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TLG Buyers Advantage / Unauthorized billing

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My credit card was charged on Feb. 19 with a bill for $139.99 for a fraud-guard service I do not want and did not request. The company designation on the credit card bill is “TLG*BuyersAdv#48438267." On Oct. 15, this company had slipped in a bill of $149.99. When I called, they said I ordered the service. I did not remember doing so. I know I did not order the same service again just four months later. That bill gave their phone number: [protected]. On September 4, this same company slipped in a bill of $149.99. It is ironic that a company supposedly offering fraud protection is actually perpetrating fraud. I and at least one other have written the Connecticut Attorney General asking for prosecution.

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  • An
      4th of Mar, 2009
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    TLG loans - money being taken
    England, Humberside
    United Kingdom
    Phone: 07772941048

    I was contacted by someone from tlg loans and my bank card details were taken i was told that before any monies was taken from my bank account i would be telephoned to inform me that they were taking the monies from my account and since that phone call i have not heard from the company that claims they can offer me the £1000 loan that i have requested there for i would like the full amount of monies taken from my account reimburst asap or legal action shall be seeked and it shall also be passed to the police as a matter of theft.

    Before anyone can say that it is not classed as theft it is as for the fact i was not informed that you were taking monies from my account and i have not recieved either the paper work that needs to be signed or the money for the loan amount i do not take kindly to being misled or taken for a ride.

    I will also be looking for compensation due to the inconvenience that you have caused by not keeping to the agreement by your selves

    yours truely


  • Du
      20th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    You can add me to the list of those duped by TLG loans. I (admittedly was a stupid thing to do) gave bank details when they phoned offering me a loan of £2000. They told me they needed the £49 "processing fee" and that the papers for me to sign would be posted out to me the same day. They have my £49, but I have nothing from them. I have had to change my account details to stop them getting any more of my money. I guess I should count myself lucky that it was *only* a one off payment. Looking back at other comments I see it could have been much worse. Still - was looking forward to getting money (the loan) not giving it away!

  • An
      2nd of Apr, 2009
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    I had the same experience with TLG*BUYERSADV . Today (4/2/09) I checked online to see why I couldn't use my debit card when I had just deposited a check in my account, and I saw an unauthorized charge on 139.99 from them. My account was in the red because of all of the overdraft fees incurred, when I used my debit card assuming my balance was more than what it actually was. I have disputed these charges with Bank of America. I do not know this service provider neither did I ever order anything from them.

  • Ma
      13th of Apr, 2009
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    They tried nailing me on Friday. I called and they said 7 -10 days and it will be refunded. ###.

  • Ri
      25th of Apr, 2009
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    My sister was hit with a charge of $139.99 from Buyers Advantage on 04/17/09. The irony here is that the funds were withdrawn from Bank of America too. At first, we thought that someone got a hold to her account and debitted these funds but
    now we think that it is a scam.

    Orlando FL

  • Mi
      27th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I've seen this thing before, packaged as if it is a coupon claim.

    When BOA send you their credit card statement, they include a little "voucher" for something like a $20 Target Giftcard or similar. If you signup, you are actually enrolling in this Trilegint Corporation "Buyer's Advantage" program. They send you your coupon, and enroll you in a trial period. If you do not actively cancel, the terms on the voucher say they can charge you $139 / month for the first year, and then increase it by $10 / month each subsequent year. The disclaimer says that they are not affiliated with BOA, but clearly they have some affiliation if BOA mails the signup form in with their statements.

    To cancel, you need to call Trilegiant at: 1-877-351-2179

  • Bo
      19th of May, 2009
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    My Sovereing Bank credit card was charged on April 28, 2009 with a bill for $139.99 from TLG BuyersAdv too. On May 19, I called this company, they apologize saying they will return $115.o0 dollars, which is the difference because my "membership" was active between April 28 and May 19. Can you believe it! They are thieves! Because of this charge, my account were overlimit, so I have to pay $39.99 for overlimit and another $25.00 they discounted. This is crazy!

  • An
      30th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    OMG I cannot believe I got scammed. I thought the first charge was for a vacuum cleaner I just bought. It was for 129.99. So I sucked that up to making a bad notation in my checkbook and not knowing what the charge for for. It cost me over 100 in overdraft fees. But I figured that was my stupid tax for not paying attention to my balance which I actually keep ongoing. Then this month, I get another charge of 139.99 from TLG again and this time the red flags went up. The number on the bank statement is a bogus number, so I googled TLG and found this site. And from this, I got up with the company, they have promised me cancellation and a refund. We'll see. I sure will be more vigilant in the future. It was SO easy to get "had." I am furious!!!

  • Do
      1st of Jun, 2009
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    Pedi paws has giving my credit card # to a third party TLG, whitout my authorization.

  • Ci
      20th of Jun, 2009
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    My 78-yr old mother was just charged a pending $139.99 from Buyer's Advantage from her BOA checking this afternoon or early evening. I watch her account since she has limited funds. I'm calling BOA first thing in morning. In reading your experiences, I don't want to wait another month for another charge against her account. I googled and found this site also and found, I hope, good information to have her account reimbursed. This is just one more reason to not like this bank, and my list is growing.

  • An
      4th of Aug, 2009
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    My grandmother has been scammed by this company. She is 82 yo. She noticed the charge of $139.99 on her statement and asked me to find out what this was. I typed in the company name and saw your complaints. She does not give her card # over the phone and is one of the sharpest 82 yo. you want to ever meet. She told me to take care of it, and of course that is what I intend to do for her.

  • Fw
      8th of Aug, 2009
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    Same thing happened to my poor old dad today. The only difference was it was charged to a bank of America card that my dad had received in the mail but never activated. We called bank of America right away and they told us that we should contact Buyer's Advantage on MOnday, because they are unable to do so because it is closed after 5:00 p.m.. We were originally going to wait till Monday, but, then I decided to do some research and I typed up Buyer's advantage online and found the numerous complaint and stories that were identical to us. So, my radar for Fraud went off and I was pissed for my dad. I called Bank of America right away and told them the two major problems we were experiencing with the credit card. One was a card that was activated without my dad's approval and two an unauthorized charge in the amount of $139.99 that we never made and as a matter of fact, we weren't even in the country to make that charge, we were vacationing at that time. I also told them that I did some research and saw numerous complaints regarding Bank of AMerica and Buyer's Advantage, the customer service rep. transferred me quickly to dispute and claims department. I repeated information once again to the claims department and told him that I expected the problem to be resolved today and that was exactly what he did, he credited my dad's card in the amount of $139.99, we were then transferred to customer service, where my dad asked the representative to close his account, because he was unhappy that there was fraudulent activity on his card. His card was close and we do not plan to do any business with Bank of America ever again!

  • Ch
      3rd of Sep, 2009
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    TLG travel - 99.99 dollar charge
    TLG travel
    United States

    I had a withdraw from my account for 99.99 and I have no idea how they received my information. I have done some traveling last month, but my credit card# was never submitted to this site and my bank had to shutoff my card and dispute the claim. There is a huge inconvenience with this 7-10 day process because my bank has to ship me another card and may not get my money back for 3 to 5 days after the investigation is complete. WATCH YOUR INFORMATION ONLINE AND BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN YOU TRAVEL

  • Je
      3rd of Sep, 2009
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    I was just scammed by this TLG company as well... same as everyone else, I sent in a voucher for a $40 Lowe's gift card, and cancelled the accompanying service within the first month so as to never get charged. I never got the gift card but I wasn't going to complain since I cancelled the service. I just discovered that I've been charged $12.99 each month since January by TLG, called them yesterday and was told I will get 2 of those charges back within 7-10 days, and I can submit a request in writing for the remaining charges. Whatever.

    The thing here is that I don't have Bank of America... I have my accounts with Citizen's Bank... and I have been googling this TLG company and I have seen complaints from customers of Chase and other credit cards as well as other banks. It seems to be the norm for most banks to have agreements with companies, and they ALL send these promotional items to suck you into monthly charges you don't want. So no matter what bank you have, call customer service and request to receive NO mailings other than those relevant to your accounts (statements, alerts etc.).. NO ads, NO promos. I have been unhappy with Citizens for a while now and considering a switch to Bank of America, and this recent TLG situation just kind of put me over the edge, but after looking into it I have found that changing banks won't prevent this kind of thing from happening... I just have to be smarter about it and be cautious of this type of promotion (free gift card, gift bag, etc.) and vigilant with my accounts.

  • Cr
      5th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    If you never lose your credit or debit card, their are people trying to get that number. Here is some ways of getting it.

    Video cell phones. Take a picture of your card before you swipe it.
    Skimming the card when giving it to a wait staff. Or on an ATM machine.
    Check all ATM machines to make sure their is no wireless on it. Easy to hack.

    The store where you used your card was hacked.

    Then they get this information and they use a white card or a gift card and go shopping on your money. Today you do not need to sign for stuff. You do not need to hand your card over to a cashier. If they still did this, their would be less fraud. The cashier would know that is not a credit card, but a cloned card and the police would be notified.

    Oh almost forgot this one. If your Cards have this ")))" Your card is broadcasting your info 24/7. Check out RFID credit cards to find ways to protect yourself from this.

  • St
      15th of Oct, 2009
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    My wife was also charged. is there a way to sue them in a class action suit?

  • Ld
      16th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I am currently going through the same thing. I have been charged 13.99 for the past 3 months that i am now aware of from TLG . I was also being charged 35.00 nsf from Bank of America. A couple of weeks ago, they waived the fees and my husband paid the negative 8 dollars to bring the account current. This week we get a card in the mail from BOA saying we were being charged 13.99 and due to nsf we also have a 35.00 nsf fee. This was my alert to call the bank to see what was going on. BOA told me TLG was charging me. I told them I have never heard of such a company. I told them I don't even use BOA because we bank with a different bank. BOA was just for like a wire transfer for the most part. I don't even open the statements because we don't use BOA to worry about something being wrong. BOA called TLG and did a 3-way, they swore my husband did it and that they are only going to refund one 13.99 charge out of 3 that I know of. BOA said they would take care of the other 2 13.99 transactions and all the nsf fees. I am going to get a copy of my statements as far back as I can and check them beacause TLG said something that disturbed me and it was they have been charging since I got the account. I got the account in 2006. Its only been 2 days since I became aware and as of now my acccount is sill negative 96.00 TLG claim they sent us a gift card for using there services, I told them we have never heard of them, never recieved a gift card nor do we use rebates or checks that come in the mail. This is crazy.
    If there is a way to due a class action suit, I would like to know. LS 10/16/09

  • Be
      20th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    They got me too. Let me know if a class action suit is in the future.

  • Tl
      2nd of Nov, 2009
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    My mother got taken too. What they seem to be doing is making arrangements with companies that already have accounts with people, and making them an offer where they hope they don't read the fine print. In my mother's case it was with her account with Haband Clothing. She got a check for $8.25 that can be used for "whatever you wish", plus 10% cash back for up to $1000 in purchases on Haband clothing. (Up to $100). All this is available for, (the first mention of which is as laid out in the fine print at the bottom of the last page) an annual membership fee of $145, charged to whatever card you have registered on the account.

  • Do
      13th of Nov, 2009
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    United States

    I was charged $129.99 to become a member of TLG Buyers Advantage that I had not authorized. The company says they will remove the charges from my credit card----I hope. I called the credit card company to let them know.

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