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12/5/2018 around 2pm

I have a complaint to make about an employee at La Canada, Ca TJ Maxx store. Her name is Kisha I believe. I brought in a cart full of clothes to try on ( about 15) at the dressing room downstairs. Without a greeting, Kisha rudely said "only 10 items". So I divided the clothes in pile of 10 and the other 5 in another cart that was in the dressing room entrance. Kisha let all other shoppers behind me in the dressing rooms while I patiently waited. She then started counting 10 items at which point she demanded that I hold the clothes while she counted. I did not like her rude attitude, so I told her to just put the counted clothes in the cart instead of having me hold them in my arms as she wanted to pile the counted items onto my arms. I thought this was rude and told her so, at which point she called over another employee jeering at me saying, "did you hear that?" to that employee and smirking. She then called over the manager despite my saying I didn't want to speak to a manager, I just wanted to try on my clothes and leave! She said "No I have to call my manager". I just simply couldn't believe her rudeness and spitefulness. I was then forced into a situation to explain the situation to the manager, while she looked on mocking me. I don't want anybody's job to be taken away because of a complaint. But I believe Kisha needs to be retrained in dealing with customers, or be alerted of my complaint. She has no business in inconveniencing customers to hold items, or to force customers into speaking with a manager even against their wish to do so. This is just rudeness and spitefulness that I have never experienced before.

Dec 05, 2018

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