TJ Maxx / poor customer service

Boston, MA, United States

On Sunday, I visited the TJ Maxx store on Washington Street in Downtown Boston. I was in the perfume section and noticed a beat up opened box with a small bottle of perfume in it. I decided to smell it and thought, wow this smells pretty good. However, the perfume spray by Bath and Body didn't have a top to it. When I looked on the side of the box, I didn't see a red sticker discount rate, which I felt in that condition should have been there. So I thought, why not ask for a discount. I went to the customer service desk and spoke to a manager called, Aaron G. I asked for a discount given the condition of the box, which was taped up and because the bottle had no top to it. He looked at the bottle and said, "I'll give you 50 cents off", which I thought was unfair. I proceeded to ask him why couldn't at least get a dollar off, and he repeated, I'll give you 50 cents. That's it. I discussed the condition of the box and the fact that the top was missing from the bottle and he said that TJ Maxx created that box for loose items in the perfume section and so the condition of the box was normal. He said he would only give me I'll give you 50 cents off and that was it. I proceeded to ask for 75 cents, he repeated, "No. I'll give you 50 cents off". What Poor Customer Service! I told him I thought his reaction was mean and I was going to file a complaint. I have shopped at TJ Maxx for years and the customer services has always been good thus far, but what a RUDE manager! I asked him for his last name and I was informed that TJ Maxx employees are not allowed to give their last names. Are you kidding me? What kind of company does not provide last names? Furthermore, why are your employees creating bent and crappy taped up boxes to hold loose merchandise that look like this. So you sell items in your store at a reduced price, so that means whatever condition they are in doesn't matter? Customer service should be among your company's top priority. I am extremely disappointed.

TJ Maxx

Jun 14, 2017

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