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Turbo Tax / Never again!

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I have used Turbo Tax for years. This time I used easy pay and that was a mistake. I had to fight to get my money from H&R Block Bank. I'm sure they collected a lot of interest on all of the money they held onto. On my forms they changed my bank info to theirs. I never gave permission for them to do this.

I just found out since H & R Block CHANGED my bank info on my forms when I used Turbo Tax and easy pay, my rebate check will have to be mailed LATE. The IRS will try to deposit it into the bank on record and when it is refused/returned (I'm sure after they hold it for awhile) it will then be mailed much later. Could be after JULY. I should have gotten it the 2nd week of May.


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  • Te
      10th of Feb, 2009
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    I think this person meant Tax Cut, they are affilliated with HR Block, not Turbo Tax. My problem with Turbo Tax is they say Free federal file. but then hook you into a bank in Santa Barbara to do the paperwork for a FEE. So it's not free. AND the 8 day period turns out to be 20 days, at least, they say. We'' see. Theo...

  • Ca
      10th of Feb, 2009
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    I have no problem with turbo tax. You pay the 90 dollars for the year and file your federal tax, which you will recieve a refund within a week. Then you do your other taxes (state and local) on turbo tax and mail them in, which is free, instead, e file will cosy an extra charge.

  • Ca
      10th of Feb, 2009
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  • Al
      3rd of Feb, 2010
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    Please wait while we find an agent to assist you...
    All agents are currently busy. Please stand by.
    An agent will be with you in a moment. Thank you for your patience.
    You have been connected to 01_Bianca M.
    01_Bianca M: Thank you, Alicia Cain, for contacting TurboTax Consumer Group, may I have a moment to read your question?
    Alicia Cain: yes
    Alicia Cain: the email in which you emailed us is
    01_Bianca M: I understand you have contacted us because you want a refund because your return was rejected and you did it over?
    Alicia Cain: yes and it was rejected because of the software issues
    01_Bianca M: What was your rejection code?
    Alicia Cain: Hang on I will get it
    01_Bianca M: Thanks
    Alicia Cain: Here are the details: The secondary taxpayer's date of birth on this return does not match what the IRS has in its files. The IRS receives this information from the Social Security Administration (SSA).
    Alicia Cain: I was correct when I entered it
    01_Bianca M: Ok
    01_Bianca M: So the info on your return was correct and you were rejected by the IRS servers. This is not a computer software glitch.
    01_Bianca M: When you send your return electronically the return go to the IRS computer servers and does not get to an IRS personnel till after the server accepts in
    01_Bianca M: it
    Alicia Cain: well how come when I tried to get back on turbotax it continued giving me errors and would not go to the file which we saved
    01_Bianca M: What other errors are you getting?
    Alicia Cain: It did accepted it then rejected it
    Alicia Cain: it was accepted on january 28th then rejected on the 29th
    01_Bianca M: The return can not get accepted then rejected. Im sorry. At the moment what is the status of the return>?
    Alicia Cain: error 510
    01_Bianca M: please give me a moment
    Alicia Cain: We had to resubmit all the information over again and it said successful
    01_Bianca M: ok
    01_Bianca M: what version of turbotax did you use?
    Alicia Cain: where do i find info
    Alicia Cain: turbotax delux
    01_Bianca M: ok
    01_Bianca M: did you use online or disc?
    Alicia Cain: disc
    01_Bianca M: ok
    01_Bianca M: The error of 510 is usually an error when you enter in a ss# incorrectly
    Alicia Cain: my operating system is vista
    Alicia Cain: it was correct I and my husband both looked over everything
    01_Bianca M: Ok
    01_Bianca M: If the IRS server rejected your ss# that is not a turbotax error
    01_Bianca M: that would be an IRS server error
    Alicia Cain: well how can you explain the software giving me an error every time I try to open up the turbotax file
    01_Bianca M: What is the error you get when you try to open the program?
    Alicia Cain: 510
    01_Bianca M: Give me a moment please
    The agent is sending you to
    01_Bianca M: Please view this link
    Alicia Cain: the e file was successful then rejected by the irs then
    01_Bianca M: This link has a solution to the error and the probable causes of the error.
    Alicia Cain: I was unable to access the file
    01_Bianca M: I am very sorry about the issues you have been experiencing.
    Alicia Cain: I am not the only one complaining I searched and found a lot of people with the same thing
    01_Bianca M: Im very sorry about the error. This error is not very common at all but we do have a fix for it.
    Alicia Cain: I cannot access the old file at all now I can only access the file we had to start over
    Alicia Cain: we saved the file on a backup file too
    01_Bianca M: have you viewed the link i have provided you?
    01_Bianca M: You would have to save the return on a portable drive such as a usb drive
    Alicia Cain: yes but it is not any help
    Alicia Cain: why portable
    01_Bianca M: Where did you save the file. Please disregard my commet about the portable
    01_Bianca M: if you save it to a thumb drive or flash drive ti can cause corrution to your file
    Alicia Cain: on my backup hard drive E:/ file
    01_Bianca M: ok
    01_Bianca M: awesome
    01_Bianca M: Can you open your program ?
    Alicia Cain: I can open the program but not that file
    01_Bianca M: thats fine
    01_Bianca M: So what you need to do is open the program then go to start a new return.
    01_Bianca M: You will want to search for a .tax file and try to open the file in a new return on the program please
    Alicia Cain: I have done that and had to resubmit the return and it was accepted my problems is that I had to wait longer it was a waist of money and time
    Alicia Cain: I can open up the new status just not the old
    01_Bianca M: I am very sorry. Did you use the program to efile the return?
    Alicia Cain: yes only federal we mailed the state
    01_Bianca M: Thank you.
    Alicia Cain: If I cannot get a explaination for this I will never use your software again
    01_Bianca M: What do you want an explanation for please? I have already sent you a link that will solve the error when you try to open the file and why your return was rejected.
    Alicia Cain: false advertising
    01_Bianca M: About what?
    Alicia Cain: another customer lost
    01_Bianca M: Have a good ady
    01_Bianca M: day
    Thank you for using InstantService. You may now close this window.
    Your session has ended. You may now close this window.

  • Os
      12th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have used turbotax since year one. 2009 tax year was my first really bad year. It is impossible to get a live customer service voice to resolve issues or address wrongs. I did an e-filing and was rejected by Federal Government 3X. As a result, I contacted IRS directly and they informed me to file by regular mail. For my trouble turbotax charged me $19.95 for a Virginia State tax e-file. I was unable to use this electronic system for my State, since the Federal return, if rejected, automatically rejects the State return. DO I GET MY MONEY BACK FROM TURBOTAX OR EVEN A CREDIT FOR NEXT YEAR'S SOFTWARE. THE ANSWER IS NO. THIS, IN MY OPINION, IS A FRAUDULENT RIPOFF. WHEN YOU GET NO SERVICE YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR IT. I THINK THIS COMPANY HAS BECOME SO MONOPOLISTIC THAT IT HAS LOST ALL CONSUMER AWARENESS OR CONCERN. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY. IF YOU CAN FIND AN ALTERNATIVE, DO SO.


  • Tu
      6th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    I am not getting any help. Says it was accepted by efile with Turbo Tax and I keep calling IRS-no live person-just keeps saying processing. I paid for this???? Next year going to do it the old fashioned way. What is it these days-everyone is rude, normal to get shorted in a drive thru, people will not step aside and expect you to move in the stores. No ONE cares about the consumer. Wake up and be sure to vote this November. Have to fix from the top down!

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