Tinder / photo censorship

Sunland, CA, United States

Your site or workers or whoever is in charge of censorship decided that two of my photos were inappropriate and needed to be removed today which is ridiculous and shows how immature, sexist and biased your companies values are. They were torso photos of me in a long sleeve shirt and underwear, less revealing than most bikini or topless photos of men that are allowed on the site, yet it was deemed inappropriate due to the fact that I am a woman who is comfortable enough with her body and posing with confidence and that society and apparently your app is uncomfortable with female sexuality. If you think that my photos should be taken down because they are too revealing then you should have to take down any bathing suit photos of all men and women and photos of men with no shirts on as well, or photos that show any skin besides arms and calves and faces. This is an unfair way to judge people's photos and you have no right to decide that my beautiful body is innapropiate. You are running your company with double standards and sexism, and if you do not allow my photos to remain this time, I will have to take further action against your company.


May 2, 2017

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