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Tlg Fye Vipcharge my debit card

TLG*FYE VIP [protected] NY They charged me $9.99 with out any authorization. I want it refunded to me and want this to stop!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Transaction HistoryAvailable Balance*: $12.96

* Includes amounts subject to any holds.
September 20096 debits for a total of $$139.38 spent.
2 credits for a total of $$155.00 deposited.
Pending Transactions
Description Amount
TLG*FYE VIP [protected] NY with Card ************4784 #-$9.99 <----(THIS IS THE UNAUTHORIZED CHARGE!)
DVD RENTAL MOVIECUBE HOUSTON TX with Card ************4784 #-$2.14

Posted Transactions
Date Posted Description Amount Balance
09/15/2009 Debit: Monthly fee of 995 -$9.95 $25.09
Description: Debit: $87.13 from merchant PUBLIX 15000 MIAMI LAKES DR E MIAMI LAKES FLUS

With Card: ************4784
-$87.13 $35.04
09/14/2009 Deposit @ Advance America $120.00 $122.17


  • Ma
    Max Mays Sep 08, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am just trying to get some idea of if people would be serious here. Would you guys legitimately want to pursue a Class Action Suit? I reached out to the BBB and they have even been totally unable to solve anyone's issue with this company. It seems like there are more than enough people this has affected to make a strong case. Individually the amounts aren't worth fighting, but collectively it would be a different story. Just comment on this board or like this comment if you are interested.

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  • Me
    Megan Hinkston Apr 11, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been getting charged $11.99 for sometime now and wasn't aware! I recall being asked to sign up for something but I also recall declining the offer due to the fact that a) I rarely shop there and b) I have run into this oh it's free it's free claim before and as I told the cashier I learned my lesson then. Thank you for the offer though... I will be calling them today and request a full refund!!! Makes me so mad to get a fraudulence charge from an already overpriced store! I'm half tempted to print the many reviews and post them in and around the store. FYE IS A CROOK!

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  • Ma
    manny w Feb 13, 2016

    I just found out they have been charging my account for 29 months!!! total BS!!! i called [protected] and cancelled it. Ill check next month to make sure i didnt get any charges again. They are SNEAKY the way they get people to sign up for this. I RARELY buy anything from FYE but I did and they asked me to sign up for FREE so i did but they didnt tell me I would start to get charged monthly. AND they steal your credit card info without telling you!!!

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  • Pe
    Penny Jo Anne Duke Dec 29, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh I am getting my money back. So, far we have two of three charges refunded never recived a card a memership nada. Just shopped ther ein July and in AUgust they started billing us didnt notice til 12-25-15!! Cause our cc was over limit!! Cancelled card Fraud investigation been on hold now for 25 minutes over this last 11.99 they say they didnt bill us!! But Credit card company says they did.

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  • Ra
    Raphael Pizeno Oct 09, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    CPyscho, they for the same for me. I signed up back in 2012 and the lady said it was completely free. Lies! For almost 3 years these guys have been taking money out for a service I only used 6 times during my business trip. They took $395.67 from me. I will NEVER shop there again.

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  • Do
    Dostrom Apr 03, 2013

    I too was told there was no fee for the FYE VIP and now FYI is taking $11.99 out of my account every month. I used a debit card not a credit card and you would think without authorization for monthly withdraw that would be illegal. I have only purchased a $5 magazine that has now cost me over $50, this is an absolute RIP OFF. I am in for filing a lawsuit and will never go in that store again.

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  • Bo
    Borglah Oct 22, 2012

    Have been fighting them for months! Bought something 2 years ago at their store at Mall of America, got a FREE card and have been getting charged $11.99 a month since. Got them to cancel my account in May of this year, now all of a sudden my credit card was charged all the months since May again! They say over the phone my account is inactive, so they can't make any changeson their computer and refund anything. I have to write to: PO Box 6100, Westerville, OH [protected] or fax [protected] and file my complaint that way! WHAT A RIP OFF. I'm IN if anyone wants to file a class action lawsuit!

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  • Cp
    CPsycho Oct 03, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Found out that apparently I signed up for this 2 years ago and have been charged 11.99 per month ever since. Funny thing is the only time I shopped there when they were going out of business and everything was on clearance (about 2 years ago). The other odd thing is I was told I signed up with my current address, I've only lived at this place about a year. I did get it cancelled with minimal hassle but I'm not eligible for any refunds because I signed the agreement. They are unable to provide me with my signed agreement and the customer service agents have no managers to speak with, or so they say.

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  • Po
    poohpntr007 Apr 05, 2012

    FYI VIP has taken over $200 from my account and I never signed up for this deal! The Rep says I can not get my money back, even though I have never taken advantage of this program and they can see that by their records. This is a rip off and should come under the heading of "STEALING" - because that's what they are doing!!! I wish I was wealthy so that I could hire a lawyer for a CLASS ACTION SUITE against FYE - then we could all get our hard earned dollars back!

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  • Lu
    Ludehrt Feb 24, 2012

    FYE VIP IS A COMPLETE RIP-OFF!! This company should be ashamed at themselves. I will NEVER shop there ever again and I will be spreading the word whenever the opportunity presents itself. There is a pattern of deceptive business practice and I hope they get what they deserve. FYE deceptively sold me into a one time 10% discount and turned it into monthly 11.99 charge. I did not fill out any paperwork whatsoever. I called their [protected] and cancelled it and I also got a confirmation number. I also called my bank in order to start a paper trail. We will see if they hit my account next month.

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  • I'm gonna have to agree with the complaints. I've had it happen to me once before and now it's happening to my mom (I'm a college student). I tried to tell her not to get the darn thing since they'll charge us if we forget to call them (and I knew we would forget). Of course she gets it for a sale, even though we don't go often.

    I called them once to cancel her account (man that was just rough) and I thought they did until...SURPRISE! She's still getting charged, and money is already tight. I'm gonna call these people AGAIN before hours are over and tell me straight up that the service has to go!
    Now I just gotta find the card again. Or do they show your member # on the bank transaction?

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  • Ah
    Ahwatuketico Aug 11, 2011

    I had the similar problem, they were charging the account without even sending a monthly bill or information. While trying to cancell the account they've offered $40 in credit and the account to "continue active". I hope that I never have to deal with them again, one visit cost to their store cost me enough money and waste of time.

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  • Ha
    Hannahhh Mar 29, 2011

    Same here and it's so difficult to call their number. I've been trying it for several days now.

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  • Sc
    scro Mar 22, 2011

    I have been working with FYE on an internet order and it has been terrible. The customer service is the worst I have ever seen, one girl answers each time, when asked to speak with a manager she says she is the manager and the cycle becomes viscous. I have ordered an item via the FYE web page and when I receive the item is different from the one I ordered. I think it is a bait ans switch tactic that is being used. Very poor everything at this point from FYE>

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  • Qu
    quakerblade Mar 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just had my account overcharged as well by FYE, I canceled the card before the trial month was even over and haven't received a single bill for the past 5 months, now they randomly decided to charge me the 11.99, what the heck, this is so illegal.

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  • Em
    EmpressNoelia Jan 21, 2011

    I was checking my account today january 21, 2010 And saw the same thing the girl at the register told me it was 100% free but i know is not her fault i use to have to promote the same thing in old navy so she was just doing her job...!And now months later i see two 11.99 charges in my account and i google the tlg FYE and found you guys hopefully the numbers i saw on top will help because my account went on overdraft because of them...

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  • Ji
    Jillisabec Dec 29, 2010

    FYE has been charging me 11.99 per mo for almost a year, I havnt noticed until recently since ive been watching my money more carefully. Well today their 11.99 scam had overdrawn my chekcing account. I never had gotten anything in the mail regarding this and have only shopped at FYE twice maybe three times. Im livid over this. Not sure how to cancel w/o my membership #, besides to call the # someone posted and completey go ape [censor] on who ever answers.

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  • Fy
    fye bad service Dec 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i went to the fye in miami at dolphin mall and i asked for a kinec for xbox 360 and the employe who is called andy talked me tha they have the last one so i said it is ok, then one guy maybe 10 minutes after, asked for the same item and he said that kinec wa sold out, so the other guy give him 5 dollars more behind the table and he told me that the other guy bought it. so it is a kind of racist and corruption.

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  • Cs
    CSU Alumni Nov 17, 2010

    I've just noticed I've been charged for the past 8 months for this crap! I did sign up and canceled within 30 days after they sent postcard in the mail with number to cancel. I never spoke to a live person, but did cancel. Just got off the phone with them and all they were trying to do was extend this stupid offer! I said to him (Chris) over 3 times that I wanted it to stop and didnt care about any stupid offers. He said that it was canceled and gave me a confirmation number. If this doesnt stop I am certainly looking to sue! They are taking advantage of people and its cruel! Getting rich off of innocent people. I will never sign up for any additional specials from any store and will never shop at FYE again!

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  • Ma
    MagaliB Aug 30, 2010

    I would like to thank those people who have provided information on this website.

    I have also been charged FOR 3 MONTHS by tlg*fye without my authorization. I canceled my credit card today and called the number provided by other comments [protected] to cancel their "service, " which I don't care what it is about.
    I want this to stop now!!

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  • Ga
    gamerscoobs Apr 29, 2010

    Visa Check POS Debit
    L340 DATE 04-27
    TLG*FYE VIP1813618877-3512131

    Ammout of $9.99

    Was also charged to my account several times at what seems like random dates! I have contacted a Lawyer to see what I can do. FYE should be sued!

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  • Pi
    Pierre Lincourt Feb 20, 2010

    I have just found out that I was charged for TLG FYE in December on my Master card bill. And when I called Master card today Saturday February 20, I was told that it was alos being charged in January and I guess it will go on.
    I was given the phone number [protected] but it was closed today.
    since I'm not in the USA, how do we get rid of this thing?

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  • Ta
    taryn_syndrome Feb 17, 2010

    Went in FYE in November 2009 to buy a CD! The girl at the register asked if I like to sign up for this card and I asked if it was free and she said it was 100% free! 2 months later I get charged $11.99 and they over drafted my account! My bank charged me $50 for the overdraft! I took the little booklet FYE gave me with the card and it showed me how to get rid of the charge online. I got rid of it and it told me it was no longer going to charge my account. Months later I;m still being charged. $11.99 a month since November 2009! I;m sick of this!

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  • Ya
    yanksfan Dec 04, 2009

    unauthorized charges on my debit card!! i want it to STOP NOW!!!

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  • Km
    kmmm Nov 23, 2009

    Me too! Did anyone get their money back???

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  • Ma
    martinman_80 Oct 22, 2009

    i just got the same thing
    this is ridiculous
    class action lawsuit anyone?

    2 Votes
  • Ut
    Uteki Oct 01, 2009

    Ugh, they're doing the same to me!
    I got this page from Google-ing "FYE VIP";

    or, just call this number:

    I'm going to call it tomorrow, they've billed me for, about, 4 months, I thought the card the cashier gave me wasn't going to cost anything, now I've found there's $40 worth of charges to my bank account. I don't mind paying $10 for the card, since I don't buy much from FYE, but not every month. I'm not happy AT ALL with FYE! I've read other complaints and it sounds like their customer server sucks, too.

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