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Travelocity / website misleading price quotes

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I am writing this letter in order to complaint and make others aware of the misleading price quotes given by the Travelocity website. Last year I was unfortunate enough to fall prey to this misleading price quotes twice. Both times, I had situations where I was purchasing a airplane ticket last minute, and was on a hurry. I searched their site, and found the tickets that I felt met my price range, and as I purchased the ticket. I later found that the price I paid was $40 to $60 more than what was quoted.

By the time I found out about the price difference, it was too late and my credit card was charged the added amount both times. I contacted the website consumer contact number for the website, and was told that this was because the airlines would some times would up their price last minute. This is even though I know they purchase the tickets before hand from the airlines on bulk (allowing for the cheaper prices), so why would the price change because of the airline?

On any case, once again today I found myself with a family emergency requiring last minute tickets. I went to the website and was quoted the following flights from Orlando to San Juan:

* Two flights quoted TOTAL price of $201ea
* Two flights quoted TOTAL price of $217ea

I decided to call before hand to verify the prices, just to find out the following actual prices for the above:

* The two flights quoted for $201 were actually $381. A $180 difference.
* The two flights quoted for $217 were actually $417. A $200 difference.

When I inquired about the difference from their website they told me the same story about the airlines. When I said that it was a misleading price quote, I was told yeah it is a bit high, but is normal. On any case, I feel that especially for individuals on my situation where you dont have the time to fight back because of a family emergency, you end up been taken advantage off.

Company details:

3150 Sabre Dr.
Southlake, TX 76092

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  • Re
      31st of Aug, 2006
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    We booked round trip tickets from Burbank to London Gatwick through Travelocity during a fare sale. Since the computerized program kept rejecting itineraries as sold out, we made the mistake of going through their customer service department on this booking. Our credit card was charged for both tickets in February and between then and May we received several notices of changes to our flights. We confirmed our flights with Travelocity the week prior to travel but upon arriving at Burbank airport we were told that Travelocity never paid American Airlines for our tickets and although all of the confirmations we had from Travelocity had both of our names as travelling, they had reserved two seats under my mother-in-law's name and none under mine.

    I immediately called Travelocity's customer service department on my cell phone and spent the next 2 hours listening to music while an agent repeatedly told me to hold while they investigated the problem. I repeatedly asked to speak to her supervisor and she'd simply say please hold and never got anyone else. After 2 hours of this my cell phone battery died. Our flight to Dallas was boarding without us, meaning there was no hope of connecting to our flight to London. The American Airlines agents were extremely helpful and lent us a personal cell phone to try to contact Travelocity again. This time I started off with a new person and demanded a supervisor. The first thing the supervisor said was that their rep had listed us as no shows for the flight in their computer system. The American Air desk agents then spoke to them and let them know we were the first people there for the flight and re-explained the fact that Travelocity had not paid the airline for the flights and that they had listed both seats under one name. Travelocity's first suggestion was that we buy new tickets to London at that day's going rate and work it out when we got home. The next bright idea was that they refund the money and we give up the trip that we had already paid for (including non-refundable hotel and London travelcards for those dates and tickets to shows). Finally American Airlines agreed to overbook the flight allowing us to finally head to London 6 hours later than planned and trapped in middle seats between strangers for the 10 1/2 hour leg of the flight rather than seated together as booked. We also missed seeing Dame Judi Densch perform in Hay Fever because of the time delay. In total we spent over 3 hours on the phone with Travelocity, most of it on hold listening to music. What an incredibly stressful start to a trip that we had planned out carefully well in advance.

    Travelocity was incredibly unhelpful and have been unresponsive to us when we used their complaint system upon returning home. Be very careful about traveling with the gnome. Their satisfaction guarantee is beyond worthless.

  • Ra
      2nd of Apr, 2007
    0 Votes

    The same situation happened to me. I booked a flight with Travelocity to go to San Juan, PR on February of 2007. Right next day after buying a ticket for me and my 2 year old and after been charged for it, Travelocity sends me a message on my email saying to give them a call. I did and after waiting 40 minutes on the phone they said the airline has raised the price on my flight from 430 to 630 each and i needed to give them $400 extra for the tickets. I argued with them for a while and told them how come they announced themselves on phone lines as priced guaranteed. Travelocity said that they did not have control over airlines raising prices, after a few phone calls and a few managers they agreed to pay half and give me a coupon for future flight for $150. They never emailed this coupon to me and when I tried to redeem with the coupon number they told me that I had to send by mail the coupon first and then I was going to be able to use it. Travelocity's service is horrible, I would never buy a plane ticket through them.

  • Lu
      2nd of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    I've been trying to book a flight, and each time I find a good price and try to book, it tells me that the price have change. Curiously, I repeated the same searches and still gave me lower rates. I started searching the internet and found lots of complaints about this and other worse problems.

    The only time before I bought tickets through Travelocity, I had problem with them and basically I had to fight for my seats at the airport. Now I know it was not a coincidence but the usual way this company does business. What a shame.

  • Ju
      6th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    I dare anyone to try and get through to Travelocity Head Office... it is impossible. The corporate executives at the top of this less than stellar business are like cockroaches... the minute you attempt to shine a light on them... they scatter.

    I could have flown from here to Timbuktu for the amount of time I spent just trying to get the number to head office...which I found on my own. I think the customer service reps (who have no power to do anything) thought I was a ball to be played with... bounced from one... to the other... to the other... I think you get my point.

    Yet another company I will add to my own personal boycott list.

    My Peace.

  • Kk
      10th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am never one to post but I had to this time. I had booked a flight to Florida from Seattle. It was scheduled to arrive at 7:00pm. I then received an email from Travelocity advising me that the new arrival time was 9:00pm and if I had any problem with the new arrival time to contact them. I did contact them and after arguing with a rep in India for 50minutes I had her change my flight so that I was arriving at a reasonable time for buisness. The rep contiously insisted I must pay a fee of $180 to change my flight although I advised her that Travelocity has a guarantee that if a flight is changed by the airline they will rectify the situation. I had my new iteniary emailed to me and I did not pay any fees so I thought everything was OK. Well No. When comming back from Orlando to Seattle the agent at American Airlines informed me that Travelocity did not issue our return tickets. I called them and I was advised by another India rep that I must pay a fee of $180 to have my ticket reissued. At this point I was virtually in tears after an hour of explaining that they changed the flight on me and how can they tell me before I am leaving that I have to pay when I have the iteniray ifront of me. After arguing I asked to speak to a supervior (advice from the AA rep). The supervisor "Frank" said that he would not charge a fee (like he was doing me some favour). I will write to every website I can to get this story across. BY the end of my vacation I was in tears and Travelocity tried to charge me a fee when they were the ones who originally changed the flight times. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM TRUST ME THEY WILL LITERALLY LEAVE YOU STRANDED AT THE AIRPORT!!!

  • Dr
      13th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Without a doubt the slimiest company. All manner of hidden fees, and pricing trickery, failure to disclose crucial booking information, and the worst customer care irresponsible staff policies.

    We will be contacting all of our favourite hotels and airlines so that they may disassociate themselves from these people ... if you are a reputable company you do not want to associate with these slimy people.

    We will also contact the consumer protection and similar agency to see about shutting these people down.

    Whatever you do, do not use these people.

  • Ju
      15th of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes
    Travelocity - Customer service call center
    United States

    The call center is in phillipines that agents speak terrible English and got my trip to Paris and seats all wrong.
    Last time I use Travelocity unless they bring their business back to the USA. Plenty of Americans could use those jobs. And they, at least speak English

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