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TMobile / unauthorized debit card charge & unethical behaviour

1 United States

04 August, 2018: I purchased a TMobile sim card [protected]). I was informed at the point of purchase that I had 14 days to return the sim card and not get charged the monthly bill of $60+.

13 August, 2018: I decided to discontinue the use of the sim card after 9 days and I called TMobile to cancel the service. After about an hour trying to convince me to change my mind, the customer service agent informed me the service would be cancelled and I would not be charged for the cycle of 06 August - 06 September, 2018. Thinking I was done with the sim card, I tossed it aside.

01 September 2018: I was surprisingly debited $61.54.

02 September 2018: I inserted the TMobile sim card into my phone, and I was shocked that the sim card had reception even though it was supposed to have been cancelled three weeks earlier.

02 September 2018: I called TMobile and, after almost an hour of waiting, a customer service agent finally answered and I complained about the unauthorized debit.

After explaining my situation, I was again promised that my number would be cancelled; I was also promised a refund. I was then transferred to the unit that handles cancellations.

I had to explain myself all over again, and the agent I spoke to tried to explain to me that the 14-day policy was only applicable to devices and not sim cards. I told him repeatedly that nobody had ever mentioned this to me, because I specifically asked at the point of purchase and the two customer representative agents I spoke to before had promised me I wouldn't be charged and I would be refunded respectively.

It was while speaking to this agent that he canceled my line and the call was disconnected.

1 . Before purchase, I was told at the point of purchase that I could return the sim card within the first 14 days; after purchase, 1 of 3 agents I spoke to said the policy did not apply to sim cards.

2. Point of purchase agent and different customer service agents provided me with different interpretations of TMobile's Return Policy.

3. I was promised the sim card would be immediately cancelled the first time I called TMobile about it but, without my knowledge, it wasn't done.

4. I was debited $61.54; if I hadn't discovered this and called TMobile, I would have been billed for successive months even though I had already stopped using the sim card after 9 days only.

5. While I was talking to the TMobile agent, he cancelled my sim card and the call disconnected, thus cutting me off mid-conversation and preventing me from airing my grievances; I found this very discourteous.

6. Two customer service agents promised me that I would not get charged and that I would be refunded respectively when it was outside of their jurisdiction to do so.

Sep 8, 2018

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