Toyotatoyota sienna van/sliding rear door

Recently, I was in Chicago and my van was parked in a parking space outside my niece's home and I went to use my key fob to open the rear driver side sliding door and I heard a loud, weird noise and my door stopped opening mid-way. From the looks of it, the cable snapped or something and the door can no longer be opened or closed using the key fob. It also can't be opened very wide by hand and is essentially useless at this point.

My van isn't even paid off and Toyota is telling me that sliding doors might not work for the duration of my van's life. That is absurd and a definite flaw in the way the van door was made. Furthermore, I am thankful my grandson or dogs were not exiting the vehicle when the cable snapped. This could have been a dangerous situation.

Dec 10, 2018

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