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Purchased Tracfone 10/2010. After calling friends within the 1st week, my friends said a wrong name was showing up on their caller id's. Then I stared receiving voicemail messages for the same name/person. Tech support @ Tracfone, after days of calling, talking, answering the same questions, getting ticket #'s, I was told it is not their problem & that I should tell my friends to call their phone carriers to update their info!!! Obviously, SD Joyner had the phone/SIM card before me & TRACFONE did not even offer a new phone or SIM card. What a crock of ****! Tech support is horrendous

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  • Da
      Apr 15, 2011

    Same issue and same response from Tracfone support! My issue goes much farther as I was getting calls from bill collectors looking for the person listed on the caller ID. I would get voice mail messages demanding a call back. At one point I had over 200 calls and messages. When I attempted to make a call many times the voice mail would sound and interupt my call. Many times the call would get dropped. When I would call back they would not believe me noting I was the person they were looking for as that persons name came up on their caller ID. The do not call list didn't help nor did a new Tracfone number and a second do not call list assignment. The final straw was when these bill collectors somehow obtained my personal land based phone number and began calling on that. I alerted Tracfone and I was advised that there was no way someone could access my account information. I noted that perhaps their security isn't as tight as they thought it was. I stand by my story. They noted they would or could not do anything about it other than to give me another new (third) phone number. I am afraid to do this as what next will a Mob loan shark get my address a come to break my leg!! I am through with Tracfone and want to warn other customers to watch out as it appears that dishonest people may be getting Tracfones and honest people end up with the numbers and getting harrassed.

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  • Am
      Feb 03, 2019

    Got a new SIMs card and after asking repeatley to keep my old number I get a different number. So ok no problem but it is showing a name of Jose Reyes!!! What gives??? And talking to anyone at Tracfone is a joke!!!

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