Tim Hortonstim hortons refill cups

bought a refill cup it says 16 ounce cup and on your website it says get more for your money your medium cups are 14 ounce and a large is 20 ounce, but every time i go into a tims they tell me i have to pay for a large cause it is bigger then a medium.
went into Tim Horton in port hope Ont the one right on the 401 store number 102 and was served by Kirsten mccutcheon and this lady took a medium cup to fill up my refill and when i asked her if she can please fill up my cup she got very rude and told me no cause my cup was a large and i told her no my cup is a medium i tried to tell her your large are 20 ounce and my refill cup is 16 ounce i told her to look at the bottom of the cup it says it all there but she took another cup and filled that up and said no this is our medium anyway i lefted it at that, walked out of there very disappointed and decided to never by another Tim Horton refill cup. i will buy a regular refill cup the size of there mediums 14 ounce and get them to fill that and that way i still get the savings without the rudeness.

May 01, 2017

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