldn't have been reinstated.

Lastly, in an effort to expedite the activation of my electricity since it was dark, 50 degrees in my home for my family which is a 1 year old daughter and 6 year old son I called and was told that Oncor was the company who was going to process the reactivation. I then demand to speak with them since it was obvious TXU couldn't nor had the ability to do anything positive. On the phone with Oncor was pretty much the same level of service. After telling the Oncor rep of my family I continued to received the statement "we cannot guarantee a time, it will be back on before midnight. With service which was deactivated due to billing issues all we can state is that it will be before midnight. Every attempt to explain that the situation stemmed from TXU's incompetence was met with this answer. After trying to get through to rep she stated that if there was nothing further she was disconnect the call. In my effort to rationalize and personally explain the situation to her I was disconnected. The most incredible comment made by the Oncor rep was when I asked what if this happened to an elderly person and they had no heat in they're home... I was told "we'd suggest medical attention." It's just baffling how both of these companies with their incompetent, irrational and piss poor service, continue to stay in business.

It's called me being a customer... and at any rate, calling us a liar as a customer = a former customer. I will be changing service ASAP.

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  • Fr
      9th of Apr, 2010
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    TXU has NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! I purchased a second home in Tyler TX in oct of 2007. House had two meters; one for the home, one for an RV (home is on three acres). Went online to TXU "ebill" and put both accounts under my name. No worries until they "switched" their website mid 2008. Both account numbers disappeared. I've spent the last TWO YEARS attempting to rectify their mistake with literally hundreds of phone calls (some on my cell phone that have lasted long enough for me to drive to Tyler from Dallas and unpack my car!), and untold hours being assured the problem would be fixed. Just got off the phone tonight; they "pulled" the meter from the RV pole about a month ago with no notice, ruining the interior of a new 26 foot travel trailer due to spoiled food (smells like a death camp).

    I'm gonna get back at the ### even if I have to perform some criminal acts! Joe Stack, here I come!

  • Ca
      13th of Jul, 2010
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    Have been a loyal customer of TXU Energy and Oncor for a few yrs now..Never had a late payment. To find out when i moved into a new house, they decided to put in NEW METERS around town, shortly after. They encountered problems with the meter put in my new house due to the age of the wiring. To find out that they have estimated my previous months by the now HOTEST month of the year, since they have now fixed it. And since they dont beleive my old meter was working, are now hitting me with a few extra months before meter was put in. I have proof and THEIR own readings as well as my receipts of payments for those months.. For them to try to hit me with half a years worth of payments estimated by the hottest month of the year. ALL DUE BY THE END OF THE MONTH!!! When you call to get help, no one is in charge and no one can fix the problem. They can however set me up on a payment plan FOR THEIR MISTAKE…Something needs to be done…If you can help me please let me know!!!

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