Toyota-Innova / paint problem

Re-sent / Urgent reply
Dear sir,
Vehicle No. : HR 26 AD 2652 (Innova)
Ref No. : TKMMAIM10A111922 Dt: 08.04.2010.

We met Mr. Rajeev Budhiraja, from (HCR dept.) they do agree there is some problem in the paint on bonet of our car.
They are for ready to do repaint and charging Rs 3500/- .we like Toyota personal intervene and solve this problem to repaint without any charge/ complementary.
Since we did made the payment in bill & with no fault of our this is happening there for we should not be penalize again to pay for repaint.
Your earliest action shall be appreciated.

Best Regards
Sandeep Mithal
(Managing Director)

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