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I have been trying to purchase a Monster High Cruiser bike for a month or so for my daughter for Christmas. Unfortunately, it is sold exclusively at Toys R Us. It is manufactured by Dynacraft and I will be sending them a letter regarding my experience so they are aware who they are choosing to do exclusive business with and their daily practices. I've stopped by a couple of the stores near my house, checked status online daily, and called many stores on they day their receive their trucks. No one is able to tell me if they will even be getting more in or if it is simply a discontinued item. They don't know what's on their truck, and not even customer service can tell me if they are even planning to stock this item. While all of that is quite frustrating, it's typical business at Toys R Us which is why I do not shop there unless it is my only choice for me selected item.

Friday, December 9th, I called a few of the stores here in Phoenix that had previously said they'd have a truck in the night before. I called the Tatum store and they said that while they did not have it the computer showed the Bell Rd. and 2nd St. store had one. (Store number 5644) I spoke to a woman on the phone that said yes, the computer showed they had one, hold please and she would verify. 20 minutes (and 3 different people checking to see what I was holding for) later she came back on and said yes, we have it. This was around 12:30 PM. I asked her if she would be able to hold it for me until around 5:30, even offering to provide my credit card number. She set down the phone without putting it on hold to ask the manager. He gave her a 2 minute speach on why they could not hold it for me (not nicely, must not have realized I could hear) and she came back and said no, it's first come, first serve. While this is frustrating, it is retail life and I can live with store policy. I called a few friends near that area and was able to locate one that agreed to go purchase the bike for me.

He arrived at the store around 3:30 PM. Spoke to the clerk in the bike area who went back to find the bike. He kept coming back to get the tag number and going to the back. 30 minutes later and my friend started wandering to the front of the store to find someone else to see what is going on. Low and behold he stumbles upon the gentlemen helping him. The man, laughing over the mistake, says "sorry man, I got busy with something else and forgot, lemme go check again". Thus passes another 15 - 20 minutes. Finally he comes back to say the manager is looking, he can't find it. My friend proceeds to the front of the store and an hour and half after arrival at the store they state they cannot find the bike, it's in the computer but not on the floor. Sandra (the assistant manager) and a gentleman not wearing a nametage but acting as the store manager do not offer any type of apology. Not for the wasted time, not for the forgetfulness of the first employee (or his attitude in thinking that his lack of customer service is funny). My friend points out that I had called - asking if they sold it that quickly. The manager states, and I quote, "your friend obviously called another store who checked our inventory, she should have called us, we are not responsible for your wasted time or gas money to get here since we did not tell you we had it". (flash back to my 20 minute phone call and refusal to hold the bike earlier, my work phone records verify via my call out records that I did in fact dial the correct store phone number and spend over 21 minutes on that call).

Not only do I now not have the bike my daughter wants (which no one can still tell me if or EVER it will again be available). I have personally wasted my time in calling this store AND a favor with a friend. It should have been simply but now I have wasted 2 hours of his time, plus the cost of driving to the store.

While I understand that all of this is the risk you take when you want to purchase an item that is obviously in short supply, but the infuriating thing in this case was the attitude of the employees at this store. A simple apology and even a veiled attempt at sympathy and abashment would have gone a long way to soothe some feathers. Since that could not be offered to myself, or my friend, I will post my complaint publicly so that others can be spared my frustrations in their shopping experiences.

I would like an apology from the Bell Rd. store manager to both myself and my friend for not only our wasted time but for the attitude of implying that we or I was in any way responsible for this fiasco. We did everything in our control to make this as easy for both us and the store clerks. I would also like Toys R Us to tell me when this bike will be available for purchase so that I can make the decision to wait or purchase a different bike for my daughter.

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  • Te
      Aug 07, 2013

    I was at toys r us in new York time sq a salesperson name tiffani McGhee was on cell phone on floor .ask for help but said she was on phone. you have people like that working for you.

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  • Te
      Aug 07, 2013

    don't go to toys r us in new York time sq worker tiffani McGhee was on cell phone on floor. I ask for help she said she was on phone. she was load about her boyfriend.she was talking about her kids in a bad way. you have workers like that around kids

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  • Ha
      Sep 04, 2013

    Why do you think it's the responsibility of Toys R Us to keep track of kid's toys that they've left in the store? How do you know that a parent didn't come by and pick it up, or another child steal it from the store? It is NOT the responsibility for any employee to check for left items on shelves or aisles.

    I work at a large home improvement retailer. People come in all the time in a panic because they've lost their expensive cell phones or you think that we should reimburse them for it? It's a courtesy to have a lost and found, not a mandatory thing. People will steal things all the time, doesn't mean it's an employee.

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