Toyota Motor Corporation Liberty Toyota in Burlington NJa female that schedules appointments named carol in the service department.

I called the service department on December 8 at approximately 10:00am in the morning to schedule an appointment for my son‘s vehicle that was having steering issues . This rude person was insistent that I give her my son's telephone number to look up the car and he had never been there before so I said she could put it under my name. When I gave her his number, of course he wasn't in the system so she had to make up a new account anyway and I told her to put it under my name but she had an attitude and doing so.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Burlington, NJ This person kept cutting me off with the spelling of my name, was short and rude with answers and frankly doesn't deserve a job where she's working with customers on any level! When she asked what the problem was and I explained to her what was wrong with the car she said "you could've just told me your car needed a check up!" I have had a Toyota since 2007 and never EVER had a more rude representative of the company! This kind of attitude makes people want to go elsewhere for service! I would implore you to get someone else to answer the phones and to schedule service/maintenance appointments for vehicles! She is just not the right person for the job or any job that represents your company!!!

Dec 08, 2018

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