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Toyota of Amherst / no investigation

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This is regarding the EEOC Cleveland Field Office�s inability to investigate a claim properly and do the job of actually looking out for people like me that were blatantly discriminated against.

Here's a recap;

I told my employer Bob Fisher I was pregnant in July 06, whereby he told me I was a pain in the neck and that he already took a risk hiring me since I was honest in hiring that the only reason I had a year lapse in employment the previous year was because of cancer and chemo but that I have a free bill of health now.

Then July 12th I gave Mr. Fisher a letter from my doctor stating I was to go on bedrest and that I was a high risk pregnancy. Being after 15 years of marriage and already having an ovary removed the previous year I didn't won't to jeopardize the chance of loosing my possibly only one shot at a kid.

Sure enough in August he told me he no longer needed me� in essence letting me go so I told him I was letting the EEOC know of this.

So I sent a letter to the EEOC and they responded they would let me know when they started the investigation...

Then Premier Toyotas owner Bob Fisher retorted that I can come back only with a doctors release to return to work. I concurred letting him know my due date was October 24th.

As everyone knows you go for your two week check-up after the pregnancy in which I did� then I sent him the letter from my doctor that I could return to work via fax and I have the confirmation page to prove it.

Premier responded with a certified letter to come in for a meeting to discuss coming back.

Before I could even go to the meeting in November I got a letter from the EEOC that they saw no reason to further the investigation because I never went back for my job.

Not only do I have a letter to go to the meeting but I recorded it on tape to cover my ###� little good it did since to this day no one at the EEOC did anything to help.

Coincidentally at this meeting I was not offered my job back or a comparable one or even salary comparable but I was offered a car sales position in which case I had to sell 15 cars a month or I was fired� I have never sold anything so how was I expected to do such a position, it was a blatant job offer to get rid of me!

Then I had to go on welfare even though I sent copies of 24 weeks of paystubs with Premier because Premier Toyota only paid in for 15 of those weeks. Being a new dealership gets them off the hook I guess.

Maybe the EEOC thinks they did their job but I feel otherwise so no matter what proof you have it isn't enough if the agency your using doesn't do their job.

I'm too poor to sue Premier but itleast you know my story and will take heed in dealing with the EEOC and Premier Toyota of Amherst.

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      16th of Jul, 2011
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    BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! I took my lexus there for a simple repair (sensor). The guy that checked my car into service told me "Nice Car" they called me at home to tell me that the part would take a couple of days to get. I should have went back and got my car. It took ten days. When I went back to get my car the same guy that said nice car to me ten days earlier, looked at me with a smurk and walked away grinning and shaking his head. I stepped to the service counter and announced that I was there to pick up my Lexus. He handed me the keys and said we brought it to the side of the building. When I offered to pay he said go out and test drive it first (wierd) never had that happen before. I went out and my car wasnt there. I went back in and told him that he was mistaken. He said oh it must be in the back. They sent someone to retrieve it. The guy came back and whispered to the manager and they both left out. 15 minutes later they came in and annouced that they couldnt find my car. they wanted me to call the police, I insisted that they call the police instead. Of course they refused. I called and then went and filed a report and asked to speak with the owner but of course he was busy. I called for 3 days and could not speak with the owner and he wouldnt return my calls. I finally got the owners personal cell phone number from a friend and called him. He was upset that I called his personal number and demanded that I tell him who gave it to me. I refused and we then began to discuss the theft of my lexus. He refused to let me come back up there to show him which employee laughed at me when i came to pick my car up. He refused to pay for my car and told me that I should file it on my insurance. WOW! He then told me that I was being childish when I demanded that he replace or pay for my car. He offered to sell me a new car and after I refused He then told me to never step foot back into his dealership and never to call again and that he would sue me for slander if I told anyone this story! My car was recovered in Cleveland, NO BROKEN GLASS but Stripped to nothing...When my insurance co. called Premier toyota in AMHERST, Oh. to inquire about my car..the service manager responded "which stolen car" WHICH???? sounds to me like this has happended before. my Insurance co. gave me a check for the value but I lost $11k in the deal because of the custom stereo, custom wheels, navigation, PS3 and 3 tvs that was in the car. I was depressed for a long time over my car, I bought that Lexus off the show room floor it was a rare Platnum edition. I could not believe how insensitive they were and I will always believe that This was an INSIDE JOB!

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