TJX / manager

Boardman, OH, United States

I have a complaint about a manager in the store she is secretly taking the Rae Dunn Goods going through them and selecting which she wants and then takes them when I go into the store I can't find things because she's taking them is there some way that you can put a stop to this I travel 30 minutes outside my home town to go to the store to seek for these items only to be let down and told by a former employee that she is taking the things this is very upsetting and this is an ongoing situation for many other Rae Dunn collectors all across the world can something be done to stop this maybe she needs to be babysat to stop this from happening that is nonsense and needs to be put to a stop I'm hearing stories of these employees hiding things in laundry baskets and other places in the stores for their friends to come in and get how is this fair to the consumer this is absolutely absurd and disrespectful if this keeps up I will no longer be a customer at Home Goods TJ Maxx or Marshalls

Jun 14, 2017

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