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Broadway Motors sold a 2006 Toyota RAV4 to Sara Renee Runyon, a single woman in her 20's. Without knowledge about the car's condition, she inquired about its transmission and engine. Jeff Woelfle of Broadway Motors told her he would take it to All American Auto Repair in Longmont, since they were 'authorized' in Toyota repairs and inspections. My client was not allowed to go to All American Motors or talk to the person, Mark Ward, who looked at the car. Mr. Ward indicated only in a written document (Multi-Point Inspection Check List" that the transmission fluid was "dark." Ms. Runyon asked what that meant since she could not talk to Mr. Ward. Mr. Woelfle assured her nothing was wrong and "dark" fluid was common. Mr. Ward later stated that he got a lot of business from Broadway Motors and didn't want to create problems. Shortly, after the purchase of the car (within a few weeks), as-is, by Ms. Runyon, its transmission failed, costing her several thousands of dollars to get a new one from Lee Myles Auto in Longmont.
It's clear that there was a suspicion of a transmission problem, but Mr. Woefle and Mr. Ward should have done more to determine a problem than just tell her many cars had dark fluid. Mr. Runyon feels manipulated by not being allowed to speak with or even question Mr. Ward. Jerry Morrison, owner of Broadway Motors, indicated he had talked with Mr. Ward and they were "okay" between them on the transaction and refused to help pay for a new transmission. They tried to blame the problem on Lee Myles Auto, which they said wasn't authorized to work on Toyota automobiles. They also indicated they never did anything but review the paperwork on the car, never actually checked the transmission even after a suspicion of dark fluid would indicate a possible problem that would require more investigation.
In short, Broadway Motors and All American Auto conspired to not tell Ms. Runyon there might be a problem, took advantage of her in not allowing her to speak to Mark Ward at all, and then refused to take any blame. Selling as-is when there is fraud in wrong. They should not hide behind the Toyota name and their servicing authority on Toyota cars to cheat Ms. Runyon. At the least, they should reimburse her $600 each for the new transmission. Certainly, as-is means a car could fail without recourse to the buyer, BUT HERE there was a noted problem of a transmission issue, and she was not told the truth nor even allowed to inquire about the truth or asking for more investigation into the transmission. That is wrong.

Ms. Runyon asks Toyota to warn and sanction both Broadway Motors and All American Auto Repair to never do that again to anyone, particularly young women who relied on their manipulative techniques to sell her a car they should have known had a serious problem.

Nov 29, 2017
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      Nov 30, 2017

    I don't know there would be any absolute indication there would have been a problem. Ultimately, she should have taken the car to her own mechanic and allow him/her to make the determination. Unfortunately that didn't happen and no reason to reprimand anyone over the situation.

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