Tracfone Double Minute For Life Cardtracfone reneged on double minutes for life card

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In early 2007 I purchased a Tracfone and paid an extra $139.95 for a card that provided 800 minutes of airtime for one year plus double minutes for the life of the phone. Since that time I've purchased additional minutes on a number of occasions and always received the double minutes. Recently, since my old minutes were about to expire I bought a new 1 year 400 minute card and went online to add the units to the phone. I got the 400 minutes but no double minutes so I called customer service and was told that my double minute card was only good for one year and had now expired. I pointed out that the double minute card has been functioning for more than two years now and indeed, what I had originally purchased in February of 2007 was clearly an offer that, to quote Tracfone: "Adds 800 minutes and 365 days to your service end date, plus double minutes on any future airtime card you add for the life of your new or current phone". While the person I spoke with acknowledged that their system showed that I had been using this card for more than one year and that I had purchased it with the phone two and a half years ago, they insisted that is was now an expired one year card.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Miami, FLThey stated that they could only resolve the matter if I provide the serial number from the original double minute card I purchased two and a half years ago, which I no longer have. I know of no one who keeps their old used airtime minute cards. Essentially, they've reneged on the original double minute card I purchased. What a scam!
The customer service person (in the Philippines) I spoke with on my second attempt to resolve this was allegedly a supervisor with some authority to resolve the matter, but she sounded more like some kind of mind controlled robot who could only repeat the same script over and over regardless of how illogical it was in face of the facts. Finally, when I told her that I would use up the minutes I've purchased and switch to another prepaid provider since I don't appreciate being ripped off by Trafone she said that she would escalate the call the the "executive resolution department" and that I would receive a call back within 24-48 hours. You guessed it, I have never heard back from anyone at Tracfone. All in all, I wasted more than an hour on the phone with this crooked company trying in vain to resolve this.
It is clear from the number of similar complaints I see online about Tracfone Wireless that such problems are not glitches in their system, they are a business plan.

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      Jun 06, 2017

    hello. i spent nearly 30 minutes with a supervisor after the minion couldn't help. my story: have been with tracfone for about 10 yrs. bought double minutes for with with first phone. since that time i've gone through two new phones (same #) and double minutes transferred over smoothly. recently bought a smart phone and bought minutes twice now but no double minutes attributed to phone. here's what i found out after much wrangling with supervisor: apparently, i bought these new minutes under the smart phone plan which is not eligible for double minutes. however, if i simply choose the "basic phone" option my minutes are indeed doubled. hope this helps.

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  • Wi
      Oct 04, 2017

    i have the simple phone and double and they have taken my minutes away from me. I was supposed to get double minutes for life. I've got service time till 2020 and I thank they don't want to honor my double minutes.

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