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Tinder / fake profiles

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I used Tinder and was scammed out of $3000. Apparently there are Liberians stealing innocent soldiers FB profiles and pics and luring women into a trap of deceit.
I found a man on Tinder who liked me and said what I guess these thieves are using as bait: I'm coming home in two weeks, you are so beautiful and I'm from Texas but I'll be stationed in your state when I get out. They ask you questions about state you live in and promise a wonderful life. They tell you that they are rich and their parents have died, they have no one and are glad they found you because they finally found the woman they have been looking for.
Once they have lured you into their web, that's when the "I need money" starts. They tell you they have bought their plane ticket home but now their credit card is locked because of the large amount of money used. They proceed to say they need more money for baggage money, physical to come back home, crazy stories.
But unfortunately I was hooked on this guy and shame on me for paying out the money.
I am currently searching for the poor person they are posing as because they are innocent. I'm hoping I can find him because they are using him as a baiter and that's not right!
I am writing just to let you know that these Liberians are focused on Tinder because they know they can get to people through their FaceBook accounts. And my soldier was saying he was based in Liberia on a peace keeping mission.
Yes, I should have known better to not send money but these losers are professionals and really know how to get you lured into thinking that person is real. Well, the person is real but is being used under false pretenses.
The person who I "met" on Tinder is Luis Sanchez and he is in the US Army. I would strongly suggest that you remove his profile because it is a fake being run by these thieves.
In the meantime, I will continue to find and get in contact with Luis Sanchez to warn him that his identity is being used as bait.
I would also suggest that you not link people with their Facebook profiles. These innocent peoples lives' are being affected and could get them into trouble when they are victims as well.
Former Tinder User


Feb 3, 2017

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