Turkish Airlines / baggage not received

Dear Concern..

I introduce my self as Manish Bhatia, an Indian Citizen, who had gone to the US on 12th July and returned on 23rd July, 2018.

However, at the [censored] end I am facing a rather unpleasant situation, which I am constrained to bring to your kind knowledge for a very urgent redressal.

The booked baggage which was scheduled to arrive subsequently to my arrival in India on 23rd July, 2018, ( TK 716 ) has unfortunately NOT reached INDIA, till the time of writing this mail, which is shocking !!!

This is indeed a worry some incident for me, which has reluctantly caused a substantial Financial Loss, besides a lot of continuing mental pain and trauma.

I have also simultaneously registered my Baggage Loss Complaint /Claim on the Turkish Airlines Team Member on Airport providing the requisite particulars of itinerary flight details, Tag Number etc, where after I am being provided with an invariable message " that the process to find your baggage is still underway . Please check back later"

My reference number is Deltk26264
My Flight Number : Flight 1 : TK 32 Flight
Tag Number TK585944

As a matter of fact pursuant to my today morning talks with the executives of the Airlines, I was asked to patiently wait till 5.00 pm today, but unfortunately just prior to writing this mail I am getting the same stereotyped reply that you are looking into the matter"

Now, that since the matter is getting inordinately delayed and my mental pain agony, peace and suffering getting beyond patience, besides the substantial financial loss, due to the seemingly casual and careless of the Airlines, I strongly urge you to REVERT me with the exact situation of the case, by tomorrow afternoon, else I shall be left with no alternative to escalate the matter to the higher ups of the Airlines, necessary statutory / legal authorities such as the Police/ Consulate and also propagate this highly irresponsible behavior of the AIRLINES on the Social Media.

Trust that your AIRLINES will push up its entire machinery to LOOK INTO the SERIOUS LAPSE shall RESPOND to me in writing .


Contact : [protected]

Jul 25, 2018

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