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Complaints & Reviews

queen concert tickets

I purchased tickets from ticketzoom for the Queen concert in Toronto. This is the most money I have ever spend on a concert but it is my favorite band and wanted to share the experience with my son. I searched for days on different sites trying to get the best seats I could afford. I finally chose ticketzoom and found seats near the rear back in the 100's section. I clicked onto the seats I wanted, paid and printed my tickets without even giving a thought to double check the seats. I double checked the date and venue but I selected my seats and wouldn't ever have thought to check the seats on the tickets. When we got to the concert and I saw that we were going to the 300 level at the very top I realized at this time that I was scammed. There is no way in hell I would ever have spent that kind of money to sit way up there. I am 100 % positive I didnt buy these seats. I went back to my screenshots that I took and saw that I actually purchased tickets in the 100's section but somehow the site changed my seating when my tickets printed.

tom jones tickets

The Tom Jones concert was rescheduled from September 2017 to May 2018, over 1/2 year later! I wanted to...

Game ticket

Do not waste your time and money on them. They are very fraudulent. They overcharged me! Prior to hitting the...

Event ticket

the company is very deceptive in their charges and their guarantee's they have a 100% refund policy stated...

Unauthorized Purchase

I was looking at tickets for the ballet on I got to the very end of the purchase after I had entered my PayPal information and saw there was a $160 service fee! Almost the cost of another ticket! I wanted to find out what the fee was for and hit the back button on my browser. Instead of going back it confirmed my order. I got stuck with tickets that were double the price I was willing to pay plus an additional $160 in fees that were not readily disclosed. The supervisor refunded $80 but neither TicketZoom or PayPal were willing to refund the unauthorized purchase. After checking reviews for TicketZoom I saw that I am not the only one this has happened to...Rip off! I will never use TicketZoom again and am seriously considering closing my PayPal account.

Does Not Honor Their Buyer Guarantee

If you go to the TicketZoom website in the bottom left corner you will see a 100% Guarantee. If you click on the about us tab you will find the following-
Buyer Guarantee

You will receive a 100% refund for any event that is canceled and not rescheduled. After receiving an order confirmation from our ticket network, if for some reason the tickets you selected were not available, our network will substitute comparable or better seats or our network will refund your money. All tickets are guaranteed to be 100% authentic, this is something that fan-to-fan and internet auction sites cannot provide. Speedy order processing and professional ticket delivery…you will always be on time for the event! All transactions are processed on a secure server with full 128-bit encryption. This means all of your personal information, including your credit card number, cannot be read as the information travels over the internet.
The above paragraph was copied & pasted straight from their web page.

We ordered tickets from them Nov. 3rd, 2010 for a Dec. 12th football game. They promised the tickets would arrive no later than Dec. 1st. ON Dec. 3rd I sent emails telling them we had not recieved our tickets. On the 4th my husband spoke with a rep who said the tickets would arrive before game day but to call back on Mon. the 6th if we had not been able to contact the seller & ask to speak to a manager. When my husband called back today, Mon. Dec. 6th he was told that they have not been able to get ahold of that seller. We would not be getting our tickets & if we wanted a refund we would have to call our credit card company. They did not honor their guarantee in any way, not even with comparable tickets. Since other people were counting on the tickets we had ordered we had to go to another site & pay $80.00 more for much worse seats.

  • Whatever. You didn't give an update. You probably got the tickets in time for the event. Why post this now in April, and not go on with the story and what happened the day of the event. The seller company HAS to refund you if you don't get tickets in time for the event. Read the fine print.

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  • Sa
    sach5897 May 06, 2013

    I completely agree with the complainant. Same thing happened to me. Bought tickets for the mayweather guerrero fight on May 4 2013 via ticket zoom. They charged me double the price off the actual ticket (which was freely available at the venue which I didn't know at the time). Actual ticket was $59, they charged me $130!! I never received the tickets and when I asked for a refund, they flatly refused

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  • El
    ELLEN659 Oct 13, 2014

    Bought concert tickets from TICKETZOOM & the tickets were FAKE! They Resold the same tickets to someone else.

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  • Ti
    Timmy H Jan 08, 2017

    Worst experience I've ever had. They charged $130 in "service fees" that I only found at the end of the order. And they were unwilling to cancel the transaction. Safe to say I am never using this site again.

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  • Ho
    Holly Shiralipour Aug 28, 2017 sold me fraudulent tickets to Gipsy Kings on Aug. 25. Paid $229.10 for 2 tickets with face value of $60. Paid $500 to go to concert. Turned away by Hollywood Bowl officials who said the tickets were fraudulent and bar code had been altered. HB staffers said many other folks with Ticketzoom tickets also had fraudulent tickets for concert. I called CUstomer Service. They asked if I had proof of denial of entrance. Said they would get back to me in 5 to 8 days. The tickets were fake!!! Fraudulent tickets. DO NOT BUY TICKETS from this company. You are wasting your money and will not get into the concert or entertainment venue!!

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  • Gr
    Greg Mullins Oct 26, 2017

    "I am like a lot of other people on here that have used ticketzoom. I was browsing websites trying to find the cheapest price on some Eagles tickets. I came to ticketzoom and tried the same thing, but when I thought I was reviewing my order to see what the final cost was going to be. "BAM" I had purchased the tickets for over $500. I immediately tried going to customer service, which there is none, and could not get the charge taken off. I called the toll free phone number and listened to their recordings and they said they did not give refunds. They should call themselves "Cheap Trick", because that is what I got. Tricked into a purchased with no way to get a refund. I called my bank this morning only to be told that since I gave them my credit/debit card number, there was nothing they could do about it. So "BUYER BEWARE" of this site because they are crooks, liars, rip offs, scammers and thieves. I cannot afford to lose over $500, but looks like I have."

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