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Toyota Motor Corporation / keith peirson toyota (sales man doc)

1 Orange Park, FL, United States

About one year ago I moved from Southern California to north Florida and traded in my Scion tC and financed a Toyota 86. I had the sales man "Doc" who financed me at 3.9% because I qualified for the loyalty program. I had recently moved and started a new job so I didn't have work history to show or a high income yet he told me it was totally fine and got me in that 86. I turned my previous Scion into a Lexus dealership and drove my new car home from that day on I had nothing but problems. First problem was doc called me and asked me to drive down and he just needed a copy of a pay stub and not to worry they can't change my contract. So I drove an hour to the dealership on my one day off and gave his copies he said not to worry about my income because they can't change my contract. I drove home. A week later they called me back saying they had a "glitch" in the computer and they need me to come sign one more thing so I drove back again. When I got there they sent me back to finance well he takes my pay stubs comes back and say Toyota will not finance you and you have to do a lease. If I still had my Scion at the point I would have gave that car back and walked out. I did not want to do another lease. I felt I had no choice and had to sign the lease I didn't know what else to do. I knew by doing a lease I had to be under a certain mileage every year and so forth. I drive an hour to work daily so I know that I will be paying for that in the end. I was already pretty upset at that point and completely felt that Doc had lied to me just to make that sale even through he knew they wouldn't finance me. I took the lease and went home. The second problem was minor but still a problem my paper tags were over due and I was waiting on a call from Toyota to pick up my plates they did have my plates and they had my experation date wrong on my paper tags so I drove around for almost a month with expired tags. At that point I knew I would never go back there or even want another Toyota since my experience was so bad but it gets worse. A few months in to having the car I get a call from Toyota finance for my miles being over and minor damage to my Scion tC which I was expecting so not big deal right, wrong they told me I owed over a 1000 dollars in three days or my car was going to auction and the remainder will go on my credit. I was panicking at that point I asked what is this money for and he said the dealership Keith peirson did not pay off the last three months of your Scion so it is my responsibility to pay this and I had three days no aceptions because it was going to auction. I called Doc right away and asked him if he remembered writing the pay off amount on a check right in front of me and he said yes don't worry I took care of that. By that point I was done dealing with Doc because obviously he did not mail it to the right place or it got lost in the mail. I drove down again to Keith peirson to speak with doc in person, I had my boyfriend with me for support because I already had got myself into a bad situation with everything on the new car so maybe my boyfriend could help me understand better. We go into docs office to figure everything out. Doc was trying to explain to us how this check was sent to me. I said what do you mean it was sent to me no one ever told me that I was expecting a check from Toyota and I had to pay off my scion??? I explained I never received a check and that even if I had I wouldn't have known why and that doc was supposed to take care of that. He started saying that he did his part and it wasn't his fault and he's just the sales person. My boyfriend politely said well now we are in this situation what do we do from this point forward because we have one day left till my Scion went to auction. Doc raised his voice and said very rudely that this isn't any of your business I'm speaking with Tanya. I couldn't believe from such a professional looking dealership that there was confrontation between this sales guy and my boyfriend. At that point we got up and left doc had done nothing to help the problem be solved all he did was say it wasn't his fault. We went back to the finance department and spoke with a very nice lady who listened and totally agreed the situation was not my fault. She over nighted a check from Toyota to the Toyota finance that I was paying off my Scion at and took care of the problem for me. After we left that day I never went back to that dealership again, I won't even get my oil changed there I hate it so much. I have told numerous people my story and have heard so many other complaints andout that dealership as well. I feel that since I walked in there alone being a yound women I was completely taken adavantage of. I pay 512.00 a month and am stuck in a lease that I know I'm exceeding my mileage. Everyday I drive to work I stress and think about it. I will not go back there when it comes time to trade in this car also my screw was broken on my lisence plate the day I bought my car they had about 3 guys out there trying to fix it infront of me and scrating the back with their tools which they never fixed. Completely unprofessional and because I hated the dealership so much it's still broken to this day almost a year later. I will always tell anyone my story so hopefully they don't have to go through it as well and make sure they do not go to Keith peirson Toyota.

Oct 15, 2018

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