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transmission / rip off

1 Salisbury, NC, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 4016361760

i just took my car to aamco in salisbury on friday april 4, 2008. after talking with sheila and get a good price to rebuilt my mazda 626 1998 transmission. on monday april 7, 2008 she called me to asked me to go by the office to discusse the transmission problem.
after she gived me a price of 1700. she said that the car will be ready by wednesday april 9, 2008. but on monday afternoon she called me back to said that the batery of the car was dead and they need to get one, but i refused and asked them to wait untill i bring my own. so on tuesday april 12, 2008 they called me to see that they have the transmission off the car, they told me that they will have to charged me another 900 to the bill. so we was so mad about the pricing game that we refused to paid 2500 to rebuild a transmission that was supossed to be 1700, this lady stared talking so much that my fiance told her that he will give me the difference, but he wanted the car ready asap.
on friday april 11, 2008 they calles us to pick up the car, but for our surprise the car don't take reverse, so we went inside and asked sheila and the mechanic to see the car and refused to take the car because they do not fix it, sheila and the mechanic told us that the car will be ok after we drive it couple times, the gear get stock because was parked for long time, but after we started talking and telling them the the car was parked for 3 weeks and the car isn't ok, they told me if i do not take the car they will charge me 50.00 per day. sheila and the mechanic told me to drive the car and if any problem i have waranty for 12 months and the will take care of me. but after my fiance started screamming and aking questions they receive the car back on saturday april 12, 2008
now they promess to give me the car in good conditions and the transmission work done. but today april 4, 2008 i called aamco and talked to sheila, she started asking stupid questions about if i got in to a water spot or if the car was in contact with water, because the mechanic said that the trasmission fluid have water, i asked what that have to do with me, you see the car, you know the car wasn't able to be drive in reverse, i called you to tell you that the car still doing the samething 2 hours after i get the car, and i will not move my car untill been repaired properly, after a long talk, i told her that my car transmission better be repared because i paid before they have the repair performed if they did it. the told me that all the noise the transmission was doing was because the car needs 2 motor mount and a transmission mount. they ask for us to paid for it, but i deside to go to other place and buy the parts my self and they install them. we asked him to save all parts because we want it. now the said that they will call me tomorow tuesday to tell me what is going on with the transmission, my fiance asked for the money back and to forget about the repairs, because she and the mechanic was telling us so many lies that he do not want to deal with the anymore, shela told ivan my fiance that if he wants the car back he have to paid the 450 for them taking out the transmission, because they do not work fror free, o god we got so mad, we paid them 2500 for them to rebuild our transmission and they do not do the job.

what i can do to get my money back or my car repairs done, i have 4 disable children and i need the car for transportation of my children to school and doctors appointments, 2500 was a 4 years of savings and a loan from my fiance

can you help me


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