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Time Warner Roadrunner / criminal router hijacking!

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I work for a home security company that has broadband security systems. Many people buy routers so that they can use multiple computers on one high speed internet connection. This is a necessity for our broadband system, as we don't have a built in router and passthrough port in our system. The problem is that i have run into several cases where the software that comes with the time/warner cable does something HIGHLY MALICIOUS. It detects to see if there is a "local network", looking for other computers on the network. Then, if it does detect them, it uses Universal Plug and Play to create some kind of routing table where the PC running the software gets a live internet address, and everyone else inside gets a local DHCP address. It completely kills the NAT. So, no other computers will work behind the router.

Now, why in the hell should a customer pay an additional $30 a month to use their home security system on their high speed internet? That's what they're doing. I've looked all over google and I can't find a single person who has identified this. Either it's too new, or no one has been smart enough to catch them at their game.

I think its criminal. They bought a router. Then Time Warner's software completely destroys the purpose of that router.

Kind of steaming on this.


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  • Da
      9th of Jan, 2008
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    I hate Time Warner. They are a bunch of crooks. We cancelled our service with them a year and a half ago for home security. A month ago they started sending us bills for current charges. I'm going to forward these bill on to the NC States Attorney General Office along with a complaint.

  • Vi
      2nd of Dec, 2008
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    Time Warner Roadrunner - Service that doesn't run as rated
    Time Warner
    9350 Bolsa Ave
    United States

    Latency is terrible and speeds do not hit what the service is rated for. This has been happening for too long and is becoming very frustrating.

  • An
      9th of Apr, 2009
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    Time Warner Roadrunner - Proposed usage tier plan
    RoadRunner Broadband Service
    New York
    United States

    This is to inform you that there is a serious problem with RoadRunner's proposed "broadband pricing based on usage" that I hope you will be able to have someone of authority check out and verify. I believe this will have severe unexpected consequences for users of Time Warner RoadRunner Internet services.
    Previous to this time I was a subscriber to Frontier DSL High Speed Internet Service. I switched over to RoadRunner approximately 2 years ago and up until now, have been very happy with their High Speed (10MB) Internet service. Having been a Frontier DSL customer previously, I know that what I am about to explain does not occur with their service, as I have also monitored my Ethernet adapter at the time I had DSL and their modem does not cause these constant connections.
    The Application I am using now and in the past to monitor this is called AIDA32. It is Freeware and is available for anyone at a number of places just by typing in "AIDA32+freeware" in a Google or other search engine, though I would suggest either here
    or here
    This is an older system information application that is easy to install/uninstall and use, with no spyware or adware or viruses of any kind, and works on all Windows editions (except the 64 bit).
    I mention this application as I doubt that whatever “gauge” Time Warner comes up with to measure broadband usage will take into account the following...

    This is to let you know that anyone with RoadRunner broadband is using a minimum of 1.3 Gigabytes a month (this is based on only having one computer on 5 hours a day) just by being connected to a Time Warner RoadRunner Modem. You do not have to even open a web browser to achieve this! All that is needed is to turn on your PC or Laptop.
    The cause of this is the constant connection between RoadRunner's modem and DHCP server and the network card in every PC. This connection uses an astounding 9MB per hour all by itself!

    Here are the figures for a single computer, any version of Windows, with NO network and NO wireless connectivity. (the numbers are much higher if you have either or both, and multiplied by the number of computers connected)

    9 MB per hour @ 5 hrs per day = 45 MB per day. 45 MB per day X 30 days = 1350 MB per month. There are 1024 MB in a Gigabyte thus 1350 MB divided by 1024MB = 1.3 Gigabytes per month usage WITHOUT ever opening a browser!

    Remember, this is a low estimate, as a majority of people ARE connected to a home network either by a cable or wireless.
    Any person can easily run the above application on as many computers as they have at the same time, and verify this for themselves. Just remember not to go on the Internet for a period of 1 hr so you can get an accurate amount of Bytes Received from this application.
    All you need to do in the AIDA32 application is open "Network" then click on "Windows Network" and watch the "Bytes Received" counter do it's thing.
    Advanced users can use a "packet sniffer" to verify this.

    I consider this a grave deception by Time Warner, as most people (almost all) have no understanding of the way a computer internet connection works, and will just pay the extra money or upgrade to a tier that supports their usage according to what Time Warner tells them they are using. The statement from Time Warner that this should not affect most users of their broadband service may be true, if you do nothing but check your email, but the “devil is in the details” is the appropriate phrase I think belongs here, and so far, the “details” have been hidden.

  • De
      20th of Oct, 2009
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    Now I know why I'm having so many problems getting my router working.
    I'm getting really sick of TW's garbage service and support.
    I can't wait for FIOS to be available in my neighborhood.

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