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poor toyota service

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Hi All,

I would like to make a complaint about poor Toyota service I received in Malaysia, I've sent in my car twice for Toyota service center personnel to check on my internal car clock for keep on slowing down after a couple of days even though I've adjusted it back to the right time many times, the 1st visit I make to one of the Toyota service center didn't result in a part replacement, the technician was saying he has 'reset' my clock and it was working according to him, later I found the problem came back again, 2nd visit on 27th May 2010 I make to another Toyota service center the technician mention he has 'cleaned the fuse & contact point', but the problem re-occur again in couple of days.(their invoice#150V115370)

Both experience give me an impression that even though customer may have pay a premium to bought a Toyota which 'supposed' to be providing good quality car & world class customer service, but actual dealing with them actually just give customer headache and wasting time on resolving a small problem such as a clock issue which could be fixed by a simple replacement, after all how much is a clock worth compared to our valuable time spend on multiple visit & their reputation in stake ?

In another attempt on 4th June 2010 to sort out this matter with their freephone customer service at 18008869682 to claim my fundamental customer rights to claim defective part under warranty, the lady who handled my case mention she'll check & get back to me soon which she never did, this again shows lack of responsibility & accountability, with above poor technician competency & poor customer service received I hereby advice whoever interested to buy Toyota car please think again and check how many people has complaint about Toyota before you go into misery just like rest of us, its' no wonder so many Toyota car defects and complaints has came up of late, this shows the company is heading for closure soon, so be warn that your new Toyota car may not get the warranty they promise once their company closed down due to bad management & bad customer treatment.

Dissatisfied Customer
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N  20th of Jun, 2007 by    0 Votes

Toyota - Horrible customer service!
United States

This post is in response to a complaint someone wrote about a Toyota dealership in Wilmington. I couldn't agree anymore with it. I have been completely nauseated with each and every Toyota place in this southern state !These people are so greedy as I don't know what. I can't go into any of the dealerships down here and find out anything about the car(s) b/c these CORRUPT CAROLINA ! Are too incompetent to do anything right much less run a business. Not only that, but at every single Toyota place I have been to in N (auseating) C (owards) (a state full of southern ###S) the sales people are a bunch of rude ###s. You walk in and the first thing they want is "your car". Telling them, "I am only here to take a look at the cars" is worthless for they will still harass you. I have even gone storming out of these sorry, P.O.S., good-for-nothing Carolina dealerships for their irritating actions. A few I would tell you to avoid like the plague are as follows:

Mark Jacobson (NY PIG) in Durham
Cox (redneck hell) in Burlington
Town and Country (mexican hell) in Charlotte
Fred Anderson in both Sanford and especially Raleigh

Rice (triad) in Greensboro
Leith (sorry slow pokes) in Raleigh
Rick Hendrick (darn military) in Fayetteville
Toyota West (sorry minorities) in Statesville

Etc., etc., etc.

In other words, don't buy from any Toyota place in this state infested with sick, southern A! They will tell you absolutely nothing about the car. Here in NC, people do not care about providing good customer service and what not. These greedy ### only want to take your money and give you only what they want. Even the FORD place provided better service than these greedy North Carolina-loving! I hate this place (North Carolina) and everything about it (especially the sorry natives and the relocated ###S that keep moving here day after day after day).
N  3rd of Jun, 2008 by    0 Votes

TOYOTA - Be careful
United States

Watch out for Toyota of Danville, IL. If they tell you something is wrong with your car, take your vehicle elsewhere. I was told I had a nail in my tire, but I decided to take my car to Sears because of all of the shady stories I've heard about Toyota & their claims of practically everyone having nails in a tire. It's a scam... Sears couldn't find this nail because it didn't exist. Next time I went to get my oil changed, they said nothing else about the nail because it just simply wasn't there. Every single person I've spoken to who has gone to Toyota for one reason or another has had a nail in his or her tire. Are there really that many nails around Danville streets, or is Toyota of Danville trying to screw its customers? Hmmm...I'm going with the latter. My stepmom went to Toyota for here check engine light coming on. According to the Toyota mechanics "a mouse had gotten under the hood & chewed the wires." It would then cost $3, 000 to fix the wires & they said the car was "not safe to drive." Feeling a bit suspicious, my stepmom took her vehicle to another mechanic. He found that a mouse had not chewed the wires, but they were installed incorrectly by the Toyota mechanics. Since the part needed to fix the problem was only $10, we're all a little baffled at how Toyota came up with it costing $3, 000. I warn you, Danville consumers, be careful with these scammers!!
N  10th of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes

Toyota - Bad service
City Toyota
United States

I came in for express lube - and technicians/service rep told me I need tire rotation. They said it will take 45 mins to an hour. I waited for 4 hours on the lobby - nobody gave me an update until I looked for the technician. They fin ally finished and gave me back the car.

Next day - the steering was wiggling/shaking. I took it back and technician/rep told me that tires were not aligned. And I have to pay extra to get it fixed. I argued with the people - they offered to rotate back the tires for free. I argued that I paid for the service and they should either fix it for free or they rotate back and credit back the previous charge on the work done - with a guarantee that the wiggling/shaking will go away. After hours of discussion - they decided to align the wheels for free. I'm still waiting in the lobby - hoping it will solve the problem.
N  17th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes

Toyota - purchase of a new vehicle

I purchased a Toyota Yaris car from Toyota car dealer in Lebanon. I asked them about the options and their related prices. I chosed to add on my car, provided they are factory installed, and this was confirmed by them, the options of power windows, central lock and radio for which I have paid some extra money.
To my big surpirse that these options found to be installed by the distributor and with a very bad and poor quality of material what represent a permanent threat of fire and safety to me and to my car.
I am so much concerned and worried about this issue and require an immediate solution to that from the manufacturer and compensation. Should otherdetails be needed I am ready to provide.
N  21st of Oct, 2008 by    0 Votes
Although I love my car (and all the other Toyota's I have purchased in the past), the recent delivery of my 2008 Yaris Liftback has left a sour taste in my mouth. Here is the laundry list of my recent bad experience.

When I approached the dealership a few months ago with interest in purchasing a Yaris, they tried to get a $500 deposit for a "special order" from me. After some talking I found out that there was really no such thing, they said they could only make a request to receive a car after it comes into port. At this point, I told them that if they can find a car I am interested in, I will give them a deposit.

About a month later, the salesman called me with a car he found. I came in, signed the paperwork, gave him the money, and was told that the car would be transported from the other dealer the next day. The next day when I arrived at the dealer, I was informed that the car had been sold to someone else even though I was told the car was mine and I had signed the paperwork for having the car transferred to my dealer.

They kept my deposit and another month went by. I ended up researching incoming vehicles myself and gave the dealer the VIN # of the car I wanted—the only factory option installed on the car were the fog lights. I specified some additional SET options I wanted installed on the car (interior lights, stereo, splashguards, mats, exhaust tip, and electrochromic mirror) and received an email from the dealer confirming these options and the price. The day the vehicle was to arrive, I signed all the paperwork, finalized the loan, had a temporary registration, but guess what??? The car DID NOT show up!

A week later, the car finally did arrive--with a large dent in the driver's door no less. I was told that they would fix the dent for me during the week and do "whatever it takes to make me happy." Since my truck was in the shop (someone crashed into my truck a few days prior) I went ahead and accepted the car under the condition that they would fix the problem.

I scheduled an appointment for them to fix the door, and took my Yaris home. The next morning, during my long commute to work, I discovered the following problems: the interior lights installed were white and orange interior (not the blue ones I ordered), the stereo installed was a crappy Audiovox/Advent Stereo (which didn't work properly—audio from CD was unlistenable, illumination didn't work properly, and it wasn't the Toyota Stereo I ordered--not to mention they charged be $400 for this $50 sub-standard radio) the center armrest was loose and damaged, there was no exhaust tip installed, and the dome light switch was broken. Needless to say, I was not happy!

A few days later, I brought the vehicle back to the dealer for them to fix the dent. The dent was pulled and the result was satisfactory to me but it was not perfect—if you look closely you can still see a small dent in the door. With regard to the radio, the customer service manager had the service department look at the radio and they confirmed that the unit was broken. The manager said they would order me another stereo and I told him, "No way, this is not the unit I ordered and I am not going to pay $400 for a piece of *** Wal-Mart stereo."

According to the manager, the reason my car was delayed at port was because they ran out of the radio I had ordered and installed this one instead (without my approval.) I told the manager that this type/quality of non-functioning radio was unacceptable to me and that I would put my own unit in. I requested a refund for the broken unit and was told by the manager this “was not an option.” Prior to this, the manager had been cordial but his tone began to change after discussing the radio.

He had the service department look at my other issues and obviously told them I was a “troublesome customer.” When the car came back from the service department the paperwork said my complaints were “interior lights don’t work and center console is installed at wrong angle.” The mechanic’s comments were: “interior lights functional and center console angle is not adjustable and is built into the car per Toyota design specifications.” When I read this I was furious—I grabbed the service manager and told him to look at broken center armrest. I explained to him that I am not some dumbass customer complaining about “everything”, I am a mechanic with 16 years experience and know the difference between what is right and what is wrong. When I explained to him that I was complaining about the armrest (loose, not fully secured, with broken plastic around the bottom of it which secures it to the center console), he noticed that the armrest was indeed damaged—he ordered a new armrest and a new dome light assembly (which was also broken as I stated.) With regards to the interior lights, he said that would be something I would have to take up with the customer service manager.

When I spoke to my salesman he told me that he would make everything right and that I would be receiving a phone call from the customer service manager. Here it is two months later—and the issues are still not resolved. In order to make this right the following needs to happen: I need a refund for $399 for the Audiovox radio (I will surrender the unit back to the dealer or SET), and I need the correct interior light kit given to me (I will be more than happy to install this myself as I am done dealing with Harrelson Toyota in Rock Hill, SC).

This experience has been one of the most frustrating things I have ever dealt with in my life. In this country, when a person purchases a new vehicle, it is a given that the vehicle should be 100% when it is received by the customer—if not, then the dealer should “make things right.” As you can see, this has not happened. The dealer will not work with me, the distributor will not work with me, and Toyota America will not work with me—I have filed complaints with all of these entities and all of them give the same answer: There is nothing we can do.
N  20th of Nov, 2008 by    0 Votes

Toyota - never finished work on our truck
toyota of willimgton n.c.
United States

We bought our truck at Toyota of Willimgton on June 2005. We were suppose to have running boards, dvd system, grill deflector, sun roof wind reflector, tonnue cover, jvl subwoofer. As of today we already put in a complaint. We have been to a lawyer in Willimton and had no response. My husband is disabled and I have to now write this complaint again. Is there any help out there that we can get? This is not right. This is my first time I ever had a truck that was mind and I was suppose to be happy. Well I am not and I will not give up. If this lawyer doesn't want to help, I will go to consumer affairs. This is just not right. We live in Myrtle Beach and we went there because the sales person said he had a really nice truck that was perfect for us. We spent the whole day there and wasn't even offered a drink. Then the price he showed us was the wrong price on the paper work that when they went to write everything up the sales person kept messing up the paper work. Listen after all day a car dealership all we wanted to do is to go home which was an 2 hours away. We were tired. Now can someone help us. Sincerely Lisa Ault
N  19th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes

Toyota - Over charged
New York
United States

Buyer bewear—bought toyota camrey — started off with 21, 500 this was striped not even an auto trunk relealse we wer, nt show that so of course we assumed that being a toyota that they would have that it, s like 1950—was lead to believe that the extra warranty and oil change was only $386—and my wife signed did, nt even look at it thinking this guys honest "buyer bewear" so then i saw the add on after we signed for a total of a grand total of 25, 984.49—mind you this is a stripped camrey nothing fancy—with that price we could have had an le for 23.500 plus the tax, s and fees which would have come out the same for an le camrey—the extended warranty was the nail of $2, 116.99—and on check out siad we signed it yea we trusted them so $386.99 grew to 2, 116.99 and sold us a srtipped car pitiful !!! In process of contacting toyota and ken amero of channel 12 they, ll win alright but just to know they lose in the long run, my son wants a car they lost that at $23, 000—oh yea trade it in next year $24, 999—oh the niegber like it and wants to purchase one—$24, 000—gee they made $2, 116 gooly they made $2, 116—oh too bad they just lost $318, 999 more than 1/4 of a million dollers including intreset—buyer bewear—jimmy jessmey
N  29th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
I'm having similar problems with a 2010 Toyota Sienna. DVD was dealer installed - but they over cut the roof liner so you can clearly see cuts. Plus, there is a large cap between the liner and the DVD.
I also got a remote starter. BUt, when you start the car with the remote, you can't unlock the doors - unless you stop the car with the remote. How dumb is that?
When they installed the DVD they made a mess of the interior.
When I returned the van to get the DVD fixed (it started to fall down), they lent me a van but told me I had to bring it back clean and full of gas or they'd charge me $80. BUt, the loaner was gross when I got in it (crakers, chocolate, kleenex...etc all over). Plus, when I finally got my van back they had used 1/8 tank of gas. So, I should have charged them $80 for cleaning their loaner and them not bring my van back full.
This is my first and last Toyota. Say what you will about GM, but I have NEVER, NEVER had a problem with GM service or "making things right" on a purchase of a new vehicle and I've bought 4 NEW GMs in the past.
N  16th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes

TOYOTA - Awful service
United States

In 2006 Toyota RAV4 released a Technical Service Bulletin of a manufacturing defeat in the computer (EDC) that goes transmission problems. Toyota has not recalled the RAV4 I can only say due to the cost of repairs. This defeat is costing the consumer thousands of dollars to repair. I am one of those consumers. I was told by our local dealership that Toyota will only repair for free if the vehicle is under 8 years or 80, 000 miles, which mine is not. What can you do to help the average consumer with this problem?
N  8th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes

Toyota - bab mothor
United States

I have 2003 toyota with 1.8 motor . Its N/g the has 73000 miles has had reg oil chages . I call toyota cs about my motor . They told me they wood give me 1000.00 for a new car or they wood help pay for a new moter when i ask how much i was told it is on case by case .then they told i had get the car to the dealer after phone calls i got them to cove the tow but i still have to pay to have it check out the dealer said he wood work with me about this very nices people a the dealer. I check around the ethernet i found there were a lot of people that have the same thing with this engine. toyota said there motor has no recall on it . the car is a the dealer waiting to hear about more to come
N  3rd of May, 2010 by    0 Votes

2010 Toyoto Corolla - Poor service/false claims
Toyota of Kingsport
2525 East Stone Drive
United States
Phone: 423-246-6611

Purchased 2010 Toyota Corola in November 2009for my disabled ex-wife. Salesman promised a loaner car if car ever needed service - even for an oil change. Due to the recall of the sudden acceration problems and steering problems, the car was taken to the dealership in April 2010 to repair the acceleration and replace the steering column. They refused to give her a loaner car while they kept the car overnight. They drove her the 8 miles to her house in Gate City. The next day, when her car was ready, they refused to pick her up or deliver her car to her. SHe had to call a sister in Bristol to drive 25 miles to her house and take her to the dealership to pick up her car. They also promised her a full tank of gas but instead ran out what gas she had in the car and left her with an almost empty tank of gas. She lives on a small pension and can hardly afford this. Don't ever but a car from these people.
N  17th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes

Toyota - Toyota fj 2007 more and more and more problems
United States

I have a nice crusier 2007 4x4 fj
Imagine never having many problems in short time so
10k miles to the tires were changed from factory default were cracked
Damage se 15k miles power windows
16k miles on fuel pump noise damper
16.5k miles new gas pump
31k miles continuous noise in the fuel pump,
Left door makes noise solenoid
Whell steering discolor, after being repaired by the deler continues in the same condition and i do not receive an answer for poor product, my car is in perfect condition never use. This park all day and with a cover. This very low mileage to be in these conditions

Have a great product for toyota
I imagine that in 1, 2, 3 years or more will be as nice fj mi
Do not think i feel cheated
Check before buying a toyota

N  8th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
Some update to the matter above.

Today 8th June 2010 I've made another attempt to lodge a complaint via Toyota malaysia website to claim my consumer right, apparently some customer service manager by the name 'Mr. Saravanan' called me however he was not willing to provide a part replacement for the faulty clock, instead he 'Insisted' I should bring in my car to Toyota workshop again for his 'specialist' to further diagnose & troubleshoot the clock issue, though I've asked him what could his 'specialist' do to diagnose a factory assembled 'electronic clock' which based on my understanding is a non serviceable component, does his 'specialist' have specialised equipment to test the clock ? he can't seem to answer that but still insist on sending my car in for another checkup, I've re-iterated to him this will cause me have to waste another half day to one full day, however he 'promised' he could lend another car of similar make and model if my car need to stay in workshop, with this 'promise' I reluctantly have to schedule another appointment this friday morning (11th June) amidst my busy business schedule for this 3rd attempt to resolve such a small issue.

I do have my reservation this's just another ploy to 'pretend' they've 'checked & confirmed' my clock is working fine after their investigation, to be fair to any company of such business scale like Toyota I'm giving them 3rd chance to get this fixed right, if my prediction proves correct that even after this 3rd trip the clock still not being replaced and problem persisted I'll have to give up any confident left for Toyota, it's a sure thing Toyota is going for closure soon by the way they treat their customer, their customer service personnel have no idea what's constitute good customer service & that every company needs repeated business from satisfied customers to keep their company going, and the reason for such company failing is just because they failed to honor such a small warranty claim, I'm not even claiming for the other car defects I've noticed since the beginning which their service personnel always says 'it's normal for this problem to happen', thing s such as badly assembled door which needs to slam hard to get it closed properly, this type of car quality is similar to proton car, this proves again Toyota QC these days sucks big time.

A very dissatisfied Customer.
N  14th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes

Saudi Arabia

Land Cuirser Engine Failure and Customer Relation

I would like to share with you my concerns and complain about service provided and customer relation of your dealer in Saud Arabia/ Al-Khobar section.

I have reached them with bringing my car Land Cuirser Model 2008 (JTMDU09J784013575)

Where it has unusual sound in the engine; and in short time they said it has to be replaced or fixed with all adjustments with spare parts under my account.

Unfortunately, I have tried to understand the reasons why the engine failed without any kind of alarm (light or sound), no leak, and no increase in temperature. My inquiry how is the most critical part of the car which is engine has not protected with any kind of alarm and it is the situation as I am sending you my E-mail. It is Toyota not any other car which I proud to own it!!!

Until know I have not be answered and I am frustrated where I kept my car on their shop waiting and seeking your support and help

My big family in all GCC countries (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait…) Bni Hajer builds incredible and unique relation with Toyota for decades and I am sure they share me their feeling and support.
N  14th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
Land Cuirser Engine Failure and Customer Relation

I would like to share with you my concerns and complain about service provided and customer relation of your dealer in Saud Arabia/ Al-Khobar section.

I have reached them with bringing my car Land Cuirser Model 2008 (JTMDU09J784013575)

Where it has unusual sound in the engine; and in short time they said it has to be replaced or fixed with all adjustments with spare parts under my account.

Unfortunately, I have tried to understand the reasons why the engine failed without any kind of alarm (light or sound), no leak, and no increase in temperature. My inquiry how is the most critical part of the car which is engine has not protected with any kind of alarm and it is the situation as I am sending you my E-mail. It is Toyota not any other car which I proud to own it!!!

Until know I have not be answered and I am frustrated where I kept my car on their shop waiting and seeking your support and help

My big family in all GCC countries (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait…) Bni Hajer builds incredible and unique relation with Toyota for decades and I am sure they share me their feeling and support.
A  23rd of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
I totally agree with you. All the heads will not return calls or answer your calls. Their secretary is like an shield; will give all sorts of excuses from meetings to going outstation and when one asked when is the customer service manager coming back then she will say that your case is transffered to another person and when one asked to speak to the other person, she will answer she/he is not at his/her desk. Try writing in formally...after a few times you can sort the consumer tribunal court for help. I'm pist with their service too. Not even a courtesy call.
A  23rd of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
write in to newspapers...not many ppl can read your complaints.
N  29th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes

Toyota - FJ acuator
Toyota of bend
2225 Hwy 20
United States
Phone: 541-382-4047

Received a foot of snow at our house only to discover the 4 wheel drive isn't working. Took it in and was told that even though the drive train won't work without the actuator it isn't "considered" part of the drive train and even though the vehicle only has 41, 000 it's not under warranty and will cost almost $800 to fix. All they could say was there is nothing we can do. What about stand behind your product! Now we have a $30, 000 2 wheel drive!
N  4th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes

First I want to introduce my self
I am one of Toyota Lovers since 15 years ago
I believe in Toyota as the biggest & greatest company in the automotive fields
One of my dreams to own of the Toyota models
My dream became a truth in 2008 as I own Toyota yaris

 Unfortunately, I faced a serious problem at Nov 2010
My car had a problem in a fuel injection in beginning of November
As of normal process, I sent mail to Toyota Service centre in Abou Rawash area
Repairing take 3 days (as I will explain in detail later)
Service Centre repot as there is no problem in the Fuel injection system
After receiving the car from my side, I noticed the same problem in the car
Using a truck to carry the car to service centre again (consuming full day for car delivery& repairing)
The car stopped again after only 4 hours of car receiving
Then, I obligated to wait 3 days for the truck to carry my car again
Another 2 days in the service centre to receive my car
The car stopped again after only 4 hours of car receiving ( I am not repeating the words)
This is really happened
Another 5 days in the service centre to receive my car tomorrow
However, I want to highlight some issues I faced during this bad experience:

1- Toyota call centre didn’t receive the phone calls (Follow up of my car status is unknown process)
2- Trucks is not available for 3 days to carry my damaged car (Toyota lost their clients to other unknown & unauthorized service centers)
3- Toyota employees has no interest in customers satisfaction (calling Mr. Sherif Complaint manager in Toyota) without solution
4- There is a time gap between finishing car repairing & customer receiving (No answer from call centre)

As you can see from the above mail
1- 3 weeks left now without my car
2- consuming time & money to follow up my car
3- I was in charge for my car delivery to the service centre using truck twice
4- Losing 4 working days in my current job to receive the car more than one time

Finally I appreciate your fast replay on my mail.

Please accept my respect and regards

Mohamed Elezza
E-mail: mohamed.elezza@etisalat.com
Web: www.etisalat.com.eg
N  5th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes

TOYOTA - Damage to vehicle
Oranje Toyota
South Africa

had a bad experience with the local Toyota dealer here in Bloemfontein. I took my Avanza yesterday 04/01/2011 for a 60 000KM service. I received my car yesterday afternoon, did not check it because this was not the first time I serviced my car with them and never had dought about their service. This morning, I was made aware that my cars front fog light is broken and then they denied responsibility with an attitude. How can I trust a well-known dealer with my vehicle again? What will be damaged or stolen again if they have to work on my car again. If one can lie, he can also steal. What does one do next?

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