Toyota Dealership in Lynbrook, NYnot honoring a leasing agreement

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I received a letter from the Toyota Advantage Dealership in Lynbrook, NY, stating that they were offering a "key for key--early turn in event" that ould expire before May 31, 2009. If I brought them my truck (DODGE NITRO) earley to them, they would honor the letter that I'm still holding in my hand, and give me a brand new 2009 Toyota. Which turned out to be a 2009 Toyota Venza. The letter, CLEARLY states that, " When we (Toyota) purchase your vehicle, you will pay NO early return lease termination fees, NO DISPOSITION FEES and possibly no charge for excess wear and tear or over mileage. The new Toyota will require NO MONEY out of pocket." NOT only did I put $2500 towrds fees and taxes but CHRYSLER is requiring a $303.74 disposition fee--WHICH TOYOTA WILL NOT PAY! I have tried countless calls to customer care mgrs. and the dealership will not speak to me and EVEN HANGS UP ON ME! They still havent mailed out the check for the remaining $1343.00 to Chrysler and they cut the check on JUNE 3, 2009. NOT only is the dealership STILL in control of the situation, but they refuse to call me back, take my calls because I gave them a poor INETRNET SURVERY--rightfully so! My next step is the newspaper and the news stations since a consumer cannot reach a manager at regional offices since it is UP TO THE DEALERSHIP to do this?! So, I am still at the mercy of these criminals at the car dealerships that claim they honor their contracts, which they do not, since they know it is an endless labyrinth for the consumer to get in touch with anyone over their head to rectify their improper and retalitory behavior towards consumers that just signed a lease, other than going to court.
Any advice?


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      Aug 06, 2009

    shouldve kept your NITRO

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