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Time Warner Cable - International One Plan / charged hefty international calling rates

1 San Diego, CA, United States Review updated:

I have had the complete suite of Time Warner Cable services for more than a year now - Cable, Internet, Phone and International One Calling Plan.

In Mar '09, I was going out of US for a month and called TWC to suspend the services in my absence. They said the minimum duration for suspension of account is 2 months... so it was not an option. However, the agent suggested suspending "International One Plan" for that duration. She told me that the service will be disabled from 10-Mar to 18-Apr. After which the service was supposed to be enabled automatically.

I came back to US on 7-May and started making International Calls assuming that the "International One Plan" was enabled. To my surprise, I found on 17-May that they had not enabled it and I had a hefty bill of 140$ for international calls (charged at 40 cents per min). After talking to 2 customer service representatives, I was finally connected to Jay (the supervisor/manager in corporate office). He listened to my case and said that they have enabled the service now BUT will NOT be able to make any adjustment for the calls that I have already made under the assumption that "International One Plan" was on. He kept on referring to the company policy that the agents can NOT enable the service by themselves. My repeated mention of the fact that "The agent told me so" did not worry him a bit.

So, here I am stuck with 140$ of additional charges. My mistake - Believing the TWC agent in good faith.

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  • Rh
      7th of Sep, 2009
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    I have been using Time Warner for over a year--the complete suite of services. When I started using Time Warner we were living in an apartment and building a home--my husband is in Iraq. I signed up for the phone services strictly for calling him in Iraq as I use my cell phone for everything else. I got a discounted calling plan for calling Internationally. Had no problems with the calling plan the entire time we were in the apartment (about 8 months). Transfer the service to the new house as it was finished and we were moving in. Get three bills within the first 3 weeks of being in the house--all sent out within a day of one another (as shown on front of envelope). All for 3 different amounts--one for $0.00, called Time Warner to find out what was going on and was informed that one of the bills was from the service we'd had at the apartment and one was from the new service--and yata, yata--it was a big run around but I paid it and went forward. Well--then I started getting outrageously high bills 300+ when my service should run 140-150.00 and had been running that, I paid two months like that and called and talked with Time Warner NUMEROUS times--went to the local office and never could catch the manager in--Timer Warner said there'd been some sort of mistake and took off about 30.00 and said my bill should be right now. Well started getting my normal bill again--then out of the blue I get a call from Time Warner saying I have an outstanding bill for International calls and requested my credit card number over the phone in order to be able to continue service. I knew I'd just paid my bill and was paid in full so I told the person that I'd paid my bill in full and they said the calls weren't on the bill--which made no sense to me and the person couldn't explain why the calls were not on the bill. He said I owed a big bill because i'd been calling a cell phone in Iraq. I told him that I had a special calling plan to Iraq and that, that was the same number I'd always called and had not gotten a big bill before and no one told me that cell phones weren't included to begin with anyway. He insisted that he needed a credit card number to continue service. So I hung up thinking it was a scam. I immediately called Time Warner and was instructed that they would NEVER call a customer and ask for their credit card info and said if I owed something it would be on my bill, that what the original caller said didn't make sense to them either. The represenative pulled my bill, told me it was paid in full and that I did not owe Time Warner anything at the time. I attempted to call my husband and found that I did not have International service on the phone. As of today, I rec'd an OUTRAGEOUS bill from Time Warner and it's showing crazy amount due for international calls. I called Time Warner as the local office is closed and spoke with a very rude represenative who informed me that it'd been turned over to collections and that dept was closed--mind you--I still have Time Warner Service and am not behind in my account--this OUTRAGEOUS bill is the first time I've ever seen such an amount for International calls--though I now think the calls had something to do with the 300. bills I'd rec'd only they weren't coded at the time as calls.
    Anyways--the T.W. rep says that she can't see what type of calling plan I'd had at the apartment prior to moving into the new house as that account has been erased and she doesn't understand why it would have been erased--however she doesn't show that I have any International calling plans on my phone now. Which is the point--I'm not sure if when they did the transfer of service if they did not extend the same calling plan I had or what, but I'd never rec'd charges for the phone like that before. After doing a bit of research I've found that this seems to be an on-going problem with Time Warner and they are being accused of an International Calling Plan Scam.
    A friend in town that I know was using Time Warner as well and has family in Africa and had a calling plan and had no issues with his phone service for 6 months, then out of the blue got a bill for 1500. He visited the local Time Warner business FIVE times before he was able to speak with the Manager (same experience I've had) and then when he did finally get to speak with her she didn't take him to the back to an office or anything--she briefly listened to what was going on and rather than try to get to the bottom of the situation gave him a short--"Well you've got to pay it" and was off on her way. I am going to be speaking with an Attorney this week as there is something not adding up here and Time Warner is not practicing good business for sure.

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