Toys r us / your employers

I'm so disappointed in how my daughter (who is an employee) was treated and talked to while shopping at Toys r us off on a day she was not working. She is on my charge card account and they gave her so much hassle and embarrassed her its sad! I'm extremely upset and how the HR handled it is beyond disappointment! And when I called the store to find out the problem the HR Lisa at toys r us in Mishawaka started talking to me about my daughter and how unprofessional she is rather then my charge card account!! I'm extremely ticked off about that, and now my daughter just got in trouble when she went to work! This is ridiculous and I'm willing to go further with this. This is harrasment and in called for! She most likely will be quitting and I will be closing my account that I just opened! Please call if you would like to talk about the situation. [protected] Susan kryski

Dec 04, 2016

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