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Just wanted to share a very unpleasant experience that I encountered today on 01/13/17 at tj max department store located on skokie blvd in northbrook, il. I was trying to return a brand new, unworn, with all tags attached trousers that I was given as a gift for christmas. I did not have a receipt for. The cashier by name marya was very unfriendly to start with. After I approached her and said hello she never greeted me back. When I explained that I need to return this item she silently scanned the item and announced that this item is not in the system and must be bought more then a year ago. I asked if it can be taken back for a store credit. Her response was "no way". I asked for a manager and when the manager by name mimi came, marya presented my case to mimi in an unfortunate way.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Northbrook, IL Then mimi had nothing but to confirm that this item cannot be return in any possible way and I have to take it back home. So all together I had a horrible experience with these 2 sales reps and left the store with the feeling that I never ever want to come back to tj max for any shopping needs because I don't want to experience another attitude like this one.
I think one of the priorities for sales reps is to be nice to customers and be trying hard to help them with their needs to satisfy them and make them feel wanting to come back again and again. I'm sure in my case they could of make an exception and take this item back for a store credit like marshalls store could do it for me in exact same situation just a few days ago. And as much as I know tj max and marshalls have the same policies.
Indeed, the quality of our life is in hands of people we encounter.

Jan 13, 2017
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  •   Jan 14, 2017

    How exactly does a store take back something they do not sell and does not come up in their inventory system? Your gifter probably got it as a gift last year and regifted it to you.

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