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Toyota Motors / Toyota Krungtep Yontdont buy toyota even in your dreams!

Dear Friends, I have a very bad experience with TOYOTA KRUNGTEP YONT and the TOYOTA MOTORS THEMSELF.

The experience of this is torturous and I would like to suggest you all to be careful when you buy your next car and in any case avoid this brand because you will be buying thousands of problem with it. Please read the attachment and also note that even TOYOTA MOTOR JAPAN the mother company also refused to take up the case as we had send them the complaint letter by registered post and we have acknowledgment from them. SO YOU CAN VERY WELL IMAGINE THE KIND OF SERVICE YOU WILL GET.

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    Toyota Collision Center of Escondidopoor service!

    Approximately one month ago I went to Toyota Collision Center of Escondido located at 559 South Pine Street Escondido, CA 92025, they needed to fix small bump on my almost new Toyota Camry. Insurance agreed on the price and Toyota agreed to repair it, so I got quick estimate that job will be done in between one and two weeks (verbally and in writing). That was acceptable especially with low rate car rental that Toyota had at that time. Six days later I decided to call them to see if I may be lucky with only one week of waiting. On my huge surprise assistant told me that they did not even start working on my car and the reason was that... apparently they were unable to contact anyone at my insurance company (21 Century). I called insurance company immediately, and representative told me that no one ever called and he offer to transfer repair check immediately wherever I like to... and it did happen that way. That all telling me that no one for real contacted anyone, or if they did it was not completely and professionally finished business, Toyota people was lying.

    Another proof is, why they did not call me telling me that something was going on”. Looks like Toyota office people including manager is more concerned about playing PC games and browsing web, at list that what I saw in few short visits to the office. After sending one complain email and talking to manager I sensed just a another bureaucrat, who likes to iron everything up by being “politically correct” also he kind of “complained” to me that my complain email went to his manager (??????) and he arrogantly agree that he is still going to fix my car making the situation psychologically, on how good guy he was and how bad I am, not to mention that he arrogantly added “we still need to order parts for your car which will take another few days” Interesting how some people just disrespect your money, and they turn everything in to the big favor they giving to you, there were nothing about me paying for something that Toyota was excepted to do, it was more like Toyota is giving me the biggest favor ever. Stupidity arrogance and some misrepresentation of corporate power and big company name beside were unacceptable. NO ONE HAVE RIGHT TO HOLD MY CAR FOR 10 DAYS, THEN DO NOTHING AND MAKE ME TO PAY CAR RENTAL FOR ITS OWN STUPIDITY AND LAZINESS. Considering that manager was totally out of reality with extremely low IQ to reason on the same level, I complained several times by email and left voice mails to general manager. No one ever responded, then I complained to BBB San Diego case # [protected]. Toyota finally responded with again very arrogant and unprofessional statement. Beside regular story they also added, that I did not have an appointment (you see how guilty I am) I just walked in??? Then as they claim, specific person in 21st century never responded (to the royalty of Toyota), also they stated that I am not welcome any more in Toyota Collision Center / Escondido, It appears to me that they do not like foreigners who have brains to think and process basic information, typically and generally we foreigners should be stupid and let Toyota management manipulate us in any way, NOT THIS TIME TOYOTA. Let me ask you something... Does anyone think that I will go back to them to give me another TOYOTA favor? Hopefully this complains will help honest working people to make proper decision about where to repair they car. I was not intimidated by Toyota management and I won my case, they pay for my car rental, at list part of it... NEVER AGAIN TOYOTA COLLISION CENTER OF ESCONDIDO.

    I fought for Toyota to pay my car rental, the damages are more moral, Toyota Collision Center of Escondido having a prejudicial problem, of not being able to accept that "dumb" foreigner arguing for its rights, so looks like I hurt someone’s fillings...

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      • Jo
        john s Jun 14, 2008
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        It sounds to me like you do not understand the complexity of having abutbody repairs done to your vehicle, and approached the situation defensively minded because of that fact that you feel not-accepted
        because you are forigen...
        1. if your insurance company is paying for the repairs they have to view and appraise the vehicle damages before the repairs can begin...

        just because you got an estimate from the facility and dropped off the vehicle to have the repairs done does not mean they can repair the vehicle unless you are willing to pay the cost of the repairs especially if uppon dissasembly requires addtional parts or labor which increases the cost of the repairs, which when you sign the repair order, YOU are responsible for.
        in simple terms, if this occurs and the insurance isnt notified and does not approve the additional items, you have to pay for it.
        If anything, they were protecting your interests and exposure in an event
        that the insurance company did not authorize or agree with the ammount of the repairs.

        2. as a person with a self-proclaimed high IQ, you should understand that any service based bussiness does not make any money untill the services are rendered.

        with that being said, what is the benafit to the facility of your vehicle sitting there and not being worked on,
        it cost them much more expense and inconvience then the 20 or 30 dollars a day you are spending on your rental car.
        moving the car. storing the car,
        not to mention the fact that the battery might die from not being driven ona a daily basis,
        which you will blame them for, even tho its in no way, shape or form their fault.

        3. it looks like they followed protocol, and upon your lack of understanding of the situation, made every attempt in a profesional manner to explain the situation, and expedite the process, which in return you took for arogance.

        can you really blame them for asking you not to come back?
        how would you feel if someone with no comprehension for what you do or what it takes to do your job, complained to your boss that you werent doing your job?
        i as a buissness person would decline to deal with too.

        4.please have a general undertanding of the english language, reading, writing, and conjugating your sentences before you go proclaiming to
        'have brains to think and process basic information'
        and make absurd post on the internet degrading people whos jobs it is to provide you with a service.

        your lack of understanding and reasoning was the direct cause of this situation.

        -1 Votes
      • Jo
        Jon A. Jan 07, 2009

        My view is the same as what John S. wrote about Mr. Pasic. The customer has other issues and does not understand. He refused to be edjucated! It appears that Mr. Pasic may always have issues. Poor guy!

        -2 Votes
      • Jh
        J. Hamano May 28, 2009

        Actually I agree with Jacks comments; Toyota Collision Center of Escondido is horrible place, with very disrespectful and arrogant employees. You should understand the meaning of your own language before you post comments explaining how something should be, and not accept how it is. With all do respect I do not think that your explanation have anything to do with subject of Jacks complain. Looks like very personal comment... It is not important that he speak with accent. Jack was brave in off to post this comment and warn other people about problem that my family also experienced with same company. Even if my insurance with out any doubt approved installation of new parts (We checked many times). Toyota installed “after market used parts” in my car. Explanation was that in time of this economy I should be happy that my car is fixed with any parts. And they hold my car for 15 days.
        Jon A. and John S. You are obviously associated with Toyota in some way and you are protecting Toyotas interests by creating untrue prejudicial statements. Shame on you!

        1 Votes
      • Re
        RealityBites May 29, 2009

        John S..and JonA... Seems to me you are completely clueless as to how a business is run. Maybe just clueless in general.
        Obviously you are trash trolls with a poor grasp of both the English language and rational thought
        Don't correct peoples spelling when you are equally clueless as to the nuances of the English language.

        The job was approved by the insurance company. $Money$
        You get the money after you do the work... DUH! These ###s kept the car for 6 days and then pull their head out of their nether region and say "Oh we need to order parts" well duh, why didn't you order them six days ago???? Answer: because they are incompetent.. Simple answer.

        This has nothing to do with race or nationality it has to do with an incompetent business unable to perform promised services.

        1 Votes
      • Ma
        Malcolm2 Sep 03, 2011

        If you care about your car then Collision Repairs Require Patience!

        I recently had my 2008 Camry Hybrid Dark Blue repaired after an accident - The Toyota Escondido Collission Center did an outstanding job - I could not be happier. Great technicians with no compromise on repair quality, wonderful paint and paint work, use of all the right parts and fasteners tied to my car's J VIN number. What a wonderful facility as far as doing the job right! Great Technicians, office staff and a wonderful Manager that makes it all happen!

        0 Votes

      Toyotapoor quality product!

      Toyota is really taking its customers in the middle east for a ride. It produces a single owner's manual for all its Models. So Toyota Prado of all shades and sizes will all be described in the similar manual and if the owner does not understand it he will have to keep guessing which features are available in the car or not available.

      Toyota is selling its 6 Cylinder Prado in the middle east for $ 36000 without Any stability or traction control. Most of the dealers in the middle east are staffed by under trained staff or deliberately fudge on features or safety elements.

      Even after setting one back by $36K, the car comes with only 2 airbags and poor brakes. All the features of the car available to customers in Europe and Australia are not available to customers in the middle east. All you see is dozens of closed buttons with no use (reserved for features which were not given to customer's in the middle east).

      Any car from the competition is available at 75% of the price of Toyota is Curtain Airbags and Stability and Traction control Programs. Toyota is truly fleecing its customers with a VERY HIGH PRICE AND VERY POOR PRODUCTS AND SPECIFICATIONS.

      Since the awareness about cars and independent test rides and critiques are few and far between, Toyota is profiting at the cost and life of the customers in the middle east.

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        • Jo
          Joe Mok Sep 19, 2007
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          First let me say that I have been a steady buyer of Toyota Camry for the past twenty years. However, my most recent purchase has been a great disappointment and a real lemon. My 2002 Camry started to consume oil at the rate of approximately one quart per 1000 miles. I did most of my servicing at Toyota dealership and therefore took it in for an oil consumption test. It was verified that there was no external leakage. I was further informed that this rate of oil consumption is normal and within the specification of Toyota engine specification. I like to note that all my previous Camry did not have this kind of problem, including those with extremely high mileage. My experience led me to believe that the quality of Toyota Camry may have gone down hill big time recently and currently living off it past fine reputation.

          This kind of oil consumption (by design) also makes a mockery of the public web statement of Mr. Fujio Cho, Chairman of the the Toyota Corporation, on using "advanced environmental technologies" in their cars...yes, it is so advanced that it burns oil at the rate of one quart per 1000 miles and then pumps the burnt oil products into the air we breathe. Thank you very much, Mr. Cho.

          Based on my recent experience with Toyota Camry, I will never buy a Toyota again. I am sharing my experience with all potential car buyers so they can make smart decision when it comes to Toyota cars!!!

          0 Votes
        • Ch
          Chumley Smithers Sep 19, 2007
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          If the car was 5 years old when you bought it, how can you automatically blame Toyota? It was in someone else's possession for 5 years; talk to them.

          0 Votes
        • Ri
          rickmaersf16 Jan 05, 2012

          toyota cars in saudi arabia all damaged and expensive.
          toyota land cruiser 200 VXR price Saudi riyals 296000.00 saudi specs and Saudi riyals 326000.00 GCC specs, it is from Toyota factory in Philippines. compare it with land rover 4 2011 price saudi riyals 294000.00 V8 HSE and specs same as Lexus LX570.
          saudi arabia vendor just collect money even from rich people but when they discover misquality and disfunction direct sell it and transfer to european cars. and small consumer has korean & american cars the best choice. american cars imported to our market with american specs and no problems. look after your industry or transfer it to Vietnam all car makers pass you in world market. don, t waste your time. vendors in Saudi Arabia failures. he is Alabtullatif jameel co. his prices high in cash and installment comparable with other cars vendors .

          0 Votes
        • Sa
          saleem ullah Nov 12, 2012
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer


          0 Votes

        Kent Brown Toyotarefused to service my car

        Kent Brown Toyota
        951 County Route 64
        Elmira, NY 14903

        I purchased by 1st Toyota from Kent Brown in 1999 and had all my service done there. Last year I was looking for a newer car and was unable to find another car with the mileage that I wanted at Kent Brown, so I began to look at other dealerships. I found a car at another dealership.

        I called yesterday for an appointment to get the oil changed and got an appointment for 3:00 o'clock on Aug 4, 2007. When I got there and waited for them to take all the information off from my car and they saw that I had bought it at another dealership they refused to service my car even though I had an appointment.

        I was a good customer for seven years keeping all the maintenance up on my car when ever it needed and was required. My understanding that when you buy a car, you should be able to get it serviced at any Toyota dealership.

        The dealership is the closest one to my home which is 50 miles away.

        Joan Hart

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          Toyota AAA Delership - Qatarno service and repairs

          Toyota dealership in Qatar is a living shame. It is in complete contradiction to anything Toyota Stands for and claims in its adverting. Here is my letter to the General Mangaer of its dealership in Qatar.

          Vehicle: Toyota Fortuner 2006 GX
          Reference: Car Reg. No: Number Withheld
          Job Card No: Number Withheld
          File No: Number Witheld.

          My car had a minor accident in the month of May. On 3rd of June I presented the Insurance file No and all the police Papers to the Body Shop workshop. Prima facie I was told come after a month. I went to the incharge Mr. Mohd Ameen and request for an early date. As a favor I was asked to come back on 19th June. Since then the car is in the body shop.

          Every third day the service advisor Mr. Badran promises me the car will be delivered in 2 more days. Call me after 2 days etc etc. Finally even the mobile phone No. 5573992 is usually picked after 10 rings in half an hour.

          Now after 10 days I am told today that it will be delivered next week. I requested Mr. Ameen to help me in this. He (as a habit of AAB) as asked me to call back after one hour. After 5 rings today he has not picked up the phone.

          I want to get my vehicle. I am frustrated with the ownership experience of toyota. Note that i have come here from uae and al-futtaim has exemplary service. I would even hesitate a comparision.

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            • Sh
              Shajahan Mar 16, 2008
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              My car had an accident and went to the Al futtaim body shop on 09/03/2008 after completing my insurance thinks. The front office guy registered my card in his computer for repair and I was toled that give call on next week. Today 16/02/2008 morining onwards I am callign on Body shope No. [protected] they simply disconnecting the line and nobody answering my call.

              0 Votes
            • Mo
              Mohammed Shakeel Nov 05, 2008
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              AL futtaim has a worst service in Dubai. I got my car after 2 months and 10 days and atleast your service agent is picking up your calls! Here even that is missing!

              And after I got my car back, it looks like it has come from Rub-Al-Khali!

              AL futtaim has a shabby service in Dubai!

              0 Votes
            • Gr
              grr Feb 17, 2009

              Al futtaim is giving the excellent service in dubai...in a very professional way itself...i was dealing with alfuttiam for the last so many years and i never felt such kind of experiences...

              0 Votes

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            Carson City Toyotacar dealer stole our money!

            Carson City Toyota
            3659 South Carson St.
            Carson City, NV 89701
            Phone [protected]
            Fax: [protected]
            info AT carsoncitytoyota.com

            We visited Carson City Toyota to buy a SUV. The dealer did not have the color and model we wanted and the dealer told us that they would get us one in three weeks plus. We signed a purchase order on 06/05. The dealer wanted us to put a $ 1000 deposit as good faith. The sales person told us that they are going to hold the check and will not be cashed until they get us the car.

            The check was cashed on 06/08/07 and my finances were messed up. I called the dealer on 6/8/07 and asked him to refund the money. He promised to mail me a check back as soon as the check clears the dealer account. I called him again on 06/11/07 and the dealer told me that I should have a check by Friday 06/15/07. I also told him that we are not buying the car from his dealership because he lied to us.

            On 06/12 I get a call from the manager telling me that the car will be in his dealership on 06/15/07 and that I should pick up the car with the check. I told him that we are not buying the car from him anymore. He kept on calling me everyday. Finally I faxed him a letter telling him that we are not going to buy the car from him and that he should refund the money to us.

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              Huntington Toyotabad work and bad service

              Re: Huntington Toyota

              I own a 2000 Toyota Avalon XLS with a mileage of 68,000. I am writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction and frustration regarding the service I received at Huntington Toyota (formally Steven Imports, Inc.). This dealership is located at 1720 Jericho Turnpike, Huntington, NY 11743, tel. [protected].

              On December 7th 2006 I had my remote control for key less entry re-programmed and a new key made at this dealership. In less then one months time both my old and new remote controls are non-operational. This prompted me to again have both my remote controls reprogrammed on January 2nd 2007. Yet again, in less then 2 months time they stopped working. On June 12th 2007 I brought this issue to the Huntington Toyota dealership. I was informed by the Assistant Service Manager that the keyless entry computer is now defective. I was further informed that this computer is not under warranty and that I would have to pay the replacement cost of $813.58 + tax out of my own pocket (for comparison desktop computer cost is now about $600.00).

              The sequence of events is clear, both of my remote controls stopped working only after the old one and the new one had been reprogrammed by a Toyota dealership. It would appear that the work has not been done right. I brought this to the attention of Assistant Service Manager, Mr. Chris Garzone, and asked him if he could assist me in resolving this issue. His response was to inform me that he was not going to “bend over” and eat that amount of money! I was shocked by his response and amazed by the lack of customer service that this dealership has! It is obvious that they really do not care about customer satisfaction (though this is their slogan) and are willing to lose a long time customer, neglecting the profit he brings to the dealership. I rank Toyota vehicles as the best cars in the world and had hoped their customer service would be the same. This is why I am extremely disappointed with this dealership and believe it has tarnished Toyota’s reputation.

              I am asking for your assistance in resolving of this issue.

              Thank you very much for your understanding,

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                • Ex
                  EXTOYOTAREP Aug 04, 2009

                  I am a former employee of Huntington Toyota. After working there for almost three months, I learned this dealerships GM LENNY does not do as he says. He says one thing to the public. Yet, behind closed doors, he tells his staff a whole nother thing. We were encouraged to be dishonest with customer. It was like legal slavery. They treat there crew terribly and use the most foul language. Never have I been called these names before by anyone in y life. Im glad that it was over, only having suffered almost 3 months of hell.

                  0 Votes

                Alderman's Toyota - Rutland,VTbeware of alderman's toyota!

                I had a 2001 Toyota Echo that had a bad power steering motor that was going bad. My car was still under warranty, so I took it to Alderman's Toyota in Rutland Vermont to have the motor replaced.

                Well, the customer service person was trying to make things difficult for me b/c I did not purchase my car from Alderman's but the warranty was good to do business with "any" Toyota dealership - so after an hour they finally started work on my Echo.

                After 2.5 hours later - my car was done, by then my Partner came back from Shear's Honda (which is next door) and found a great deal on a CRV. I said great lets get rid of the Echo, b/c I didn't want to do business with this Toyota dealership in the future, and I wanted a bigger car.

                2 weeks go by, and I get a phone call from Alderman's Toyota stating that my part was in. My mouth dropped. Either the customer service person did not replace the part, and just told me a bold face lie and said he replaced my part, or that he had to order another part which he neglected to tell me when I drove the car off the lot.

                I told the CSR rep at Alderman's Toyota in Rutland Vermont that I had traded the car off 2 weeks ago, and no longer interested in doing business with them again.

                People of Rutland or Vermont, beware of Alderman's Toyota!

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                  Atlantic Toyotastay away from this dealer!

                  I purchased two new vehicles from Atlantic Toyota in Amityville New York and both vehicles had major problems. The Camry's motor seized after 59,000 miles. The cost to repair this was $4,800 which I had to pay. The Sequoia had a broken transmission after 1 week due to bad electronic parts. The dealer fixed this but I was without my new vehicle for 28 days. I recommend that buyers stay away from this dealer.

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                    • No
                      Noel Castro Apr 30, 2009

                      seems Toyota's quality is not as good as it used to be. My 2003 sequoia had the abs braking system go out 1 month past the 36K mile warranty. Expensive repair. Overall it's a nice truck but when something goes bad it is expensive, very expensive. Prior to the ABS system failing I had new brakes installed at my local toyota dealer. Seems like everytime I make a visit they find an issue that was not there or I have problems after leaving the dealership. Conspiracy???

                      0 Votes

                    Toyota Motor Corporation - 2002 Toyota Priusmultiple toyota 2002 prius problems!

                    I have an 2002 Prius. Since we have owned the car we have had a multitude of problems. Those problems include:

                    1) Car has gone through 12 tires in under 90,000 miles. No matter what is adjusted on the car, it eats the tires. This has included one blow out.

                    2) Grounding bracket broke lose and had to have it serviced. Was covered by warranty.
                    The following repairs were all made between 60,000 and 90,000 miles.

                    3) In less than 500 miles after my $300+ 60,000 mile service my fuel pump went out. It took a week to get it back and I had to rent a car since we did not have another. Within 2 days of getting the car back it went out again and had to be replaced. Another long wait and car rental.

                    4)Between 60,000 and 70,000 miles, there were multiple problems with the fuel pump, various related parts and the fuel injectors. I was told the injectors could not be cleaned on a Prius, only replaced. It cost over $600. Corporate Toyota later informed me that the injectors could be cleaned. Other have said they cannot be. It seems Toyota does not know its own vehicles.

                    5) Steering failed while driving down the interstate. Without warning, it became nearly impossible to steer. I have been tracking the steering problems with the Prius. My Prius has had the exact same problem as the others yet Toyota says they corrected the problem before mine was manufactured. I even reported the problem to several dealerships before it went out because it would shake and vibrate, lock up and jerk to the right. This was mainly happening when you first started the car. Toyota could never find the problem. I had to pay $2,200 to fix the problem. The dealership I brought the car to, Beaman toyota, was of no help. The only reason I brought the car to them was because the car broke down next to them.
                    Corporate Toyota looks for the local dealership to vouch for the customers, in other words, to see if you have come in regularly, are a loyal customer etc... Since I had never been there before, they did not vouch for me. I sent corporate Toyota a 30+ page fax of all my service receipts from the different dealerships I have been to. We have moved several times so we have had several dealerships. When we find a good one, we stick with them and we're loyal. we have had all our maintenance done, even oil changes at Toyota. It counted for nothing. Loyalty to Toyota is meaningless. They know that they can replace you with another customer at the drop off a hat.

                    The vehicle was bought to be reliable. Between 60,000 and 90,000 miles alone, the car has required nearly $5,000 in repairs, maintenance and tires. It has financially strained our family. One of the representatives from Toyota, Haven, agreed that our car did not represent what they consider Toyota quality, yet they will do nothing about it.

                    Over the course of ownership, I have dealt with Toyota financing, corporate Toyota and multiple dealerships. I can say they are all lacking.

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                      • Le
                        Les Morris Sep 20, 2008
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        I have a 2007 Prius. On five different occasions, I had a difficult time getting gasoline into the bladder. In fact, I've spent up to twenty minutes pumping gas. Last week, in frustration, I asked the attendent to help. It took him twelve minutes and he pumped two gallons. I took the car twice to Toyota in San Francisco. That service shop had never heard of TSB 0163-08 which is a bulletin of others who have had this same problem. After checking out the car, Toyota in San Francisco said that the problem was with the nozzles at the gas stations and that I should find gas stations with the newest nozzles. Sometimes I have no problem getting the gas in and other times I do. So it's not the nozzle. HELP!!!

                        0 Votes
                      • Bo
                        bonbon001 Sep 02, 2009

                        I had a 2002 prius that i bought at an auto auction! The mileage was a bit high but I figured it was a toyota and it was going to last a loooong time. wrong. I had it 2 months when it started running rough. I took it to toyota for service and they said that the code was saying that it needed possibly a transmission, batteries and other stuff that would cost me $4000 to repair. I got scared of the prius so I bought a kia for $9000 with a trade in of $500! Then I get a letter from Toyota 6 months after this stating that the coding was coming out incorrectly and that if we got a certain code (i can't remember it off hand, but it was the same code) then it was a simple fix and would fix the stalling with a minimal cost! I am livid!! Now I am working to sue toyota at least for the actual trade in allowance I should have been due! which, by the way, in good condition was $5000!!! TEN TIMES WHAT THEY GAVE ME!!

                        0 Votes

                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Montrose Toyota - Akron, Ohiothey treated me like a non-person!

                      We initially went with a sale on e-bay for a Prius 2001 with high mileage for a good price at Montrose Toyota in Akron, OH.

                      We should have gone with our regular dealer Motorcars Toyota on the Heights because they are ethical whereas Montrose is not ethical and treats women like dirt!

                      They sold my husband and I a vehicle that was not road worthy, had over $2,000 of damage to the fuel/hybrid system. I was stuck in the car coming from work and eventually they had to tow the vehicle back to Akron since we live in Cleveland, OH.

                      This was compounded by the fact that the car was never detailed, was just sprayed, and we did not view this as we picked it up at night in the dark. (We previously inspected it during the daylight on a Saturday and test drove it. The only item we could see was that it needed detailed which they promised.) I had three asthma attacks while driving in the car over 48 hours. We contacted the dealer within the first 24 hours and only got the run around at first.

                      Upon returning to the dealership within five days of signing on the used vehicle in order to decide upon a new vehicle to settle the deal, they treated me like a non-person. The owner neither acknowledged my presence or apologized for anything that happened, and he basically treated me as a woman would be treated over in a foreign country, a non-entity.

                      If I lived in Akron, I would drive 100 miles out of my way so as not to go to this dealership! Women are living in a century where women are to be treated as equals not as dirt!

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                        • Li
                          Lisa Jul 21, 2008
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          This dealership were crooks right from the start. I went there and saw a car. I drove it and I loved it. When I decided to buy it there was lots of haggling and we could not come to an agreement. I wasted a check because they wanted to make sure I was serious about dealing. Come on I am already at your lot! The owner was also there at this time. The car salesman couldn't even tell me the interest rate, but he knew that it was included in the monthy payment he was presenting me! They tried to sell me a 2005 Buick Rondevous for less than 14, 000.00 and give me a payment for 339.00 per month with a 75 month term!!! It also had 50K miles on it! I also know the owner's son and that made NO difference! I didn't have any negative equity! I have previously bought 3 cars from Montrose. The first was a 1998 Chevy Blazer with a 5 year lease, boy was that a mistake. The second time was 2 2004 Monte Carlos that I leased. Thought all was good until I am about to turn in the second one and on the contract they didn't charge me for extra miles and made me believe that I was getting extra miles at the time of purchase so now I have 17, 000 miles to burn in a month because I didn't use all that I paid for anyways. But the way the contract reads Montrose screwd me! They should have charged me for 12K per year and charged me for the other 3K per year. Now I have nothing to look forward to but the last payment!

                          So far I had good luck with Vandevere in West Market St. Only one complaint was when I asked my salesman to check something for me, he did not call me back. I had to find out on my own. No haggling, in and out and the salesman was very nice, and no pressure!

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                        • To
                          ToyotaBuyer Aug 01, 2008
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          Toyota is fine brand, but Montrose is just another car dealer. We discovered a chipped windshield on the trip home after closing the deal. We called them with an hour after leaving the lot to let them know. Since we live over 2 hours away, they told us to have it fixed close to where we live, and to send them bill. After sending them the bill, they reimbursed us for less than half of what it cost us. They also failed to send us the Certified Warranty info for over two months after we asked for it. Overall, they're just another dealer that's nothing more than mediocre.

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                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        Toyota of Wilmington, NC — lied and ripped off $10,000 options

                        We purchased a Tundra double cab pick up and had a vehicle picked out that the salesman said had all the...

                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        Sloane Toyota of Devonthis is outright discrimination!

                        I would like to share my experience Sloane Toyota of Devon dealership that began on Friday, January 12, 2007 and Saturday, January 13, 2007.

                        I placed a call on Friday and spoke with Mark Miller asking him about a 2006 Sequoia.

                        Mark advised that he had a long standing customer coming in that morning to upgrade his 2005 Limited Sequoia to a 2007 Sequoia. I asked him how much they would be asking wherein he advised $38,000.00. He went on to describe the vehicle which was exactly what I was looking for. Mark stated that if I gave a deposit of $100.00 he could hold the vehicle for 24 hours where no other sales person could I sell the vehicle until I got there. I asked him to call me once the vehicle was there. Around 11:30 that afternoon wherein Mark stated that the truck was now theirs and I could come in and look at it. My fiance, Brett, and I arrived there at approximately 12:15 to view the vehicle. At that time we placed the $100.00 deposit with the understanding that we would be back on Saturday morning to work out the numbers. We received a receipt for the deposit and verified that the deposit was left on their system for the 2005 Limited Sequoia as promised.

                        Saturday morning at 9:48 I received a call from Mark asking if we were coming in to work out the numbers for the vehicle. I confirmed that we were leaving our home within the half hour. When we arrived Mark took our trade in vehicle to be appraised for a trade in value. Mark came back to the table with a different amount for the truck $38,336.00 (approx.) and $1700.00 for a trade in value. Brett countered with the $38,000.00 amount which was originally told to me and $2,000.00 for the trade in. Mark agreed however we wanted to test drive prior to signing on the agreed amount. After the test drive Brett signed the agreement and Mark left to get the remaining paperwork started.

                        Brett completed the loan information and gave a check for the remaining deposit. Approximately 15 minutes later Mark comes back with Chris the sales manager wherein Chris advised that he was very sorry however he was in the process of selling the same vehicle to another customer whom they had a long standing relationship with. He wanted to offer us a 2007 Sequoia however obviously there was going to be a significant price difference. I explained to him what we were told about the truck not being sold to anyone else since we had placed a deposit which was to hold the vehicle for us. Chris then went to talk with the other customers only to come back 10 minutes later to advise that he was refusing to sell us the 2005 vehicle. He told us that he understood if we told him to pound sand but because this other customer was a long standing customer he was selling to them and not us. This is outright DISCRIMINATION!!! By Toyota accepting our deposit for the 2005 vehicle they in effect created a contract per their own policy which they then later violated.

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                          Tri County Toyotaalert - be extra careful with this dealership!

                          I would like to express the pain me and my wife went through over our first used Toyota from this dealership.
                          I was may of 2004 when we stop at tri county Toyota and purchased a certified used 2000 Toyota Camry with 47XXX miles on it. We also bought and extended warrant. After two days of purchase my wife noticed that the check engine light was on, we contact tri county and the response was we did not close the gas cap properly, at that time we had not even drove 40 miles and never fill gas yet. They reset the computer and three weeks later the same thing happened again ,I took the car back at this time they told me that the pollution sensor was bad and they replaced it at no cost. The car run and we noticed that a funny noise is coming from the engine. April 2005 during state inspection and emission the found out that there was a part of exist system that need to be replaced and the cost was over $1000. Fortunately this was covered by federal requirement that manufacturer should guarantee the performance for up to 80000 miles. Few months after the inspection, the check light engine came back and we returned the car back to try county.They did not find any problem and reset the computer.Two days later the light came on again, we returned the car back and pay diagnostic fee to find what was wrong, they told us that the EGR valve was bad and will cost about $400 to fix. Few weeks later we took the car back and fix the EGR valve.Two days later the light was on again we took it back and could not find what was wrong.We took to coniceli Toyota for diagnostic and they also could not find what was wrong other that to come up with some other maintenance things that were not on the part of problem.My wife endure the pain to drive the car without knowing what was wrong until April of 2006 when a local mechanic found out that the EGR switch was the problem and we did not need to change EGR valve in the first place.

                          This is what I want to alert current customers and new ones that be extra careful with the dealership because their service is not trust worth.

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                            • Ma
                              Matt Fisher Dec 01, 2007
                              This comment was posted by
                              a verified customer
                              Verified customer

                              Recently, an inspection took 3 days to finish. Since they couldn't give me my car back, I had no choice but to keep the rental - which they over charged for. Even though I made sure that the gas gauge was back where it was when I took the car - they still charged me $22 (at $4/gal) to fill it up. They have no respect or concern for the customer and have no problem ripping people off.

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                            Toyota - Amityville, New Yorkvery poor service

                            I purchased a 2003 Toyota Corolla from Atlantic Toyota in Amityville New York. In the three years that I have had the car the rubber window guard has been replaced twice because it becomes loose and comes down with the window. The first two times were covered under my warranty. The third time I was told by Atlantic Toyota that the last time it was replaced was one year and two months ago and if it was under one year they could have replaced it for free under the warranty but I was two months over the warranty. They said they would give me a break and only charge me $185.00. (what a break!).
                            The assistant service manager Jayme was extremely rude when I tried to say that I thought it was a strange repair to happen so often perhaps it was a manufacturers defect she kept interrupting me and wouldn't even let me finish a sentence. She definitely needs to learn some customer service and people skills if she's going to speak to customers that way!

                            I replied that there must be some manufacturers defect as I had been driving for thirty years and had never had to replace this window guard on any of my cars let alone three times in three years on one car!

                            The dealership referred me to customer care service. The service rep I spoke with was very sympathetic and thought that it was very odd that the same part would need to be replaced three times in three years. He felt that it warranted being turned over to a case manager. He referred my case to one. Sandy called me back and said that she was sorry but it was over the warranty time and there was nothing they could do.

                            I have bought Toyota cars for many years but after this poor service this will be my last!
                            Ms. M

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                              Toyota of the Desert - Cathedral City, Californiapoor service!

                              I had a 60K tuneup on my 2003 Toyota Prius on 7/13/06. When I returned in the late afternoon to pick up the car I was given the keys and told to have a nice day. I was ready to drive off when I noticed a 16"crack in my windshield which had not been there when I dropped the car off that morning.

                              When I brought this to the Service Mgrs attention he pointed out a tiny, almost imperceptible little nick at the edge of the windshield and said when they gave me my"complimentary car wash" it must have caused the crack. However, Toyota was liable for nothing. He mentioned that it was just a very hot day (114 degrees) so those things happen. My question was since they are Toyota of the DESERT, they should know you don't spray water on a hot windshield...

                              Now I'm out $250 to have the windshield replaced.

                              My main gripe is that they didn't even have the decency to point it out to me when I picked up the vehicle, and at least say they were sorry...

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                                • Wi
                                  William Scruggs Aug 28, 2007
                                  This comment was posted by
                                  a verified customer
                                  Verified customer

                                  Oh u where lucky, seem like most of the dealerships out in PALM SPRINGS are CROOKS! Price gouging, bunch of liars, I agree with him, duh common sense if you saw there was a chip in his windshield, why in the world would you wet his windshield? Then turn your back and say oh well!! The businesses out here hate to take full or any responsibility for anything!... and the killing part about it, they get away with it!!!

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                                2006 Toyota Corolla — clicks and jerks

                                I have a new 2006 Toyota Corolla. It "clicks" and jerks when shifting from Park to Reverse or Drive to...