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Unauthorized membership along with charges

Each month I have seen a debit of $16.99 to TLG*GREATFN64137630FEB800-29 (this is from 3/2/2020).
As I have a couple of monthly subscriptions for my son, of which most are related to his computer games, or spotify, I thought this was one of his subscriptions. Until I just accidently found out that it's not. So I looked them up and found Great Fun @ 877-488-9480so I called & they confirmed these charges/debits are from them. They CLAIM that when I purchased tickets from Spirit Airlines, "they asked me if I wanted a subscription to Great Fun". There is NO way this is true. I did purchase Spirit tix in January of 2018 but I did it all online & never talked to anyone on the phone. So this must have been a trick. I never signed an agreement authorizing them to debit my bank account every month.


I did not subscribe to anything with this company and they have charged my credit card $16.99 now for...

Great Fun

unauthorized charges from my credit card

I checked my online Statements regularly when I found 2 unauthorized charges from TLG*BUYERS68094536MAR [protected] CT for
$16.99 on April 15, 2019 and another $16.99 on April 26, 2019! I called right away the number on the Bank charge Statement and talked to
"Juan". He said he will discontinue my membership right away and send me an email to confirm. I told him I did not even enroll on whatever membership they are charging me for! And he said he is not the one in-charge of enrollment, so I asked to be connected to Membership but he said, "they are already closed." He did what he said he will do and that's the discontinuance of my membership and emailed the same day
but I was already charged twice in the same month.

unauthorized charges from my credit card

Great Fun

tlg, great fun, affinion group, trilegiant

If you've been defrauded by this company you can call Great Fun and pressure them to give you at least a year's worth of refunds. You also may have access to multi-million dollar settlement funds depending on your state.

I've had interactions with two subsidiaries of Affinion Group (or Trilegiant). Some time ago I became aware of recurring charges to my credit card from TLG Buyers Club, a company I didn't recognize. After a quick internet search I saw the company was associated with Great Fun, a separate company I had discontinued a trial for a year ago (this was a part of a rebate offered by Super Shuttle). I got in touch with a representative at Great Fun to confirm that they had in fact cancelled my trial, and when I asked why I was getting charges from TLG I was informed that TLG was a sister company of Great Fun, but that I would need to talk to someone at enrollment for TLG because the representative -- he told me his name was Von Johnson -- didn't know anything about how people got enrolled with TLG. I pointed out that Great Fun had clearly charged my initial $1 trial fee through TLG, as shown in my credit card statement, and asked if Great Fun shares customer billing information with TLG. He told me he didn't know. After I pressed him further and asked "Is there a chance that I was surreptitiously enrolled in a separate trial with TLG when I enrolled in the trial with Great Fun" he said "maybe." After more of this kind of deflection I informed him that I was aware Affinion Group had been the subject of a number of class action lawsuits for deceptive billing practices of this very kind, at which point "Mr. Johnson" at Great Fun told me he actually had access to my TLG account -- I was of course not quite surprised by this -- and that he could refund all but one of the thirteen charges to my account because he could only go back one year, which he did. No one from TLG had permission to access my account unless they used the kind of deceptive practices Affinion Group has sworn off after awarding millions of dollars in damages in lawsuits from multiple states including my own.

unauthorized charge

*read below to learn how I successfully resolved this matter directly with the vendor and was refunded the entire amount of all unauthorized charges*

We noticed a monthly recurring charge on our visa bill for $16.99. This charge had been recurring for five years, since 2014. We did not notice it sooner because there was a legitimate monthly recurring charge by a children's gymnastics company with a very similar name. But once the gymnastics company charges went away we became more critical of the mysterious charge. I first contacted visa and they said they could open a fraud incident, but federal regulations would only allow them to go back 120 days. I opened an incident, but was still livid at having nearly $1000 of my money stolen.
I then contacted member services at tlg shopper advantage [protected]) and asked how the charges originated and what they were for. I was told the charges were for an "active membership" that could save me all kinds of money and they it was from a thrifty car rental "gas coupon." we never authorized these charges through thrifty or used a gas coupon. We never received any paper mail, email, bills or other communication about the charges.
The most troublesome part of this event was that we've had our card replaced at least two times since 2014 for fraudulent activity and the vendor was still able to continue charging this monthly amount despite not having the correct card number any longer. Apparently visa allows that. Shame on visa.
When I contacted tlg shopper advantage membership services, the first person I spoke with cancelled my membership and offered to refund me one month in fees. She asked if this would be acceptable to resolve the matter. I said "no." then she offered to refund me 4 months worth of charges. She said this was the best she was able to offer. She asked if I accepted her offer. I said "no." then she transferred me to a supervisor who offered me a "one time offer" of a year's worth of charges. I said "no." then he offered me a "one time offer" of two years worth of charges. I said "I understand you are just doing your job, but no no no no! You stole my money since 2014. I never authorized any of these charges. I want all my money back!" then they transferred me to the office of the president where a lady asked what they could do for me. I told her I had no paperwork regarding this supposed membership, that i've never actually received any benefits or rewards for this supposed membership and have never received any monthly mail about any monthly membership charges. I told her I was going to open a complaint with the bbb, with the attorney general's office and that I had already begun a fraud investigation with visa and copies of all my bills from 2014 were currently being mailed to me so I could pursue the matter to the fullest extent. At that point she offered to calculate and refund the entire amount of all the charges ever collected and refund our credit card. I will believe it when I see it back on my card in 7 days. But my advice is to just be firm. When they ask, "do you accept" just keep firmly saying no. You do not accept their offers to resolve and demand all your money back. Eventually if you press hard enough and wait on hold long enough you will get a full refund. I just kept stating these were fraudulent charges, that they stole my money and that I was going to take this matter all the way to the top in order to get it resolved. I would not take no for an answer. They are counting on you only accepting a partial amount back when they provide no services and have stolen your money.

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unauthorized credit card charges

I was told that once I cancelled my Great Fun "free membership" I would not be charge any additional fees. I happen to check my statement on 9/27/18 and noticed a charge from TLG Shoppers for $16.99. They are all associated with one another. I specifically stated I did not want any of their services since they did not honor the Super Shuttle savings of $20 they originally baited me with. I will have to monitor my statements to see what other charges will appear. I also will be watching for my refund of the $16.99 I am suppose to receive in 5-7 business days.

tlg buyers

I have never even heard of this company and from the looks of it you guys get information from some sort of...

Keego Harbor Airlines

unauthorized credit card charges

These charges are appearing on a business credit card and I have had to pay out $123.00 as a "personal...

mail in rebate

Signed up for $50 mail in rebate, never received it. Look at my bank account today and there are 2 $16.99...

1 comment Keego Harbor Airlines

subscription service

This company received my information through tickets I purchased through ticketfly. I was charged $1 for a 30 day trial and was then told I would receive a $50 rebate and a welcome packet within 2 weeks. I never received the welcome packet and I never received a rebate. I canceled the subscription after the 2 weeks, and well within the 30 day trial. This was in september of 2015. Come to find out that they have been charging me $16.99/month on a card I never use ever since.in fact, the card they initially had the info of was canceled in may of 2016, so at the very least, the charges should have stopped then. They didn't. They were somehow able to make 23 more charges to a card that no longer existed.

I called customer service today, and they said they had no record of my ever having called. I spoke to paul who gave me a confirmation number for the cancellation. He said as a "courtesy" they were mailing me a check for the $50 I was promised. I asked paul to confirm the last four of the card they had charged, and I gave him the last four that appeared on the statement for september 2015, showing the initial $1 charge. He said that was not the card they showed. So now they're saying they charged a card that never existed.

I was transferred to a supervisor to deal with the fraudulent charges, mary perez (30982), and she said that they had my card ending in the last four that I had just given paul as the initial card charged. Funny how that suddenly popped up. She also confirmed that all calls are recorded and it showed that I had never called. She said in june 2016 they had a new card number, which matched the last four of my current card number. I asked her how they got my new card number if I had never called and provided it. She said she did not know, but that all calls are recorded. I told her that she and paul had just said they showed no record of my ever calling, so it was impossible for her to have my new card info. She told me again that all calls are recorded. I asked her to provide me with the call recording of me giving them the new card number. She said she couldn't do that because she didn't show any calls.

She then offered to refund me for one year's worth of charges, which she assured me was tied to the same confirmation number as my cancellation. I told her that I needed to speak to someone who could refund me for the 31 unauthorized charges, not just 12 of them, and she said she could transfer me to the office of the president. She said that it might go to voicemail, and to leave my name and number and they would respond in 1-2 business days. Surprise surprise it didn't even ring, and went straight to voicemail.

unauthorized charges

I have never even heard of this place and I have been being charged $16.99 a month for the last 4 months that I am aware of anyway. There should be a class action lawsuit. I am a very low income family. And they are stealing from my kids and me. $o something will be done and refunded in full or my attorney will get it back for me plus some. Damn scam stealing from people who barley making it as is.

charges made to my debit card

My mother's a senior citizen and she never buy online using her debit card. If she needs to buy online I always use my account.
The sad part she's not checking her bank statements and never suspected anything because she said, no one is using it but her.
For some reason, I decided to check her banking statements and was shocked to find out that this, TLG*FYE VIP has been charging her since November 2013!!!
As soon as I told her about it, she went to her bank and complained but the bank can only refund her 3 months and changed her ATM card.
Please help, this company's ripping people off. Specially senior citizen.

unauthorized billing

I signed up for some shopping discount sight, I think the name of it was "big fun" or something like that to get a rebate. The agent I spoke to on the phone suggested I sign up, get my rebate and then cancel. He suggested I do this! The agents get you to sign up and then make you think you are cancelling the membership and will not be charged! There must be some fine print or something that explains that you'll also sign up for other sights and be charged a fee. But, they don't tell you that! This is a scam! I promptly cancelled the membership after receiving the rebate. Now I see that i've been charged monthly for something else. Tlg*buyers advantage. Shady scam and needs to be investigated!

unauthorization of monthly fees on my credit card

My mother is 97 years old. Yesterday she brought to my attention her credit card statement for the preceding...


They never sent me anything in the mail or through email like they said they would. The guy told me that I would receive the canceling number through email and in the information packet through the mail. I never received either and just got charged $16.99! I had to look up the number today because I noticed the charge. I want a refund and I would not recommend them for anything!

receiving multiple payments

I called the 'great fun' company last night, dec 5th, and was told that I cannot cancel the membership until the pending payment went though. well, I waiting and got three notifications from my credit card saying that more payments (for one dollar however) went through to my credit card. I never wanted the stupid membership in the first place. I want my money back, and I don't care if I have the stupid membership.

  • Re
    Reviewer101101 Jan 27, 2018

    Thank you for writing your review, it saved me the hassle of getting ripped off as I too was told the exact same about my purchase and “how special this offer is because I would get my rebate regardless of keeping the service of Great Fun after the 1 month trial period expires”. After reading your review and many others of the same general experience, I opted out of any rebate because I could tell that it sounded fishy and looked up your review while on the phone. So thank you for sharing and I’m sorry you had a dollar or more taken with nothing received. They probably do this to 50% of the people who are sent to them from buying something else, and when summed, make a ton of money from getting just $1 from many people who think they will get the deal where they get $50 vs the $25 original rebate they are offered. In the end the customer gets nothing and the “Great Fun” business makes out with customers money for nothing. This company needs to be referred to the better business bureau for scamming people out of their money. It’s like the movie Office Space, $1 is seemingly nothing just as 1 penny is even less noticeable, but $1 from 1 million people is scamming 1 million dollars, where you or me doing so would go to jail when caught. This should be no different. I’m going to refer them and I think I everyone who reads this and who actually paid any money to “Great Fun” should make a complaint so they see that this is not a witch hunt, it’s the truth and just as I was saved the hassle by yours and others reviews or your experience, many other people would be saved the trouble and frustration of being told they would receive a $25-$50 rebate for their purchase by using this scam for a $1 trial period, that never showed up in their mailbox. Thank you for sharing as you saved myself and most likely many others from being ripped off. Now it needs to be brought to the authorities attention that this whole thing is a scam and the company’s who associate with “Great Fun”
    Should be held liable as well.

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I signed up for a trial membership of one month and was told, more than once, that any rebates I file during that time "would be mine to keep" whether or not I decide to continue the membership after the trial. I have not yet received any rebates and was told that I will not since I did not continue my membership after the trial period. Total rip off

  • Vi
    Viki Ogden Jul 27, 2017

    No, that is not true. I sent out the rebate form the next day I signed up and I received the $50 rebate check a few days before my one month free trial is up. I called and cancel it with no hassle at all. I got my $50 rebate money from them.

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rebate not received

I purchased ticket from Spirit airlines. At the end of the purchase, I got an offer to register with...

1 comment Stevensville Online Scams

travel shopper

Mary Wright [protected] Zip code 35215 On February 22 2017 you deducted $16.99 twice I called and told them...


I bought tickets to Earth, Wind & Fire Concert in Billings, Mt and I was advised that I could get a rebate...