Toyotadefective door design in 2016 rav 4 xle

Upon calling the service department to discuss this problem and/or make an appointment, I described the problem of snow, salt, mud etc. accumulating on the lowest interior panel of each of the 4 car doors. The service department employee told me that they see this a lot on this model and it is because of the poor design of the door and that there is no "Fix" for this. I mentioned that I paid $129.00 for mudguards and asked if there is any adjustment on these that may help. I was told that they are a protection for the exterior paint. When I asked if this problem could lead to rust and deterioration of the doors, he allowed as to how this is possible if I didn't clean them regularly to help prevent that problem.

I just paid over $33, 000 for this new vehicle in October 2016 and this is an unacceptable answer. If Toyota knows about this, shouldn't a "fix" be created to correct it before the vehicle has no value at trade in because of rusted doors?

Jan 28, 2017

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