TJ Maxxservice

TJ Maxx in Lexington, Sc The manager will not allow employees to buy Rae Dunn merchandise. There is a group of women that wait outside for the store to open so they can get this stuff. The manager of the store is in contact with these women and informs them when the stuff comes in. The manager also holds the stuff for these women. If there is no new stuff then there is no line waiting outside. She also opens the store 20-30 minutes early so these women can come buy this stuff. Corporate needs to investigate this stuff and if it means to stop selling Rae Dunn then that's what needs to be done. Just let you know if I'm ever back in the store at 9:30 and I'm threatened or cussed out because they think I'm trying to buy there stuff I will take this to the next level.

Nov 27, 2018

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