Tri Slim, Acai Berry and Colon Cure / To good to be true

1 NC, United States

I order Acai Berry and Colon Ceanser. Free is what it said just pay the shipping on one was $4.95 and the other $2.95. It was express shipping on the Acai Berry because the lady used to advertise it was from my town.The Acai Berry arrived the next day. The colon cleasner order included Tri slim (which I never ordered). It arrived December 23. Thank God I never opened it. On Janaury 4 my bank account was hit for $259.00 for 3 bottles of supplements. I was furious to say the least. The bank advise me to close my card because these companies will just go into your account once they get your banking information. They shared my information with the company that sent me the Tri Slim. I file papers with my bank. I sent back the Tri Slim and Colon Cure priority and signature conformation for my proof. I had already called the company. They said the couldn't give me back my money. I said wrong answer. I wasn't taking no for an answer. Then they went down the scipt that they are given. She said she could only give me back 50% of my money. That was un acceptable. Finally she said 80% because they were charging me a restiocking fee. They gave me a bogus conformation number. When I called back after 8 days of them recieving the product back they tried to say they were suppose to give me back any money. So I had to go thru that again. They On Jan.25. I got back 80% of the Tri Slim. Pharmalab again tried to go into my to go into my account. They sent me an email and said they would soon be shipping out another supply of Acai Berry. I called them to tell them I would no longer need the product. I started telling them about the charges they charged me. The person told me they tried to sent me the product but it wouldn't go thru. I told her the bank had gotten invovled. She said and I quote her then there is no further need in having this conversation. I hung up. I haven't recieved any other monies from the other companies. After researching them I found out that they have done a lot of customers like that did me. They will change towns on their website to one that is located near you . They will go in your account unauthorized. The product didn't work. They are scam artist that need to get a real job. Be careful about giving your banking information to company especially on the internet. It casue me to have trouble at the bank with my real bills. They are not worth getting involed with. Unless you want a headache and a nightmare. You will never get all your money back.

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