Time Warner Cableworst customer service ever!

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Verified customer

Speaking as an it professional with close to 13 years of extensive experience in a wide spectrum of the industry, from hardware/software service, to system administration, network administration, web development, and have focused for a number of years on IT security.

I had road runner broadband service installed in my residence in the middle of april 2007. the installer informed me at that time, that there were issues resulting from the recent storms, and speeds were around 100kb, as opposed to 2-3 mbit.

After a week, and still speeds at or below 100kb, i attempted to contact support. the installer had never left any paperwork, not even an account number. The online support was less than helpful, and refused to talk to me.

After several attempts, i was finally able to get online support to assist me. Several more contacts, and the issue was escalated, and agreed that there was a problem, although it was denied that there had been a problem in this area.

I spoke with a level 3 engineer, and he agreed there was an issue. A tech was scheduled. He arrived and told me, that there were still problems in this area. And that speed were still in the 100kb range. But mysteriously and miraculously, the speeds jumped while he was here to over 2.3mbit. That speed stayed for a few days, then dropped back to where it had been. This issue has dragged on and on and is going on a month.

To me it is unbelievable that there can be such a lack of communication, and denial that there is a problem. This area is experiencing an enormous amount of latency, and then mysteriously it goes away, but then returns. The level 3 engineer admitted that there were some hops that were having problems, but almost a month, and its worse than ever. My last speedtest, at the request of an rr tech, produced a result of 35kbit... slower than dialup. this is not a problem? I have continuous scans coming from rr customers, and needless to say, all of my computers are heavily secured, including preventing the scans that rr does on its customers. While that is understandable in the prevention of illegal file sharing. were there a problem at my location, the speeds would not burst at rare points nor would they be sustainable, and the latencies drop to normal within the route.

At this point, i feel that there are several dialup providers that could provide me with more bandwidth than i am receiving right now. Waiting 10-15 seconds for google to load is almost laughable.

I am a very patient person, but this has passed the point of being ludicrous. From scouring the blogs, and consumer sounding boards, there seem to be a lot of problems that "don't exist" I have multiple computers on my internal network, and this bandwidth problem is consistent with the connection state at any given time. The throughput on one machine is within a tolerance of a few kbit. I am at my wits end with this, and needs a reliable connection. I have accumulated a large number of speedtests, including dusting off my bandwidth logging/monitor that collects statistics on throughput.

This is a simple problem it would seem, but one that i am getting no results with. Perhaps posting this identical post on every blog and consumer sounding board that i come across, as well as urging other mistreated customers to do, may in fact jolt road runner into a proactive action.

I am including a few speedtest results as well all from speedtest.net the timewarner speed test was even slower.


This one was quite interesting, as it was done approximately 2 minutes after i received an inbound dns query to my honeypot, from level3 net , one of the slow pokes in the route


So if these and the many more that i have are not indicative of a serious problem in the service, then i must be ready for the men in the white suits.


  • Do
    docjawcx Dec 04, 2014

    I was in the middle of writing and working on my book when Time Warner decided to cancel my internet navigation capability. Then my phone went dead. When I called to complain from my cell phone I was advised by the representative that they were doing system maintenance. When I asked "when in the hell were you going to tell me?" He responded "the outage affects anywhere from 250, 000to over a million people . We don't have the staff or the capability to inform everyone of the plan for system maintenance. No matter what we tried to do in the past to announce our plans we had complaints. So we decided it's just not worthwhile to try." So I asked "you mean you don't care about your customers? You treat customers like $#1+ and you expect us to like it. My phone also went off line, what if I had an emergency and needed to call 911. Should I sue you for not taking the time to do due diligence? What is going to be my compensation for the interrupted service?" I was pissed. They have no idea of what customer centered service means. I am going to look for another carries. Plus it was irritating that the agent kept saying "I'm sorry". I said "quit fibbing, you're insulting me, and you're being insincere".

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  • Fu
    fuc Sep 04, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    most useless company i have ever seen. they do not care about customer servive, just getting your money however possible. I'm disabled an have a low fixed income. internet gives a way to keep in touch. ihave fallen a little behind, one payment, to catcg, they will not welp, going to cut service on tuesdat. as far as I'm concerened they can go to hell

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  • Ac
    AC2011 Oct 18, 2011

    TWC, New York City/Kew Gardens Hills-the worst and unreliable internet ever, very slow, every week undefinite outages...

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  • De
    Death reaper Jun 13, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They dumb faces have a monopoly on Fort Bragg. I hated them. I will never use their over priced garbage agaib.

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  • Su
    Suzan Westmoreland Jun 13, 2011

    In May 2011, I switched my phone service to Time Warner cable and have been regretting it. Every time I speak to a Time Warner rep, I get different info. Tech Support told me that I don't have voicemail and then I talked to the rep to complain and add the service and was told that, of course, I do have voicemail. I got my first bill and it was $50 more than I expected. I tried to go online to check and had to set up two accounts: Time Warner and PayXpress. Can't set up PayXpress without the customer code from my bill but I don't get a paper bill so can't do it. Customer support won't give me the customer code because I'm only the co-owner of the account not the primary owner. So far talked to four people and on the phone for 25 minutes and counting. I have to repeat my information with every person: name, phone number, address, security code. "For security reasons" they can't pass the info from one rep to another. Are you kidding me?! I am SO sorry I switched to Time Warner.

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  • Om
    omt811 Apr 19, 2011

    I understand why you are all frustrated but trust me, I move a lot and Time Warner is the best deal going. I am only saying this because I have also been a comcast customer and they were pretty bad. Their DVRs do not work like they should and if you want to search for a specific show you have to do a complete separate search for every day of the week. Right now though I am locked into a contract with the worst of the worst. DirecTV. The installer lied to me about what I was getting, then the service constantly cuts out. All of the OnDemand stuff I was supposed to get does not work because the installer did not bring a coaxial kit, I didn't know this was required so I didn't notice. I didn't try to use the OnDemand service for several months so by the time I realized it didn't work I was told that I should have notified them immediately and now for that cable there will be a 99.00 charge, plus they will extend my contract by 2 years because it's considered an "upgrade"
    A few days ago the whole system stopped working. They offered to send a new receiver, which would also be considered an upgrade and extend my contract! I managed to talk them out of the extension but I got a lot of attitude in the process. So, I know Time Warner isn't perfect and it's a little more expensive, but it is totally worth it. I'd give anything...except my 400.00 DirecTV disconnect fee...to have Time Warner back!

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  • Li
    lindathornlow Jun 01, 2010

    Customer service is horrible! Our digital cable, internet and digital telephone went out so did a few of our neighbors.. After having "no appointments" available, they "forced" an appointment, anywhere from 8 am until 8 pm, after being held captive in my house ALL DAY, because they would not come by if no one was home, the technician came at 9:30 PM!!! And COULD NOT FIX THE PROBLEM.. Said it was a "main line" problem and someone would be out in two days!!! After about 15 calls, and god knows how much time on hold, it is 7:30 5 days after the cable is out.. and you got it NO CABLE, NO workers are here! Customer service cannot seem to tell us where they are!!! This customer service is the worst I have ever had.. hands down!!! Mad in NC!!!

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  • Ja
    Jacked By Time Warner Cable Apr 27, 2010

    I am being swindled, intentionally misled and am writing this letter under protest.Since November of last year my online bill has been $155.00 but when we get it by mail it is $200.00. Because I am being charged for the same two movies and 411 calls over and over again. I have been calling Time Warner Cable since November of last year, all they give me is the run around. In February I was told I was being billed 39.00 a month for 411 calls and for calling TWC to inquire about my bill. Time Warner and their reps said their digital phone service calls can be to anyone, anywhere, anytime and any number. The rep said she would credit the charges for the 411 calls to my balance. It never happened.I complained to Mr. Brad Phillips by email and post on 03/30/10at 11:27 AM. He nor has anyone else seen fit to call or write back.I called on the 19th of April, 2010 and made a payment arrangement, for $209.00 on the 30th of April. Today, April 27, 2010 I came home to find my services had been shut off. I called TWC, the rep said he was looking at the agreement. But because they had already shut it off he would have to make another agreement for the 7th of May for $389.00. It’s not right nor is it fair that I have to pay another $200.00 dollars because they breached the agreement. I will not have $400.00 in 10 days. Besides it is they who owe me $278.00 for double charging two movies and for the same 411 calls over and over. He said the 7th is as far as he can extend it. Then he pretended toinvestigate the bogus charges on my account. He claimed that the rep who told me she would credit my account for the 411 calls failed to notate it but he could credit me $15.00 without making a notation on my account. What the hell is $15.00 when they have cheated me out of $278.00. I've heard this same lie from them a time or two before. Time Warner’s business practice of ripping off customers because they hold a monopoly on the market need to be investigated. I'm asking you to help rectify this situation.

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  • Th
    TheBleak Sep 18, 2009

    I always have issues with time warner and my cable internet. Last time it took a year for them to fix the issue and now that i moved... the problem of very high ping is back. I replaced my entire computer system and everything including cables, router and even the cable modem. When I call time warner the reps lie to me and give me made up stories why my internet is like that... in fact they know the information they are giving me is wrong becuase they also give me wrong employee id numbers and they NEVER note my account of what they told me. My current issue will be tracked on my blog "Time Warner Complaints" at "twc-http://complaints.thebleak.com
    if you work at time warner and really want to help someone please look at my blog and help me for crying out loud. I want to here your stories as well. I added a link on my blog to this site as well.

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  • Bu
    Burseygirl Jul 20, 2009

    I agree with the above in regards to their service and ignorance. I was with them for one month only and paid for outlandish install fees that totaled close to $400 which included install and first month plus I paid the next month which was billed early. During that one month time my internet rarely if ever functioned. I saw more techs and nothing was ever resolved. even our phone had issues. Called to get service working and get techhelp the day after the same issue was "resolved" by one tech and was told they couldnt come out to service my home for a week. So I called to disconnect...they refused to accept my disconnect but told me that to save me as a customer they would come out next day...I WAS LIKE WHAT. How stupid. Still refusing to accept my disconnect and we had other cable installed last week but called today and they show me as active. I was told that they dont stop billing until you return equipment which will be tomorrow but regardless they keep billing you for complete services whether you use them or not. In my case due to tech issues I haven't had phone, internet for over a week now but Hey they dont care they bill you anyways. STAY AWAY from these idiots they are the biggest frauds I have ever seen.

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  • Su
    Sunnidoeslife Jul 18, 2009

    TW is trying to charge me $200 for cable tv that I never had! They are such idiots! I only had internet but they want me to pay for both cable and internet!

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  • Wi
    Wiseman Jul 10, 2009

    wow those speed test results are ridiculous. For about 4 months now i've been having speed issues too. Im paying for a 6Mbit connection, but when i try to download files from any website, it does it at dial-up speeds. For instance, i'll try to download Nvidia drivers off the Nvidia website, w/ Firefox, and the transfer rate is below 100KB/s. This is ridiculous. When i first subscribed to RoadRunner (Sept. 2008) i was getting transer rates at about 400-600 KB/s. Just yesterday, i tried to download the new drivers, and it took me 25 mins. to download an 8OMB file from Nvidia.com. That should have taken me only about 3 minutes. Same problem happens at Apple.com. When i try to download quicktime or itunes, i get dial-up transer rates, always below 100KB/s. I've had 4 TWC techs come to my house b/c of this problem, and these idiots didnt even know computer basics

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  • La
    Lawrence Jackson Aug 06, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is exactly the same type of service problem I am having in Ventura/Oxnard CA area. Actually speeds dropped after TimeWarner took over form Adelphia. And I am paying well over $130/month for TW cable!

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