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Toysrus, Fao Schwarz, E-Toys / unfair and unethical pricing

1 United States

I have had an ongoing complaint with Toys R Us business practices for over a year n0w, and it continues to get MUCH worse. Last year TRU bought e-toys, and during the Christmas Shopping season they would have Zhu Zhu pets at a lower price on the TRU website but were alway out of stock. They had them in-stock on the e-toys website but were $5.00 more expensive. When I did order them, the acutal invoice from E-toys said thank you for shopping at Toys R Us!!! I was furious and they did end up giving me a 20% off discount. I thought that they would end that issue, but here we are again this year...

Now Toys R Us bought FAO Schwarz, too!! If you go any of the three different websites, you will find that if an item is "in stock" you can BET that it is only "in stock" in the "store" with the highest price. For example, teacup piggies are a super hot toy this year and they are doing their same crap again. Barbies are another very easy one to spot...if one is on sale, they will be out of stock, but if it is not on sale then they will be in stock on a different website. IT IS THE SAME COMPANY AND THEY ARE SENDING ALL THE ITEMS FROM THE SAME DISTRIBUTION CENTER!! Talk about ripping off the consumer.

Toys R Us has completely scammed America and it is unethical on how they do business. I would like to have someone help me with addressing this issue. How can they be allowed to do this???? It is fraud!!

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