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TMobile / misleading and telling the wrong price on buying a phone, then wouldn't admit it

1 Bellevue, WA, United States

I called a tmobile representative to see if I had any upgrades on my account and was told I had some. I then proceeded to have him tell me the different types of phones to choose from and the prices. I ended up choosing 2 and he gave me a total of$126.88. I asked him twice to repeat it and he told me the same price each time. I ordered them and it was done. Then, fast forward a month and I get the bill and it has an extra $32.49 on it for"other expense". It also said it was an installment of 3. I called them and they said "Oh no, this is what you owe on the phone. We only billed you for part of the phone. Then I pointed out that the total was already on my bill and there even was an extra $32.49 added on for no reason. The manager proceeded to tell me that the one phone I ordered was $129.99. I said no, the representative told me it would be $79.99 with the upgrade. This is absolutely ridiculous!!! I asked her if they could find the taped conversation of the representative and me when I ordered the phone and she said no. I told her this is insane, the representative gave me a total of $126.88. Where else would that come from????How would he come up with a figure like that?????? I was totally given the wrong total and ended up purchasing the phone thinking it was that price. I WOULD NOT HAVE PURCHASED THE PHONE IF IT WAS $129.99!!! The total they have comes to $100.00 more than I was told. I am furious!

Julie Mazick

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