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I've been using Tracfone since July '08 with the Motorola C139. To be fair up until now the service has been fairly decent with no big issues. That is until spending over two hours on the phone with customer service today (29-Apr-09)trying to finally get my minutes I purchased online to post on the phone. About a week ago, online I purchased the 450 minute/90day extension for $79.99 + 90 minutes extra minutes for $15 more ($5 for 30 minutes and $10 for 60). That and with the double minutes for life I originally installed on the phone SHOULD have given me 1080 total minutes (450 + 90 = 540 X 2= 1080) additional minutes. Well the minutes never posted but according to their customer service reps and hours of troubleshooting, since my expiration date has been extended 90days the minutes MUST have been added. We then went back and forth trying to see if I in fact have used the 1000 minutes since I originally added them a week ago. I barely use more than 100 minutes a month. And now the only way I can actually get the detailed call logs for the two week time frame for this is to mail or fax an official one time only exception they've allow (just for me magically) that's (subpoena official or whatever) to their records custodian and I should get this within 30days. I'm continuing to fight this in any and every way I can since who would pay nearly $100 for no service actually being added. It's like being robbed and then being accused of being the robber. But if those call logs clearly show that I didn't even make 10 minutes worth of calls during that period then I'm definitely going after Tracfone. Hard. Consumer complaints would be the minimum. If anyone else is having these same problems call and demand your call logs to verify where your actual minutes have gone and if they were in fact even added or used. It should take within 30 days for them to mail it or you could use fax. They don't know what the internet is. I'm already looking into other carriers like T-mobile and Verizon and to remember that you do in fact get what you pay for.


  • An
    AnotherJoan Feb 23, 2010

    Uhhh? I don't know. When did this happen to you? I just added minutes last week. A fluke perhaps? Yes, it's annoying, but you said you'd had your Tracfone from mid 2008 and didn't have a problem til now. I got Tracfone because I don't use that many minutes too and it's a good value if you don't, so I'd like to hold on to mine. I mean, not that I don't sympathize, but I haven't had a bad experience yet. If you ever set up a complaint board against Dish Network then I'll have something to say. A LOT to say. Talking about a rip off.

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  • Jo
    JohnnyRockets99 Feb 24, 2010

    Wow this complaint caught me completely off guard. I've had my Tracfone for a few months longer than you and still have yet to come across a problem. It must have been some sort of mistake. Tracfone is the best service out there and I feel like I am really getting my entire money's worth. I have friends that use other prepaid plans out there and NONE of them compare to mine. I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad experience, but I still strongly believe that Tracfone is the best deal out there and there must be some sort of explanation.

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  • Kc
    KCGomez83 Feb 24, 2010

    I've had my Straight Talk phone (a Tracfone company) for several months and I have not had any problems so far. In fact, I just added minutes within the last few days and it was a simple process. The whole process was pretty easy beginning when I purchased a phone and a minutes card at Walmart and called to set it up - it took me about 20 minutes that first time with little hassle. I really love the service and have recommended it to friends and while I haven't had my phone as long as you, I had much worse problems with my previous hence why I switched. I have to agree with the previous posters - Tracfone is a very reliable company that offers great deals and I hope this will be a one time problem for you. Consider how you feel about your phone plan before this happened. I hope the problem gets sorted out and this is all prob a terrible clerical mistake.

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  • Ge
    geoff72 Feb 25, 2010

    Hey, I have got a straight talk phone and I did not even know that it was part of Tracfone.
    I have had zero hassles with my Straight talk, and I think it is a great deal. I am surprised to hear of problems with customer service. MY guess is that it is a once off.

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  • Wi
    Wioreman May 11, 2010

    Tracfone is by far the cheapest wireless phone service you can purchase. But, the adage you get what you pay for certainly applies here. Customer service is non existent, if you have to contact them plan on spending hours, and I do mean hours, on the phone going over and over the same story and the same trouble shooting until you call is accidentally dropped, then you can start over again with the next phone call. Getting your minutes wither on line or with Card codes is hit or miss. If you get missed, again plan on spending hours on the phone with customer service and then like as not you will be told the YOU are mistaken, the minutes were added. If I had it to do over again I would not have spent the money to purchase any tracfone products. My recommendation to you is avoid this company at all costs.

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  • Kd
    KD1984 Jun 02, 2010

    Hours? That seems a bit far-fetched.

    They tell you it's your fault? Again, far-fetched.

    Sounds like you had one problem and are taking it out on the entire company and over-generalizing. Why not find out what went wrong and try to avoid it in the future?

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  • Bl
    blues lady Feb 12, 2017

    @KD1984 Last Month I Paid $40 for Tracfone min. on their website and they failed to add the time I paid for . My husband called customer service and went through almost an hour and a half trying to get them to add the time and had to use the time on his phone trying to get mine to work . Thursday I bought $60 worth of time on their website and it is now Sunday and I still only have 6 min. on my phone instead of what I bought . The only way I get time right away is if I go and buy a card ...however the " add Min " app. on my phone has now disappeared . Oh and they took the money out of my checking account too ! I will have to go to another company like T-Mobile or something as I live in a wilderness area of CA and need the phone . I never had any trouble before and had Tracfone for 12 years and bought a new one every 2 years and got this one about 5 months ago . Wonder if they outsourced the company recently ?

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  • Tg
    Tgore Apr 10, 2011

    KD< you obviously don't have your facts straight, do you work for Tracfone? I had the exact problem with Tracfone repeatedly. I have to spend HOURS on the phone with "customer service" to get minutes that I have already paid for online. They lead me through ridiculously complicated "troubleshooting" until the minutes finally appear. I have had to do this EVERY time I've added minutes, no matter if I buy a card or buy them online. FINALLY, after MONTHS of this, I was told by the rep that the phone I bought had a KNOWN manufacturer's defect that was causing this problem. They then told me they would have sent me a replacement phone if my 1 year warranty had not run out, but it was too late since the warranty had run out the month before. I demanded to speak to a manager (which took over 45 minutes to get one on the phone) who told me he would send me a replacement phone. It would "arrive in 3-5 business days". That was 6 WEEKS ago. Since then I have made multiple calls that lasted over 1 HOUR each time...the last was over 2.5 HOURS. They will "follow up" on this "tomorrow". This company is run by liars and cheats. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM TRACPHONE!

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  • No
    NoreeneS Jul 18, 2011

    I have had a miserable time with Tracfone. We purchased two Motorola phones, with 10 minutes on each, and 60 minute cards. Loaded the cards with no problem. But when time ran out and we purchased a 120 minute card, it would not update. After hours on the (landline) phone with Tracfone, they said they must replace phone in 7-10 days. Grr! Phone arrives and still will not update minutes, so they have to overnight a new SIM. More lengthy phone calls and finally that phone works.
    Then I purchased time online last night - guess what - it will not register, must call Tracfone (an hour long ordeal so far), and they must replace the phone in 7-10 days. Two different phone #s, identical phones, same problem though. If there was a problem with these phones, why did they accept the first 60 minute cards without problems? Why when we spend more $ do we end up with these issues and loss of service? I am very, very disappointed, but want to use up what I've paid for before making any switch.
    By contrast, my brother has Platinum Tel and it is so simple to add funds to the phone - it takes seconds and goes smoothly. Guess what service I will switch to at my first opportunity???

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  • Ro
    RodneyHaines Jul 19, 2011

    For the first time since being a Tracfone customer...starting MANY years ago (I was one of the first...), the minutes I bought have not been added. I tried calling. The auto-system said they were too busy...goodbye. I filed a complaint online. An auto-email said it would be investigated in 24 to 48 hours.

    What do you bet the first dumb question they will ask is; "Did you turn your phone off and back on?" (Yes! SEVEN TIMES NOW!) The it will be another 24 to 48 hours before we hear from them again.

    I'll just file an "unauthorized charge" dispute on my MC and soak Tracfone for the money AND chargeback fee.

    How is it that their customer service has gone so far down hill this past decade? And how can they still retain that A+ rating with the BBB after so many complaints that never get resolved????

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  • Sh
    shirley santillan Mar 03, 2016

    I bought a track phone 60 min with a promo code will not add my minutes please help 31778 code phone is 1740 612-2928 help 03-03-2016

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  • Ar
    Arizona senior Jun 03, 2016

    On 10-20-2014 I went online with Tracfone wireless to purchase time and minutes for my Tracfone cell phone. After submitting and paying for the one year service ($110.00) my phone was not credited with the additional time and minutes I bought. I had paid for the purchase with my Mastercard so I went to my Bank online to see if I had been charged for a purchase and saw that I had actually been CHARGED TWICE for the purchase instead of once. I immediately called Tracfone customer service and after over an hour on hold I spoke with the "Floor Manager" who told me that the time and minutes I purchased went to ANOTHER PERSONS phone and account! She said that there was nothing that could be done for me, since I did the transaction online, and that I must have typed in a wrong number and that it was my fault not theirs. She also said there was nothing that she could do about the "DOUBLE CHARGE" on my Credit Card, that I would have to take it up with the Bank. I am appalled! I have been a customer for 14 years with Tracfone and cannot believe they would treat their customers like this.I asked if the original transaction that just took place could be voided and we could start over again.
    She said that could not be done and that I was responsible for the credit card charges even though I did not receive anything for them. I am being charged $220.00 for cell phone service that went to another person. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, sent an e-mail to Tracfone corporate Office Complaint Dept. and will contact my Bank about disputing the charges on my credit card. If there are any other suggestions about what I can do I would appreciate the input. Thank you
    BOTTOM LINE: I have no cell phone service and I am being charged $220.00 for service that went to another persons account!! And Tracfone will not do anything to help get this resolved.

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  • Sh
    ShannonShannon Jun 03, 2016

    I have TracFone and I, too had issues with it. I always get help though from their customer service representatives. You too can email them at [email protected] for resolution. Don't forget to include your name and phone information. I'm pretty sure you will get assistance.

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  • Ch
    Chavez Thomas Nov 16, 2016

    Same here bought 450 mins. Nothing was added. I need my mins or my money back!

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  • Ja
    jason3 Nov 03, 2019

    I just got a Tracfone reload card pin for free! :D

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  • Ke
    Keith15 Dec 04, 2019

    @jason3 How did that happen? I need to get service after paying for one month at WalMart using their phone for purchase. Phone won't send or receive calls.

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