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Harold Salant
Nov 23, 23:37 EET

Dear Sir
On a flight destined to Istanbul tonight, after being delayed on the ground for 45 minutes the flight took off and after 1 hour in the air, the plane simply returned towards Brussels and the pilot told us in a half hearted sentence that the plane had a technical problem and we needed to return. The passengers were not properly informed, we had to wait at the counter for over 3 hours in order to supposedly get a coupon for a hotel. No water or any such snack was offered until one of the passengers complained and only them water was offered. It is simply not acceptable. I have to miss an important function now at my final destination because of this problem and even though I realize that flight problems are sometimes unavoidable, the professionalism by your staff was completely not up to standard. I demand some sort of compensation for this or I will definitely take the matter further. My flight confirmation is TWZXL
Dr Harold Salant

Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines

Nov 23, 2018
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  •   Mar 06, 2019

    Dr Harold Salant,
    There is no prove of the status of passenger (e-ticket, valid reservation).
    The Turkish airlines aircarrier does not have code TWZXL in the reservation sytem.
    If the flight was delayed in 45 minutes, according to you, you can claim the compensation either in Belgium, or in Turkey, or in Israel,
    subject to the conditions of the insurance contract, if you had paid for the insurance and for the legal service.

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