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Tracfone / bad service

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I was a Tracfone user for since 2006.

My battery for my Nokia 2126 died and would not take a charge. i called the

1-800 number and spoke with a customer service person in india. i explained my problem he told me to go to the retailers and i could buy a battery for my phone. i went to 3 retailers in my town of 6ooo people, none of them carried the batteries. so i went to the next town over 30 miles away and looked at 3 more retailers, still no batteries.

i called them back and asked again how to get a new battery they told me to try the website. so i did, no batteries available, only new phones. i called back a 3rd time and by this time i was a little upset, my patience was wearing thin. i again asked them for a battery. well here's the kicker they WON'T sell you a battery if your phone warranty has expired. You CAN purchase a new phone, but not a new battery. So i flew off the handle and asked them why they hadn't told me this at the beginning at least i could have gone and looked elsewhere for a new battery instead of driving all over the country looking for a new battery locally that was not even available at a retail outlet in the first place. anyway i purchased a new battery from an online source and my phone is now functioning again no thanks to the people at Tracfone/Nokia who do not make all accesories(such as Batteries)available to the consumers that buy their products. maybe my experience will save someone else the irritation of trying to get something from Tracfone/Nokia.

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  • Pe
      1st of Oct, 2008
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    Here are the people I called, please print them to help other readers:

    F.J. Pollak-President
    8390 NW 25th St.
    Miami, FL 33122
    BBB lists phone numbers:
    Fax: 305-640-2070

    Vice-President's name is Stephan Ritter

    Tacfone's Corporate Offices:
    1020 NW 163rd Dr.
    Miami, FL 33169

    Head of the refund department:
    800-339-9345 ext 3214
    or ext 6673

  • Te
      5th of Nov, 2009
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    Daughter purchased a TracFone camara/phone that was Advertised on the Web for 19.99 and included Free 60 min. card. The phone arrived via UPS and did not include the Free 60 min. card. The camara feature took dark pix and does not have download features. 60 minute free card was a hoax too! After HOURS on phone with Tracfone Representative, Supervisors which included those at the Miami Headquarters Office too; She finally got a double minutes card deal; but camara still does not download. Tracfone could not explain why. The monthly Direct Pay from Bank sometimes gives minutes sometimes doesn't.

  • Ma
      15th of Jan, 2010
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    My daughter bought me this phone for my birthday, i activated it and it works great. I tried to purchase minutes online and it said my phone wasnt activated and to turn it off and back on and wait 5 minutes, i did that and it still wouldnt work. i emailed them several times and they said the same thing each time, finally i called them, got a ticket # and was told it would be taken care of in 24-48hrs. It was not taken care of so i called them back and was told they found an error with my phone and to give them an additional 24-48 hrs. i waited and still nothing so i thoght i would just buy an airtime card from walmart and maybe it would work, well it didnt! my phone message said to call customer service if i didnt get my minutes. Well this time they had me on the phone for over an hour on hold, then they said they couldn't fix the error and they would notify corporate and they would call me in 24 hrs, well they didnt call me! so i found this email address online corporateoffice AT and emailed them asking for just a replacement with the same model and i got an email receipt sayiny to give them 24 hrs to address my complaint! Well, I dont have a doubt in my mind that they wont call me. I know they wont. Well, they just called me yesterday and asked for another 24 hrs to try to fix the problem and promised to give me some free units for the hassel and said if that didnt work they would send me a new phone out. its been 24 hrs. now and my phone still doesnt reflect any extra minutes so i guess it didnt work. now i wonder how long its going to take to send me a new phone?

  • Pj
      28th of Aug, 2010
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    Buy tracfones at walmart, they always take them back if they don't work!

  • Th
      31st of Jul, 2011
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    TRACFONE complaints, the most current complaint is tracfon selling phones with cameras that you cannt get the pictures off from, this would be like buying a regular camera and after taking dozens of pictures you find that the camera does not have any way to get the film out or to put new film in.
    The mounting complaints are now way too high so a class action lawsuit is being formed for tracfon users who bought a camera phone that could not get the pictures off from by any method, such as the phone model LG290C, you cannot transfer them to another phone, or use a bluetooth connection to your compute3r, or use a data cable to connect to your computer, there s actually no way to get the pictures off that model.
    If you wish to be included in this class action suit you must have a phone you cannot get the pictures off from, it must be a tracfone, and you must have believed by looking at the p0hones package at the store that you would have been able to retrieve the p0ictures for other use.
    This is the very beginning of this lawsuit so do not send your personal information in the email or a telephone or any other identifying information, what you need to include in the email is that you thought the pictures could be uses elsewhere, then you discovered after you bought it it would not allow any form of transfers, and your phones model number only (DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR SERIAL OR ESN NUMBER) DO NOT INCLUDE ANY IDENTIFYING INFORMATION AT THIS TIME.
    When the case is ready for court you will receive an email at the address of the email you send us (without any personal information in it) with details on the case, the court where it will be heard and details on how to check on and contact the court clerk, which will take your name and address and send you a form to complete and return. REMEMBER THIS IS A LEGIT CASE, WE NEVER WANT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION OR WILL THERE EVER BE A CHARGE TO YOU FOR ANYTHING. If you are contacted by anyone saying they are associated with this case asking for any personal information or money for any reason, let us know ASAP and DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION OF MONEY FOR ANY REASON! Even that the court will be sending the form out to you, you should check the courts address, the judges name, and the phone number and for added assurance call the clerk and verify it is from the court that will be seeing the case.
    To be included in this class action case you need to send an email that contains only the fact you thought the phone had a way to transfer the pictures to another media then after you bought it you found it would not by any method, and the model number of your phone (ONLY THE MODEL NUMBER, NOT THE SERIAL NUMBER OR ESN NUMBER) do not put your name in the email, do not put your phone number in the email, do not put any other personal information in the email, only the fact it wouldn't transfer picture in any manner and the model number of your phone. If you have any questions on what the email needs to contain use this format...
    ************* start of email contents ********************
    I bought a camera tracfone only to find that there is no way to get the pictures to transfer to any other media in any manner.

    The model phone I have is a (your camera phones model number only)
    ************* end of contents of email *******************
    "example: with the first one on this suit, has a model number LG 290C phone" (do not put anything else in this email!) A follow up email will be returned to this emails address with the name, location and phone number of the court that will hear the case, you must then verify the courts name address and pho9ne number then call the clerk to obtain the information you will need to provide to be included in this case.
    I am also included in this case so far and I am furnishing room on my websites email system for these emails, my website is I write opinions of the businesses and services in Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin, however this case will have an information page available shortly at
    This will be the only available web location for this case, if you find it anywhere else it is not the official location and has nothing to do with this case even if they attempt to convince you they do. Send your email to be included in this case to...
    The followup email will be from this address but even if you receive an email with this address asking for information or money do not send any information or money, only give your information to the courts hearing this case, plus, there will never be a cost for your participation, all fees are on consignment only, the attorney only gets paid if you do!

  • Jo
      13th of May, 2015
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    I live in the middle of nowhere, because of health issues I have, a land line and cel.I get my LL service from a responsible, professional provider.I bought a tracphone and minutes, reassured that (1) I would be covered at my address, (2) that my LL and cel could and would share the same numbers.Lies, but that did'nt matter because the LG phone no longer worked after 4or5 calls, radio shack wouldnt take it back.Bought a new phone, asked that the minutes from old phone be transfered to new phone.No that could not be done either, infuriated that a Major corp., and MONICA (ODD SHE DOES'NT SEEM TO HAVE A LAST NAME)operate, with absolutely, no oversight from the CONSUMER PROTECTOIN AGENCY OR THE FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION.It made no differance what I suggested, recommended or demanded or threatened, none of the 6 people that I was passed to was helpful.The attitudes of these people was not friendly, courteous or helpful.They were not friendly, they were condescending, not professional, not helpful, they lied and I for one and am a proud American Veteran, and resent the direspect.
    I would be more than happy to join any litigation that would either get this company straightened, or put this company out of business.PS YOU ARE RIGHT YOU CANT TRANSFER PICS ON THAT PHONE

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